HTC Evo 4G for Sale from Sprint

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HTC Evo 4G for Sale from Sprint Like many of you, I just can’t wait for the HTC Evo 4G to go on sale in the summer. We don’t have a final on HTC Evo 4G for sale price, but it’s definitely lowered than $199 after rebates from Sprint. There is no doubt that Sprint is aiming to gain customers from AT&T. I have posted many incredible deals in this blog and I can certainly believe the HTC Evo will be for sale at less than $99 after instant discount from Sprint authorized online retailers. Trust me, it’s the best Android phone that I have ever seen (at least from video demo). Bookmark and share this post, you will be the first one to find out where and when you can buy HTC Evo online. Stay tuned.

Update: on sale for $189 now. However, it’s sold out everywhere. Act fast if you see it available again!

Strong:: Limited Time ONLY – Get it for $149.99 plus FREE shipping!

HTC HD2 for Sale T-Mobile

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HTC HD2 for Sale T-Mobile Tired of the tiny cell phone screen? T-Mobile has the new HTC HD2 for sale at $149. The super high resolution touchscreen is amazing for viewing videos, pictures, and web browsing. So, how big is the screen? 4.3 inch with 800 x 480 Pixel resolution WVGA Touch Screen Color Display is simply the largest and the best in the market today. Want fast processor speed too? The HTC HD2 uses 1GHz Snapdragon Processor and it’s the fastest smartphone yet.

Loaded with Windows Mobile 6.5, the new HTC HD 2 lets you access Microsoft Office apps just like using your laptop. For entertainment, this phone is preloaded with 2 full-length movies (Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) and some cool apps. Of course, you can download many more in the Windows Mobile marketplace. HTC HD2 comes with advanced 5 megapixel camera and dual flash that makes pictures and videos taking easy and fun. The HTC HD 2 is build for maximum mobile productivity and entertainment. Don’t just take my word for it. Experience it yourself. And please don’t bother to find HTC HD2 for sale in local T-Mobile stores. You will save yourself a bunch with online exclusive sale price.

Free BlackBerry Curve 8530 Red for Sprint

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Ladies, if you think the purple Blackberry Curve looks nice, the free Red BlackBerry Curve 8530 even looks better – it’s light, thin, and most importantly RED. Very bright color and make your phone and yourself stand out from the crowd. All Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8530 are free out the door today with new account or when you add them to existing family plans. Of course, you don’t have to pick the same color for everyone, the Curve 8530 in Black always a good fit for someone who prefer a more conservative color. Get yourself a free Blackberry Curve 8530 Red today or choose many other cool phones from Sprint to add to a new or existing plan for free!

Best Deal on Motorola Devour for Verizon Wireless

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Best Deal on Motorola Devour for Verizon Wireless Best Motorola Devour for Verizon Wireless has arrived and it’s your chance to get the best deal on Motorola Devour for only $49 after instant discount. Yup, there is no need to submit a rebate form. You can have this new Android smartphone at the incredibly low price. The Motorola Devour is preloaded with Google’s popular Mobile Operating System – Android 1.6 plus MOTOBLUR service. What I love about the unique MOTOBLUR service is that it delivers real time updates from your email and favorite social networking sites directly to the phone screen. The latest photos, videos, and posts from Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace can be viewed directly on your Devour’s home screen without first logging into each site or application. You can share your post and pictures all in one click from the home screen.

Lots of popular apps from Google and Verizon Wireless have been preloaded into the phone. And if you need more, there are tons of free apps available for the Motorola Devour. For rich and desktop like web browsing experience, the Verizon Devour rocks. And the best Motorola Devour deal won’t last too long. So hurry and get yours today while supplies last.

Update: New Low Price – ONLY $29.99

Best Blackberry Phones 2010

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Best Blackberry Phones 2010 What are the best Blackberry phones 2010? While we are still in first half of 2010, there are a number of Blackberry phones that I would love to recommend for everyone. Blackberry Bold 9700 for AT&T is an awesome deal. The fact that this phone retails at near $500 make some people hesitate a bit (or a lot). Yeah, it’s expensive (without contract) for a good reason – the Bold 9700 Blackberry is a superior smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard. Priced today at $0.00 with a new AT&T plan, it’s a steal!

