How to Upgrade Sprint Phones – Upgrading Tips

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How to Upgrade Sprint Phones Upgrading Sprint phones is much easier than you think. You don’t need to go to a Sprint store. You don’t need to call customer service. All you need is your Sprint phone number, account number, and password (might not required). Of course, to upgrade Sprint phone, you need to know is what phones you like the most.

If you want the best sprint phone for text messaging then the new free Sanyo Incognito is perfect for you (upgrade now you will receive a bonus Bluetooth headset too.) If you want the best Sprint touch screen phone, getting a Palm Pre or Palm Pix will never go wrong. If you already have a Sprint family plan, you can simply add more lines to your account for $9.99 per line. Want the lastest BlackBerry Smartphones, check out the new Curve 8530 in Black or Purple.

You can do search on new Sprint phones, review features, and upgrade Sprint phones online. It’s fast and secure. Best of all, you are getting a much better deal than calling Sprint customer service or going to a Sprint store.

free activation att no fee

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Free Activation on AT&T Cell Phones Wow, for the first time ever AT&T is offering free activation on AT&T cell phones! This free AT&T activation event is NOT available in any at&t store near you. In fact this promotion will be only valid for a few days. We are very proud to find you this online exclusive offer and save you tons of money. So, if you want to pay no activation fee on AT&T phones. it’s time to do so now. Better yet, save $180 when you activate 5 phones with a ATT family plan. There is no better time to save more money than now. Savings are so big that we expect some of the most popular phones to be out of stock anytime soon.

To take advantage of this limited time promotion – free activation on AT&T cell phones, select your favorite new phones and sign up now. To make this deal even sweeter, 2-day FedEx shipping is free on every order placed today!

Update: Free AT&T activation promo ended on midnight March 22nd.

Update: AT&T is waiving activation fee again. Online ONLY. Hurry, this promotion ends on June 1st.

Update: This ONLINE ONLY promotion is back and valid from June 24 to June 29, 2009.

Update: free AT&T Activation is back and will expire on August 3, 2009.

Update: AT&T free activation is back and valid only from August 18 to August 25, 2009. Hurry and get the best summer deals!

Update: It’s back for only 48 Hours from September 12 to September 13, 2009. Hurry, some bonus offers will end on 9/12.

Update: We know 48 hours might be enough for you to search for the perfect phone. The promo is back starting September 22, 2009 and ends midnight Monday 9/28.

Update: Promo is back for January 2010. Ends midnight Thursday 1/21.

Cheap and Cheapest Verizon Family Plan

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Cheap Verizon Family Plan Have 2 or more cell phones in the same household and you want the cheapest Verizon family plan? Guess how much you can save? $100 a month, or $1200 a year for a family that requires 5 lines. Yeah, for only $69 you can Verizon Wireless Nationwide Family SharePlan 700 and add new a line for just $9.99 more. Amazing, right? But, you might ask, will this cheap Verizon family plan have enough minutes for everyone? Good question. At first glance, 700 minutes is not a lot to share with 5 people. Guess what, if all your contacts are in Verizon network, you won’t need to count any minute when you talk to them. Because, all your calls from and to Verizon wireless are free. So, all you have to think about is how much you call during the day to someone who is not with Verizon Wireless.

We highly recommend signing up this cheap Verizon family plan first to determine whether you need more anytime minutes. The next cheapest Verizon Wireless family goes for $89 with 1400 minutes. Yup, for $20 more, you double the minutes. If you decide to need more features like adding text messaging, emails, and Internet, check out Verizon friends and family Plans and do an upgrade without extending your contract.

Cheapest Sprint Family Plan

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Cheap Sprint Family Plan Everyone is trying to buy more for less during the economic down turn. We are here to help you find the cheapest Sprint family plan and save more money on your wireless bills. If you have more than one individual account with Sprint, it’s time to look for some cheap Sprint family plans so you can consolidate all the phones under one bill. Not only is it easier to manage, you can save $ on calling, texting, emailing, and web surfing.

How much is the cheapest Sprint family plan? $69 a month. This is generally the starting price for any shared plan. However, Night minutes start at 7pm compared to 9pm by other carriers. So, you are actually gain 2 extra free hours everyday. If you have a little bit more to spend and want to get more any time minutes unlimited text and video messages, try the new Sprint family stimulus plan, which saves you $240 year compared to a similar share plan from AT&T or Verizon.

Cheap Verizon Alias

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Cheap Verizon Alias Want the best of flip and full QWERTY phones? Get a cheap Verizon Alias for $0 today. That’s right. You are getting the best from both worlds and the cheapest price. Retail price is at near $200 in Verizon stores. You can now pay less and enjoy the latest technology have to offer on a brand new phone. Send text, picture, and video messages quicker with help of hidden full QWERTY keyboard. The faster 3G network allows you watch streaming video and listen to streaming music. Or store your music collections in microSD card, and take them wherever you go.

Measures 3.8 in x 2.0 in x 0.6 and weighs only 3.6 oz, the Verizon Alias is simple to use like the conventional phone and yet versatile like a smartphone. The cheap Verizon Alias offers the greatest value in its class. Order today and have it shipped to you free via FedEx.

