Free Blackberry Curve 8330 Titanium for Sprint

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Free Blackberry Curve 8330 Titanium for Sprint You have always wanted a Blackberry smartphone, haven’t you? Now get a free blackberry curve 8330 Titanium for Sprint and save some serious money. Not every Blackberry plan is created equal. With Sprint, you can select best Blackberry phone plan and yourself at least $240 a year compared to similar plan offered by other carriers. What does this free Blackberry Curve 8330 Titanium can do for you? It’s capable of running on Sprint’s latest 3G network so forget about bringing your laptop with you. This Blackberry phone provides the best mobile email and computing solution at just 4.2 oz.

This Sprint Blackberry Curve has a temporarily price drop from $69 to $0. No, it’s not a typo. The Sprint Blackberry Curve 8330 is free out of pocket today plus you will get it the next business via free overnight shipping. Oh, one more bonus, you will also get a free skin to cover the Blackberry 8330 for free!

Update: Free out of pocket plus Bonus Bluetooth Headset today! Hurry before this offer expires!

AT&T Free Shipping Code

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AT&T Free Shipping Code Don’t want to pay for shipping on your new AT&T phone? No problem. If you have been looking for an AT&T free shipping code to use, you’ve come to the right place. And what’s even better news is that you don’t need the free AT&T shipping code at all. All phones are qualified for free overnight shipping today. But you’ve got to hurry because supplies are limited.

Time to get the best deal on Blackberry Curve 8900 and free Nokia E71x and have them arrive at your door step the next morning! I don’t know about you, the most exciting moment is to open that FedEx box and slowly reveal (if you have the patience like me) the new gadget. So, please forget about the AT&T free shipping code, because you don’t need it. Simply place an order for up to 5 phones today and you are all set!

Update: Free overnight shipping promo has ended. But 2-day free express shipping is still available.

Verizon envy 3 for Sale

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Verizon Envy 3 for Sale The new and highly anticipated LG enV3 VX9200 Slate Blue and Maroon enV3 have arrived at Verizon wireless. Verizon Envy 3 for sale $0.00 today. Now with even more advanced features such 3.0 megapixel camera. Got tons of music and pictures, the envy 3 now can hold up to 16 GB of data with a microSD CARD. Read more

Verizon Wireless Free Overnight Shipping Code

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Verizon Wireless Free Overnight Shipping Code We didn’t mean to save the best for the last. But this Verizon Wireless Free Overnight Shipping promo just came out for those don’t have patience to wait another day for their new cell phones to arrive. There is no Verizon Wireless Free Overnight Shipping promo needed. Whether you are signing for a new account, upgrading to a new plan, or simply adding a line to your existing service plan, all phones are shipped to you overnight for free. I already made a list of phone I want: Motorola Krave for myself, LG Voyager for my wife, Blackberry Curve Titanium (free Bluetooth headset too) for Dad, and LG VX5500 Charcoal for Mom. And for the kids? Well, I will let them decide. So, what’s on your shopping list?

Next day shipping cost $20 alone with each order. Saving that $20 might not be a big deal for some of you, but getting your hands on a brand new phone the next mooring is just priceless. For me, every dollar counts. Again, no Verizon free shipping code required. And there is no limit on how many phones you can buy. Take advantage of great upgrade deals and other bonus offers have them arrive at your door step the next day.

Update: Verizon free overnight shipping promo has ended. But free 2-day express shipping is still available.

Update: Great news! Free overnight shipping is back. This promotion is valid for all carriers, not just Verizon Wireless! Ends on June 16, 2009.

Update: Free overnight shipping for Verizon Wireless is back. Valid from August 19 to August 20, 2009. Every carrier and every phone is qualified for this promo.

Free Motorola KRZR K1m for Sprint

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Free Motorola KRZR K1m for SprintYou want a simple, solid, and elegant flip phone? The free Motorola KRZR K1m for Sprint is just what you need. The KRZR evolved from the popular Moto RAZR line and yet more beautiful than any RAZR phones. The distinctive metallic gloss finish and external touch-sensitive controls set it apart from regular flip phones.

