New Nokia Music Express 5610 for T-Mobile

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Nokia Music Express For Limited Time, get Nokia Music Express 5610 red and Nokia 5610 XpressMusic White for FREE. The Nokia Music Express is probably the most anticipated music phone from Nokia this year. Riding the success of music xpress 5310, this new music phone has even more advanced features, including both an MP3 Music Player and FM Stereo Radio. The latest Bluetooth Wireless Technology let you enjoy streaming Stereo via compatible Bluetooth headset. If the 1GB Memory Card that comes with phone doesn’t offer enough storage for your music collection, you can always expand it to up to 8GB. With all these new feature packed into a slider phone, it only weights 3.6 oz and the size is only 3.6 in x 1.9 in x 0.8 in. There is currently a $50 rebate from T-Mobile if you sign up a service plan. And it’s going to bring down the final cost to $0. That’s music to ears! Check out more free T-Mobile phones with cash back and bonus headets!

Update: For a limited time, get $80 cash back today from T-Mobile!

Update: Free out of pocket today. No rebates required!

Motorola VE20 Silver for Sprint

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Sprint doesn’t carry too many Motorola phones besides the RAZR. Those of you who are looking for new moto phones, you are in luck. Sprint just introduce the new Motorola VE20 Silver that provides the ultimate multimedia experience ever for Sprint. You can listen to streaming music or watch on-demand Sprint TV with EVDO data download speed – Up to 700 Kbps. You will be amazed how thin this phone is – just half-inch thick with aircraft-grade aluminum shell. Accessories included in the box: AC Phone Charger, 256MB MicroSD Card (the phone support up to 8GB of SD memory, which is more than enough for storing music and photos), and battery. The VE 20 is exclusively available through Sprint for $99 with a 2-year sevice contract.

Verizon Wireless Back To School Sale

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It’s time to go back to school again. Well, even if you are not, it’s no better time than this to get some back to school deals from Verizon Wireless. The new LG Chocolate phone, also called LG Chocolate 3, in 3 attractive colors – black, ice blue, black cherry are all on sale for the back to school rush. Deals like this only happen once a year. Right now, buy any phones at Verizon Wireless online store, all activation fees are waived. So, the more phones you buy, the more saving you will get. My personal favorite is the new Centro blue for $99 after instant discount online. It’s a perfect phone for teenage kids to keep in touch with parents via text message. While the kids can enjoy their new gadgets, why not treat yourself with a brand new Blackberry phone too. Boys and girls, listen up, be nice to your parents. Be sure to mention that these phones are free instantly. So, don’t miss this once a year event. The Verizon Wireless back to school sale will end at the end August.

Why Have Device Insurance and Protection Plans

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Why do you need a cell phone insurance and protection plan? Cell phones cost almost nothing to get with a new service plan Read more

Best Verizon PDA Smartphone

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Looking for the best Verizon PDA phone? Verizon Wireless currently offers 8 PDA smartphones on All of them come with special online discount. The lowest-priced is the Verizon Wireless PN-820 Smartphone for $29 with no need to file any rebates. You can’t really tell it’s a PDA phone just by looking at the exterior. In fact, it pretty much looks like a larger flip phone with 2 LCD displays, one on the outer face, one inside. The specs are not too impressive. There is no touch screen, no QWERTY keyboard. It does will suffice if you want a Windows Mobile powered flip phone. Not a good choice if you are power business user. Verizon Wireless XV6800, on the other hand, combines the convenience of a touch sensitive screen and a full sliding QWERTY keyboard. Windows Mobile 6 Professional gives all the tools to connect with your office – Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF. Take advantage of Wi–Fi Connectivity, Bluetooth Wireless Technology and its 2.0 MP camera with flash and video capture. For today’s busy professional, the XV6800 is the best Verizon PDA Smartphone.

Update: There a number of new Smarphones came out after my original post. One of the Best Verizon Smartphones is the new Motorola Krave for $0.00 today with free microSD card. BlackBerry Storm is another great choice for only $149 today with no rebate required. Best of all, you will get FREE ACTIVATION on all Verizon PDA phones today!