Top 10 Deals This Week!

1. Pantech Breakout

It is one of the most affordable smartphone from Verizon Wireless. Powered by Android and runs on 4G LTE. $0 today at only!

2. Sprint iPhone 4S

Outrageous deal - this is the cheapest iPhone 4S offer you can find - only $50 with a contract when you buy at Verizon is still selling it at $99.99 and it's out of stock at

3. T-Mobile myTouch Black

The all new myTouch just was released this week. Get the powerful Android phone with 1.4GHz Snapdragon Processor. T-Mobile myTouch is your for $49.99 after instant discount and mail-in rebate at

4. Sprint Conquer 4G

Experience blazing-fast Sprint 4G speeds with all new Samsung Conquer 4G. Get this premium smartphone now for $49.99 at

5. T-Mobile myTouch Q

Also released this week is the all new myTouch Q by LG. The processor has been upgraded tom 1.4GHz from 1GHz. Get yours for $49.99 at

6. Verizon Lucid 4G LTE

Upgrade to the new LG Lucid 4G LTE now for just $49.99. This phone is perfect for first time smartphone user.

7. T-Mobile Exhibit II 4G

This Samsung smartphone offers users truly customizable experience on Android. For a limited time you can get it after instant web-only discount at

8. LG Optimus Elite

Sprint Optimus Elite an easy to use and affordable smartphone. How affordable? Get free when you open a new line or add it to your account today!

9. LG Enlighten

Although it has a smaller screen compared to other big screen smartphones, LG Enlighten offers exceptional value - light weight, compact, and packs a full QWERTY keyboard. Get it today for $0.00 at!

10. Sprint Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is on sale for a very limited time at Get yours today for FREE with a new account or add-a-line!

* A mobile phone plan is required for devices listed above

Top Deals by Carrier

free Verizon Cell Phones

Pantech Breakout and LG Enlighten are are on sale for $0 this week.

free T-Mobile phones

You can get a bunch of web-only specials at Some end on Sunday 8/12. Much better prices than buying at retail stores.

free sprint cell phones

Both Galaxy Nexus and LG Optimus Elite Samsung are free with no rebates required. Get $50 off any new iPhone 4S

free att cell phones

New lower price on HTC X ONE - it was selling for $199.99 before and now $99.99. Samsung Galaxy S II is only $9.99. These deals are only available at

Top Deals by Brand

BlackBerry Phones BlackBerry Phones

Blackberry Torch 9850 and BlackBerry Curve 9350 are still very popular among business users. The Curve is on sale for $49.99 while the Torch sells for $179.99.

LG Phones LG Phones

Optimus Elite $0 at and Lucid $49.99 at are best LG phones on sale.

Motorola Phones Motorola Phones

DROID RAZR and DROID 4 both sell for $199.99. Not the best deals out there. Prices may drop to $149.99 next month.

Nokia Phones Nokia Phones

Nokia has the all new Lumia 710 on sale at t-mobile for just $29.99 without rebate.

Samsung Cell Phones Samsung Phones

Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus, and Galaxy Exhibit 4G have the cheapest prices this season. Get them while supplies last!

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