AT&T Unlimited Everything Plan

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AT&T Unlimited Everything Plan Want true freedom of wireless calls, try AT&T Everything Plan? You can get unlimited calling to anyone in any network. There no difference during nights and weekends. There are unlimited minutes you can use regardless when and where (in United States) you make the calls. So, how much does AT&T Everything plan cost? $99, it includes only voice features such as roaming, call forwarding, voice mail, nation wide long distance… what’s not included are data and text messaging. Depending on your choice of phones, you would need to add $30 to $50 for unlimited data and texting.

For the $30 unlimited messaging and data, you would need to select a compatible phone such as the Samsung Impression and Samsung Eternity. Basically, you need a non-smartphone, so, any Blackberry or Windows Mobile phones will not fall into this category. And the unlimited AT&T everything plan will cost $129.

If you want unlimited everything plan on a smartphone, like the Blackberry Curve 8900 Silver, you will have to add $30 for the data and $20 for unlimited messaging. That’s going to add up to $149 if you opt for the AT&T unlimited everything plan. It’s worth it? It’s all up to how much talking and data accessing you need to have every month. If you use anything close to 1300 minutes each month, the AT&T unlimited calling plan is your best bet because the next lower plan cost $79 a month with 1350 anytime minute. And each additional minute will cost $.35. For $20 more, you can talk all you want.

Update: Great news. The Price is Now Only $69.99

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