One of the nice features we like is that the Moto KRZR K1m is capable of running the Sprint’s 3G network, which means you get faster music download or streaming. You can also stream live mobile TV from Sprint. Not that many flip phones can do that. Getting lost on the road? No problem, the Sprint KRZR K1m offers you turn-by-turn direction with Telenav. What else can you do with the Sprint KRZR? Taking pictures and videos with built-in 1.3 megapixel camera. Although you can find better camera on some smart phones. For the price and slim compact form factor, it’s sufficient enough for everyday use. The battery has amazing standby time of up to 440 hours, that’s about 18 days with a single charge. The KRZR K1m is no doubt one solid and beautiful flipphone from Motorola. Get your free Motorola KRZR K1m for Sprint now and get free shipping via 2 day FedEx express.

Free Samsung t349 Silver Lime

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Free Samsung t349 Silver Lime Want a quick text messaging phone without too much extras, then you need a free Samsung t349 Silver Lime for T-Mobile. What set the Samsung T349 apart from other text messaging phones is that it has 20 keys instead of full QWERTY or regular keypads. It sort of works like SureType keyboard on the Pearl Flip 8220.

The free Samsung T349 Silver Lime is designed for texters and those who want to be social networking with other all the time. Not only can you send SMS, you can even send video messages. Yup, the built-in 1.3 megapixel camera let you take pictures and short videos so you can share with friends wherever you go. To save more on text messaging with family members, you can upgrade to TMobile family text message plan later after you try out the phone. Affordable, compact, and stylish. If you are looking for a nice messaging phone, the Samsung T349 is all you need.

free blackberry curve 8330 inferno for sprint

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free blackberry curve 8330 inferno for sprint

compare lg xenon vs or lg neon

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Compare xenon and neon from LG.

Free AT&T Touch Screen Phones

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Free AT&T Touch Screen Phones Do you think touch screen phones are expensive? No, not at all. You can get free AT&T touch screen phones with new service plan or contract extension. Our top picks this month include free AT&T Incite and free AT&T Impression. All these AT&T touch screen phones retail at over $400 each and you can get up to 5 of them for free with a AT&T family plan. Follow the links to check out the specs you will know why they are everyone’s favorite cell phones this year.

If Free AT&T touch screen phones are not good enough for you, the LG Incite and Samsung Eternity come with a 4GB bonus memory card for storing music and photos. What we particularly like about these touchscreen phones is that it’s so easy to access all the mobile applications. There is no need to flip open or press buttons to enter and exit menu. You can customize what you want to access most often on the first screen – such as email, browser, calculator, SMS, and GPS. With only one touch, you are on your way to connect with friends and family. Hurry and make you choice of free AT&T touchscreen phones today, you will get free 2 day shipping too.

Free Blackberry Pearl Flip 8230 for Alltel

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Free Blackberry Pearl Flip 8230 for Alltel Folks, the wait is over. I know many of you always want a Blackberry flip phone from Alltel Wireless ever since Pearl Flip was released on T-Mobile. Now you can get a free Blackberry Pearl Flip 8230 for Alltel with no rebates needed. That’s right. Forget about rebates these days. How many of you want to spend that much time cutting bar codes and copying receipts and filling the endless rebate forms. The most annoying part is that you will have to wait at least 6 months to get the rebate. And for some stupid reasons, like the postmark date is late, or incomplete information, you could be disqualified for the rebate check.

OK, enough complaints here. Let’s get back to the new and free Blackberry Pearl Flip 8230 for Alltel Wireless. It’s a smartphone made simple. Less keys to deals with, but SureType lets you type faster and more accurate than all other regular flip phones. Other great features you will find include 2 megapixel camera for video and photo, built-in mp3 player, stereo Bluetooth, and GPS support. Everything you can expect from a smartphone in a smaller and more versatile form factor. Get your today and have it delivered to your door with 2 day free shipping from FedEx

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