Best Deal on Samsung Moment Google Phone for Sprint

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Best Deal on Samsung Moment Google Phone for Sprint Now is the best time to get the best deal on Samsung Moment Google phone. The much anticipated Samsung Moment for Sprint is coming to you for an incredible low price of only $149 after instant discount. No need to wait for any rebate checks to come in. This is a powerful Android smartphone that features all your favorite Google apps like GTalk, GMail, Google Map, and many more. It also includes Microsoft Exchange Push Email and Outlook.

Being the first Google phone for Sprint, there is such a high demand for this phone. And people already preorder it from Sprint. Luckily you have found a better deal here. The Samsung Moment will officially goes on sale on November 2, 2009. However, you can get the best Samsung Moment deal today for only $149. This is by far the best deal you can find on any Android phones – Sprint’s everything plan includes unlimited emails, text messages, GPS, and Mobile TV.

Does Verizon Wireless Have more 3G Coverage than AT&T

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Does Verizon Wireless Have more 3G Coverage than AT&T Verizon Wireless claims to have 5 times the 3G coverage as AT&T. Does Verizon Wireless have more 3G Coverage than AT&T? Checking AT&T 3G coverage map on, there is actually no map for that. You can see AT&T National GSM Coverage is very close to Verizon’s 3G coverage. Keep in mind that GSM doesn’t necessarily mean its 3G. In fact, you have to select cities supporting AT&T 3G/Mobile Broadband from a popup window. Looks like AT&T has 3G coverage in all metro areas. Verizon Wireless voice and broadband (3G) almost overlap each other. Verizon 3G pretty much covers 85% of United States while its voice and messaging reach close to 95%. Read more

Best Deal on HTC Imagio VX6975 Black

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Best Deal on HTC Imagio for Verizon Wireless HTC Imagio is another great Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro smartphone added to Verizon’s lineup. The best deal on HTC Imagio VX6975 is $229 after instant discount with new Verizon Wireless service plan. The large 3.6 inch touch screen integrated with HTC’s unique TouchFlo user interface makes browsing the web and managing pictures/videos and any applications super easy. Need a break from working? Tap the V CAST TV app and start watching live TV programs. Or keep in touch with friends in any ways you want – email, text, video, Facebook. Social networking on such this cool smartphone is a breeze. You can access your favorite contacts, YouTube and Facebook with just a few touches.

This is not the typical Windows Mobile phones you used to see. Get the best deal on HTC Imagio VX6975 Black now and you are saving up to $400 over the $650 retail price. You might say yeah $650 can buy me a laptop. It’s true, HTC Imagio is more like a mini laptop without the weight. And it’s a fully loaded smartphone and can be used anywhere in the world.

Best Deal on Motorola Debut i856 for Nextel

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Best Deal on Motorola Debut i856 for Nextel Great news for those of you who have been waiting for a new push to talk phone slider phone. best deal on Motorola Debut i856 from Nextel goes for only $49 without rebates. The i856 is Motorola’s first sliding phone that integrates Nextel Direct Connect technology – it supports Group Connect, International Direct Connect, and Talk Group. In case you get tired of walkie talkie, you can send picture and video taken with 1.3 megapixel camera/camcorder to your co-workers and friends.

What makes the best Motorola Debut deal sweeter? The i856 also functions as an mp3 player. You can store all your favorite music collection onto a microSD memory and play them anytime and anywhere. We are very impressed with the numeric keypad – it’s well-spaced and with predictive text technology you can type faster and more accurately. There are tons of other features we won’t get into in this post. But the most attractive feature of all? THE PRICE! $49 is simply the best deal on Motorola Debut i856 today! Get yours now before it runs out of stock.

Free Motorola i776w Purple for Nextel

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Free Motorola i776w Purple for Nextel The Nextel i766 has been a popular push-to-talk phone and now you have more color choices. See the all new free Motorola i776w Purple for Nextel today. You will love how simple and yet powerful this phone is. The Nextel i776 Purple is loaded with all of the latest technologies – turn-by-turn driving direction with the built-in GPS; Get direct connect and group connect with one push of a button and communicate with individual or a group of people.

You can go even further with International Direct Connect calling to instantly connect from the U.S. to users in other countries. The bright 2.2 inch color display plus a quality speakerphone and camera make the Motorola i776 Purple a true workhorse with yet simple design. Get your free Motorola i776w purple today while supplies last.

what carriers will carry the blackberry bold

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