Cheap Verizon Versa LG

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Cheap Verizon Versa Verizon Versa by LG is available now for only $179, no rebate required. In store price goes for $300 with a new contract. So, buy cheap Verizon Versa and save yourself $120. The new LG Versa VX9600 for Verizon Wireless feature the first attachable QWERTY keyboard. Or if you want, you can always use the virtual keyboard with tactile feedback on screen. This new Verizon Versa touch screen phone only weighs 3.8 oz. You can customize three home pages to ensure your favorite features are at your fingertips. Simply touch the screen to access 2.0 megapixel camera/camcorder, multimedia messaging, full HTML web browsing, VZNavigator, and more.

For more mobile entertainment, you can also attach an optional gaming pad and play your favorite games on the go. Store all the music and videos you want with expandable of memory up 16GB. The Versa phone runs on the latest EVDO Rev-A wireless network, which means faster download and upload time. Get this cheap Verizon Versa deal and save even more with free shipping.

Update: The Verizon Versa is on sale for only $0.00 today! No rebates needed, hurry!

Best Text Messaging Plan for AT&T

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Best Text Messaging Plan for AT&T Just when you thought you didn’t need that 200 text messages a month and suddenly you discover that you already sent or received up 180 messages for the last 2 weeks. What is the best AT&T text message plan you should get?

There a 5 text messaging plans for AT&T. The cheapest option is pay per text, only $.15 a text. If you use no more than 20 messages month, this is good value. Well, these days, if you don’t plan to send text messages, you will likely to receive a bunch of them from friends or family members. Besides, it’s just cool to text people without interrupting them all the time. So, even if you only use 30 texts a month, get the $5 text messaging plan that give you 200 free messages. The next available AT&T text plan is the $15 one, which gives you 1500 messages, or 50 messages a day. Do you really need to send or receive that many texts a day? Sure, some people do, especially teenagers. For them, this is the minimum plan you should get for your teen family members. Don’t even think about saving $10 by choosing the $5 one, you will end up screaming at the wireless bills.

Is it best to have unlimited texting? Yes, if you are going to use more than 1500 texts a months. For $20 on individual plan, you can send and receive unlimited text messages to and from any wireless carrier. The best text messaging plan for ATT is the $30 unlimited messaging deal. If you have 2 lines, average cost is $15 for each line. If you have 5 phones, the average cost will be just $6 for each line. Don’t forget to pair it up with the best AT&T phone for texting, it’s free!

Cheap Sprint Instinct Price

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Cheap Sprint Instinct Don’t want to pay too much for your next Sprint phone? You can get a cheap Sprint Instinct today. $0 after mail-in rebates. This is the cheapest price you can find online. Compared to in-store price, you are saving up to $200. In fact, some stores already ran out of stock. You can only get a brand new free Sprint Instinct online plus free shipping today. Get cheap Sprint Instinct in pink or black, or get both, one for him and one for her with a family plan. It’s the number one selling phone for Sprint this year.

Not only is the price for the Instinct is cheap, the plan that comes with the phone offers you even greater values – you will get unlimited Email & Web Browsing plus Unlimited text, IM, picture and video messages to anyone on any network. Need any more reasons to get it? You deserve the best Sprint touch screen phone!

Cheap Verizon Voyager Titanium Price

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Cheap Verizon Voyager Titanium If you are looking for a cheap Verizon Voyager Titanium, look no further. Get a free free Verizon Voyager today when you sign up a new Verizon Wireless plan. This is the cheapest price on Verizon Voyager, every where else is selling for $200 or more, including

With latest 3G wireless network, the new Voyager in Titanium offers faster, and more mobile entertainment on the go. Tune in and turn on with V CAST Mobile TV and full HTML Internet browser. To enhance mobile TV reception, there is even a Retractable TV Antenna. Get this cheap Verizon Voyager Titanium phone now and save $200 over in store price.

Update: Free Bonus Offer – get a 4GB microSD memory card for free, a $50 value.

Update: $60 Bluetooth Headset is yours FREE today!

Pink Motorola W490 Bubble Gum Phone – Save $

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Pink Motorola W490 Bubble Gum Phone Pink cell phones are always in no matter what season it is. But what is everyone’s favorite? The new pink Motorola W490 Bubble Gum phone is every lady’s love. It’s so easy to use and offers the most trendy style in the flip phone category. It measures 3.9 in x 1.8 in x 0.7 in and weighs only 3.8 oz, and can perfectly fit into your purse or small bag.

Compact and super light, you can carry the pink Motorola W490 anywhere you go – drinks, party, lunch, and dinner, and look even more fashionable. Add “Fave 5″ to any TMobile and you can start calling 5 numbers always free. Do you know that the Motorola W490 Pink has built-in FM radio too? In case you run of mp3 songs to play, simply turn the radio to listen to the latest music. Price for the Moto W490 BubbleGum pink is $0, with mail-in rebate, you are going to make $50. Best yet, you will also receive a brand new Bluetooth headset that’s worth $60. Order today to get the bonus headset!

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