AT&T Unlimited Talk Calling Plans

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AT&T Unlimited Calling Plan Great news for new and existing AT&T customers. You can sign up AT&T unlimited calling plans for only $69.99. That’s $30 cheaper than they used to be. this new AT&T unlimited talk plan apply to any phone, whether you have BlackBerry, iPhone, or a simply flip phone, you can call your friends at any network and talk 24/7 without worrying about going over your monthly voice minutes. Do you have to be a new customer to benefit from the new unlimited voice plan? Absolutely not. Existing AT&T users just need to make a call to customer service to make the change.

Do I need to renew my current contract? No. Unless you want to. We highly suggest you do because you definitely need a nice new phone to do all the unlimited talking. Even though your old phone can handle it, why not get a new one for free? To add texting, we recommend best AT&T text messaging plan for only $20. That gives you unlimited texting to anyone on any network. So, unlimited AT&T calling plan plus all-you-can-eat text, that’s an awesome deal!

Free Palm Pixi Plus for Verizon Wireless

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Free Palm Pixi Plus for Verizon Wireless We already show you the best Palm Pixi deal for Sprint. Now you can get free Palm Pixi Plus for Verizon Wireless with new account. This offer is also good for existing customers who want to upgrade their individual or family plans. We already cover the specs in the past, just to briefly talk about some cool features – bright screen perfect for surfing the web. Something that’s first in any smartphone – you can use the Pixi Plus as a mobile hotspot for up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices. By carrying this super light smartphone from Palm, you can share Internet connections with friends and family wherever you go. How cool is that! Other cool features include compact and yet very easy to use QWERTY keyboard, tons of free apps are waiting for you to download! Get your free Palm Pixi Plus for Verizon today and save over $400 compared to retail price.

What is the Cheapest Data Plan for Verizon Wireless

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Cheapest Data Plan for Verizon Wireless It looks like everyone access emails and Internet on their phones at least once a while. So, what is the cheapest data plan for Verizon. $9.99 it is for 25MB of data usage that includes mobile email. Not bad at all if what you do is to check emails, weather, and news. This is the cheapest Verizon data plan and it’s actually required for 3G Multimedia phones – including LG Chocolate Touch, LG enV3, LG enV Touch, LG VX8360, Motorola Entice, Motorola Rival, Samsung Rogue, and Samsung Alias2.

Some of us use the web on your 3G phones intensively throughout the day you should opt for the $29.99 unlimited data plan. For those who want to purchase a smartphone like the DROID ERIS, sorry, you have no choice but to pay $29.99 for the data usage. Luckily, getting the phone free online already save you $200 upfront vs. in-store price. And for casual mobile email and Internet users, you should always try to get the cheapest Verizon Wireless data plan possible and save extra $20 a month.

AT&T Blackberry 50% Off Half Price

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AT&T Blackberry Half Price Are BlackBerry smartphones are expensive? Not here. Right now you can get AT&T Blackberry 50% off or more savings online. This AT&T BlackBerry Half Price Sale is not just half price, you will actually get some of the coolest Blackberry phones free out of pocket. The new Blackberry Curve 8900 is on sale for $0.00. And the Blackberry Bold Black goes for only $19.

If you think getting AT&T Blackberry 50% off is a smart move, getting them free out of door is even smarter. Tons of great features not just for emails and messaging. These phones help you manage your business and personal life as well. Bring work and entertainment with you wherever you go. Keep track of stock quotes and read the latest news with rich full HTML browsing. What are you waiting for? Start your New Year resolution with the right phone and take advantage of this AT&T Blackberry half price sale.

Verizon Wireless Buy One Get One Free Deal

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Verizon Wireless Buy One Get One Free Deal Why only get one phone if you can get two for free? Verizon Wireless Buy One Get One Free is offered on almost every phones – BlackBerry, Touchscreen phones, Text Messaging phones, flip phones. Whatever your preferences are, you can find them at Verizon at prices not available in stores. This Verizon buy 1 get 1 free deal is not limited to new accounts. Existing customers can also take advantage of this offer and upgrade to a new family plan.

How much can you save? Just to give you an example. The enV3 messaging phone retails at $300. Getting 2 at the same time will save you $600 – we have 2 colors to choose from, Blue for him and Red for her. For those who are still thinking to buy Verizon phones without contract, you will find this buy 1 get 1 free Verizon offer simply irresistible.

Free Motorola Clutch i465 Black for Nextel

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Free Motorola Clutch i465 Black for Nextel New color for the Nextel Clutch i465 has arrived. Get a free Motorola Clutch i465 Black now and save $250 instantly with a new Nextel plan. Now there are more ways to communicate in addition to push to talk – you can use the full QWERTY keyboard to type emails and text messages more accurately.

What make the Clutch different from other walkie-talkie phones? It’s simply toughest full QWERTY keyboard phone. Yup, the Black Nextel Clutch i465 is one tough phone that meets military specs. Extreme temperature, pressure, dust, and shock will do absolutely no harm to the phone. Get your free Nextel Clutch i465 Black by Motorola today and have it shipped to you in just 2 days.

Free BlackBerry Curve 8530 Black for Sprint

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Free BlackBerry Curve 8530 Black for Sprint Shouldn’t you get a new phone for the New Year? That’s right, get a free BlackBerry Curve 8530 Black for Sprint – it’s the thinnest and fastest Sprint BlackBerry phone! This lightweight BlackBerry features the latest technology upgrade including faster processor, 3G, large memory card support – now up to 32GB of storage for all your music, pictures, and videos.

The new trackpad navigation is a huge plus for those who prefer a much smoother way of jump from menus to applications. Speaking of apps, do you know that there tons of free apps you can download from BlackBerry App World? Yup, connect your new free Blackberry Curve 8530 Black via Wi-Fi, and download all these cool apps in just seconds. There are just some much you can do with this new Sprint BlackBerry 8530, get yours while it’s on sale!