Free BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Titanium for T-Mobile

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Free Blackberry Pearl 8120 Titanium Go green, get a free BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Titanium for T-Mobile today and get $50 cash back. Better yet, trade in your old phone and get at least $50 more back. Upgrade to the latest Blackberry Pearl 8120 and enjoy the built-in wifi support – surfing webs and downloading emails are now faster than ever. The Blackberry Pearl 8120 provides the best email solution in such compact size. An excellent camera, built-in music player, Bluetooth, all the advanced technology is packed into an amazing compact and cool phone. There is no better time to shop for your next Blackberry Pearl phone than now – hurry up, the free Blackberry Pearl 8120 Titanium promotion will end soon.

Free Samsung Propel Black and Red

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Free Samsung Propel Black and Red Get a free Samsung Propel Black and Red today, no rebate form required. You are getting instant discount on a brand new Samsung Propel Black and Red or white. There is just so much you can do with the free Samsung Propel phone – play mp3 music, take pictures with 1.3 mega pixel camera, play streaming video from AT&T, and most importantly, type with the amazing slide-out keyboard that’s hidden right under a simple set of external keys. And how much does it cost? Not a single penny upfront, you will get the free Samsung Propel Black and Red, or choose from three other colors, or add them all to a family plan, absolutely free.

Upcoming AT&T Cell Phones 2009 New

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Upcoming AT&T Phones 2009 Want to know what are the upcoming AT&T phones 2009? Motorola Hurricane W760 and Samsung A777 are important new AT&T phones that are coming later in 2009. The Hurricane W760 is perfect for music lovers – you will definitely love the Shake Control (just shake the phone to change the song) and Track ID (record a short snippet of music and the phone will tell you the artist and track). Plus, with FM stereo, MegaBass, stereo Bluetooth and a great camera/camcorder. It’s one of the most remarkable upcoming AT&T phones in 2009 that you should upgrade to when it comes out.

The Samsung A777 for AT&T is a step up from the A737, bringing GPS functionality to an already high-functioning cell phone. This new 2009 AT&T phone runs on the HSDPA 3G data network, which means checking emails and browsing Internet on phone is faster than ever. It worth an upgrade if you love slider-style phone. Stay tuned for more upcoming AT&T cell phones 2009.

We will update you with more ATT phone specs and prices in future posts. Mean while you can get the best deals on new ATT phones with our exclusive online special prices. Simply upgrade to the new phones as they come out later this year. Enjoy!

Update: LG Invision Red, Motorola Tundra, and Nokia E71x are coming soon.

Update: Motorola Tundra has been released. On Sale for only $149 today.

Update: AT&T Matrix Pro is available now for only $99.

Update: Samsung A777 Blue is available now for $0.00.

Best Deal on Red LG Scoop for Alltel – Free

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Alltel have the new LG Red Scoop to the already popular Scoop phone lineup. And the best deal on the Red LG Scoop phone just got better. Not only you can get free red LG Scoop phone, you can also get $50 cash back plus bonus memory card when you sign up for a new 2-year plan. Great for those who are looking for alternatives to pink cell phones. You will find the same awesome features in other LG Scoop phones – full slide-out QWERTY keyboard which makes typing text messages quicker and easier. With Alltel’s high-speed broad access, you can also stream TV and music to the LG Red Scoop phone anywhere you go. Get free red LG Scoop today while supplies last!

When will AT&T get the Palm Pre, Available?

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When will ATT get Palm Pre Will AT&T get the Palm Pre too? Definitely. And exactly when will the Palm Pre be available for AT&T? It will come to AT&T 3 month after Sprint releases the Palm Pre. The real question is – can you wait that long though? That’s could be 6 months or more from now. If you want to experience what is like to be on AT&T’s 3G network, you can try out a Palm Centro for ATT or even a HTC Fuze. Although the experience will not be the same as the Palm Pre, that’s the best way to try out the network before the Palm Pre becomes available at AT&T stores. Simply upgrade your phone when AT&T have the Palm Pre later this year.

When is Palm Pre Release Date – Sprint Official Launch

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When is Palm Pre Release Date The official word on when the new Palm Pre for Sprint will be released is first half of 2009. My guess is that the Palm Pre release date will be in March. Come on, this thing has been in the making since the first iPhone came out. The earlier the release date, the better chance Palm can catch up with Apple and Blackberry. Expect the launch date to be no later than March, Palm may have something even more interesting for you in the Summer of 2009. Sit back and relax. Check out our other posts, we will post the info once we get the official release date from Palm and Sprint.

