Best Deal – Free Samsung UpStage Red SPH-m620 Music Phone for Sprint

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Samsung has done a fatastic job of makine great music phones for the North American market. One of the latest deals appearing on is the Red Samsung upStage music phone — only $99 after rebates. This phone is a perfect combination of mp3 player and a wireless phone. It’s slim, stylish with touch-sensitive media controls and a stereo speaker. You’ve got to see it to believe it’s actually a phone. Buying the new Samsung upStage SPH-m620 online in either black and red from If you prefer bold color, there is another red phone made by Samsung and it’s available through AT&T.

upgrade my cell phone for free

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This article will explore how to upgrade to a new cell phone for free.

Samsung SGH-T819 Slider for T-Mobile on Sale

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If you are in the market for a new non-flip or so-called slider phone, the Samsung SGH-T819, which only comes in brown at this time, is a stylish and perfect choice to use for your T-Mobile fave5. The Samsung SGH-T819 is a multimedia phone like the SCH U-620, sleek coffee brown slider with a large full-color screen, offering a striking first impression. The elegant T819 features an MP3 and video player supported by external stereo speakers that deliver a rich sound. Using a built-in 1.3-megapixel camera and camcorder, users can capture photos and record video clips of improptu moments, in addition to transfering tunes in MP3 format, to the removable microSD memory card. The T819 comes with 30 MB of internal memory for storing their favorite music, movies, video and images. T-Mobiles’ EDGE network can be slower than AT&T’s HSDPA or Verizon’s EVDO, but for the price of $99 before rebates, Samsung SGH-T819 is one of the top choice for sliding phones.

Why do I need to sign a 2-year contract to get a freephone

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Many of you might have searched for free cell phones online before and found numerous free cell phone deals. Some of them claim to give you a 100% free phone. However, as you read further, a 2-year individual or family service contract is required. Without a contract, the most popular phone like the Motorola razr can cost you $300. If you are only looking for a cell phone without contract, go for a prepaid phone that lets you pay per month and cancel the service anytime you want. Why are carriers are willing to offer you something for free, what do they get in return? Within the next 2 years, they are hoping you can use their service as much as possible – going over plan minutes, using more text messaging, or downloading ringtones. If you can keep an eye on the usage, a 2-year activation actually makes sense. So can everyone qualify for a free brand new razr or Blackberry? There are serveral steps you need to pass before the carriers hand you a new freecellphone. First, you need to pass a credit check. The credit checking process varies depending on the carrier. If you have low credit scores, chances are you need to pay a deposit to the carrier to secure the new phone. Keep in mind that the deposit will be returned to you once the contract is over. If you ever cancel or late on the monthly payment, you will lose that deposit to the carrier. Second, after you are approved, you need to activate your phone. Third, read the rebate instruction carefully and submit the rebate form as soon as possible – many people miss the last step and end up disqualified for the rebate.