Cheap T-Mobile myTouch 4G for Sale

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Cheap T-Mobile myTouch 4G for Sale We will have all new T-Mobile myTouch 4G for sale on November 3, 2010. This phone is the second 4G phone offered by T-Mobile and is the best smartphone yet. Want the cheapest price online – you’ve got it. You can have this 4G myTouch smartphone for only $149.99 after instant discount when you sign up a new plan. There is no need to wait on line in you local stores and they can’t match our online exclusive price. The specs on myTouch 4G better than anyone else. I am particularly impressed by the large screen and HD video output to HDTV wirelessly.

If you are still with iPhone or any other 3G smartphones, it’s time to upgrade to the latest technology. The 4G speed is lightning fast. Streaming music, video, or downloading apps will only take seconds instead of minutes. In addition to Black, myTouch 4G White and myTouch 4G Red is also available for online order. Make sure you get up early on November 3rd and get this TMobile myTouch 4G while it’s on sale.

Should I Switch to Metro PCS

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Should I Switch to Metro PCS
$60 unlimited local and long distance calls, plus unlimited text and web. Sounds like a great deal, right? So, should I switch to Metro PCS? Well, you need to look further into the coverage and features you are going to get from Metro PCS. First and most important is the coverage. Are you current area covered by MetroPCS? Will you be using your phone locally? Although Metro PCS has been expanding aggressively, there are still many parts of the country don’t have coverage. That really makes a mobile phone not mobile at all. So, be sure to check the coverage map before switching to Metro PCS.

Second, phone selections. There are less than 20 phones to choose from. And there are only 2 smartphones available – don’t remember seeing these models anywhere. If you want BlackBerry, forget it, none available. So, the choices are very limited.

Third, phone prices. Although Metro PCS rate plans are cheaper than most of other major carriers, the phone prices are not. There are no free phones. And when it comes to phones with more advanced features, you would have to shell out over $200 even after rebates. So, should you switch to Metro PCS? I don’t think so.

Cheap Samsung Transform for Sale

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Cheap Samsung Transform for Sale The new Samsung Transform for Sprint is a premium Android phone that you don’t want to miss out. The cheap Samsung Transform has large 3.5 inch screen and cool apps to touch on-the-go. Whatever you want to do, the Samsung Transform will have you covered.

Updating you status on Facebook is just as easy as making a few tabs. Browsing the internet, tapping out texts, updating your status on your favorite social networking website, and drafting emails are made simple and fast with the large 3.5″ full touch screen and full slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Want to catch that special moment? There are 2 cameras on the phone – the rear-facing cheap Samsung Transform is great for any moment.