Your thoughts are welcome. Leave a comment below and let Sprint and Palm hear your voice.

Update: March 15th is the rumored date. May or early June is our best bet since Sprint has to move Treo and Centro out of the way and make room for this iphone killer.

Update: Palm Pre Plans are official now. Unlimited data are included.

Update: Check out the new Palm Pre Commercial. I think we are actually getting closer to the release date.

Update: Looks like May 17th is a “solid” rumored date for the Palm Pre release. Sprint retail employees are not allowed to take vacations during that month. Anyone planning to camp outside Sprint stores? At least you don’t have to take a day off from work – 5/17 is Sunday.

Update: IT’S OFFICIAL. June 6th is the official launch date. See Sprint press release here.

Upcoming Verizon Wireless Phones 2009 New Cell Phones

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Upcoming Verizon Cell Phones 2009 We have some cool upcoming Verizon phones 2009.

The HTC Touch Diamond is one of the most anticipated Verizon phones in 2009. This exciting new touchscreen phone is a truly beautiful device loaded with high-end features such as Windows Mobile 6.1, large VGA display, 3-MP auto-focus camera, WiFi, and high-speed EVDO data. If you can’t wait, it’s available now through Sprint for only $199.

HTC Touch Pro, also called HTC Fuze when it was released for AT&T in November last year. It combines the power of Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro with the convenience of a slide–out QWERTY keyboard and a 5–way navigation key. Take advantage of WiFi, Stereo Bluetooth and the Touch Pro’s 3.2 MP camera w/flash and video capture. The Touch Pro is the ultimate no–nonsense mobile productivity tool for the busy professional.

Looking for these new upcoming Verizon Wireless cell phones in 2009, they will be available soon online and at incredibly low prices that you won’t find in Verizon Wireless stores. Or you can shop for the best Verizon Wireless deals now and simply upgrade to the new phones later.

Update: LG VX8500, Nokia 2236, and Nokia Mirage 2605 are coming soon.

Update: HTC Touch Pro has been released. We are still waiting for HTC Touch Diamond, LG 9600 Versa, Nokia 7205 Intrigue, and Blackberry Pearl Flip to come out sometime in March.

Update: Nokia Mirage has been released. Slim and light weight flip phone. On Sale today – Free out of pocket, no rebate required!

Update: LG Versa is coming soon for $199. Not much better than Verizon Voyager, especially you can get it for free!

Update: LG Versa is on sale now for only $179.

Update: Nokia 7250 Instrigue Silver is available now for only $49.

Upcoming Sprint Cell Phones 2009

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Upcoming Sprint Cell Phones 2009 Looking for the coolest new Sprint cell phones for 2009 new year? Here are some upcoming 2009 Sprint phones.

  • LG LX400
  • Motorola Renegade V950
  • Samsung Z400 Blue
  • Sanyo Pro-200

The Sanyo Pro-200 for Sprint is the latest from Sanyo and the phones combines the efficient functionality of a Nextel device with the attention to style and design more common in Sprint cell phones. The Pro-200 operates on Sprint’s high-speed EV-DO network, and brings a full feature set of Push-To-Talk options – Direct Connect, Group Connect, PTT Missed Call Notification will all help you get connected quickly and easily.

The LG LX400, coming in 2009 for Sprint is a business-oriented cell phone with basic functionality plus one unique feature – QChat. The LX400 operates on Sprint’s high-speed EV-DO network, and, with QChat support, brings a full feature set of Push-To-Talk options – like Direct Connect, Group Connect, and PTT Missed Call Notification.

We will post updated prices on these phones and detailed reviews as they become available. Mean while, you can shop for the lastest deals from Sprint and make some cash back. When the new 2009 Sprint phones arrive, we will also have the best prices so that you can upgrade your phone with little or no money up front.

Update: All the phones we mentioned above are for Nextel Direct Connect and are already available at (Thanks Dee for the update). Samsung Z400 is $99, LG LX400 is $79, Motorola Renegade V950 is $99, and Sanyo Pro-200 is $39. Prices are after mail-in rebates.

Update: The most anticipated upcoming Sprint phones are the new Palm Pre and the first Google Phone for Sprint. They will be available in first half of 2009. Blackberry Curve 8900 will also make its way to Sprint later this year. Blackberry Bold will be unlikely since it’s AT&T exclusive.

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