Let look at best Blackberry for T-Mobile in 2010 – I personally like the Curve 8900 since there are a bit more spaces between keys, and price of $0.00 is just irresistible.

BlackBerry Storm 2 for Verizon Wireless is my one of my top choices for 2010 – it’s the only touch-screen Blackberry out there. And you can have it for $1 today!

BlackBerry Curve 8530 for Sprint is also one of the best Blackberry phones in 2010. It’s a perfectly balanced smartphone – thin, light, and packed with many advanced features.

Too many choices? That’s right. Try switching carriers and test drive their service. You can keep the same mobile number for free.

Free LG Accolade for Verizon Wireless

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Free LG Accolade Want a simple phone but don’t want to lose features you have been relying on? Free LG Accolade from Verizon Wireless is a simple flip phone that focuses on call quality plus easy access to mobile web, email, and chat. The new LG Accolade VX5600 is a reliable that has all the essential features you need and without the extra stuff you will never use. Compact and light, the LG Accolade offers amazing battery life – talk time up to 7.6 and you standby time is up to 28 days. Yup, you can talk all day long with a single charge. This free LG Accolade offer is exclusive online from Verizon Wireless, get yours today.

Compare – Samsung Gravity 2 vs. Samsung Comeback

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Samsung Gravity 2 vs. Samsung Comeback Samsung Gravity 2 vs. Samsung Comeback and you are not sure whether to get Samsung Gravity 2 or Samsung Comeback? What’s better for you? Both text messaging phones run on T-Mobile’s latest 3G network. Speaking of styles, Gravity II has more rounded corners than the Comeback. The physical keyboard can be revealed by sliding out on the Samsung Gravity. On the other hand, you need to flip open to reveal the keyboard on Samsung Comeback. Samsung Gravity 2 is cheaper – $0.00 out of pocket and Samsung comeback costs $9.99 today. Compare styles, features, and prices – Samsung Gravity 2 is the winner. Read more

LG Lotus vs Samsung Exclaim – Compare

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LG Lotus or Samsung Exclaim, compare both and find out which one is better! One thing I have to point out in this LG Lotus vs Samsung Exclaim comparison is that both have different ways to reveal the keyboard. The LG Lotus LX 600 reveals the keyboard when you flip open the phone vs you have to slideout the keyboard on Samsung Exclaim . Both are great text messaging phones no matter how you use them. Read more

Franklin Wireless 3G/4G U301 USB Modem for Sprint

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Franklin Wireless 3G/4G U301 USB Modem for Sprint You always want the fastest connection When it comes to using wireless modems on your laptop – the new Franklin Wireless 3G/4G U301 USB Modem for Sprint is the perfect solution. You can now enjoy the fastest 4G wireless modem has to offer – up to 10 Mbps downloads and 4 Mbps uploads. That’s almost 4 times as fast as the current 3G speed. Wherever the high-speed EVDO Rev A 3G network is available, you can still get data downloads of up to 3.1 Mbps and upload speeds of 1.8 Mbps. That’s pretty amazing, right?

With that kind of wireless broadband 3G/4G connection, you can even say goodbye to cable modem at home. The Franklin 4G wireless modem also has built-in GPS for location-based services so that you can use it as a Navigation device. The Franklin 4G USB Modem for Sprint is on sale today for only $49.99. Free shipping is included. Get yours today. The freedom of surfing the Internet, checking emails or accessing Corporate Network anytime and anywhere is just priceless.

AT&T Unlimited Talk Calling Plans

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AT&T Unlimited Calling Plan Great news for new and existing AT&T customers. You can sign up AT&T unlimited calling plans for only $69.99. That’s $30 cheaper than they used to be. this new AT&T unlimited talk plan apply to any phone, whether you have BlackBerry, iPhone, or a simply flip phone, you can call your friends at any network and talk 24/7 without worrying about going over your monthly voice minutes. Do you have to be a new customer to benefit from the new unlimited voice plan? Absolutely not. Existing AT&T users just need to make a call to customer service to make the change.

Do I need to renew my current contract? No. Unless you want to. We highly suggest you do because you definitely need a nice new phone to do all the unlimited talking. Even though your old phone can handle it, why not get a new one for free? To add texting, we recommend best AT&T text messaging plan for only $20. That gives you unlimited texting to anyone on any network. So, unlimited AT&T calling plan plus all-you-can-eat text, that’s an awesome deal!

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