Free Samsung Reclaim Green for Sprint

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Free Samsung Reclaim Green for Sprint Go green and do your parts to protect the environment. Yes, you can help by getting the free Samsung Reclaim Green phone from Sprint. The new green Sprint Reclaim by Samsung is the first eco-friendly messaging phone that’s designed for environmentally conscious consumers. You don’t have to sacrifice on having the latest technology by going “green”. The most amazing part of the free Samsung Reclaim phone is that it’s made up of 80% recyclable materials. It is built using Bio-Plastic materials extracted from corn.

Sprint Reclaim is cool phone that everyone loves. You can instantly connect and share your important or funny moments with friends on some of the most popular social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, AND YouTube. Take pictures, videos and you can add up to 32GB microSD memory Card for all your data needs. Get a free Samsung Reclaim and Sprint will donate $2 The Nature Conservancy’s Adopt an Acre program. Both the green blue Samsung Reclaim are instock today and you can get up to 5 free Sprint Reclaim phones – Sprint will donate $10. Good deal and good deed! Get free express shipping too when you shop online.

att cell phone coupons discount codes August 2009

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You can get the coupons and discount codes from at&t.

Free Samsung Solstice A887 for AT&T

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Free Samsung Solstice A887 We all know touchscreen phones are hot and the free Samsung Solstice A887 is even hotter. The new Samsung Solstice for AT&T features a large, touch sensitive screen. Everything is at your finger tips. This phone runs on latest 3G/HSDPA AT&T network and wherever you do with Solstice is going to be faster and more responsive. You can have quick access to Facebook and MySpace with just a single touch.

The free Samsung Solstice is fully loaded with the most advanced features – emails, Instant Messenger, Web, GPS, mp3 player, and 2.0 megapixel camera/camcorder. With expandable memory of up to 16GB, you can store all the music and photos you want. And just in time for AT&T Back to School Sale, you can have the Samsung Solstice absolutely free out of pocket plus free shipping via FedEx. Again this deal is NOT available in stores. Hurry before it runs out of stock.

Best Cell Phone Plans for College Students

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Best Cell Phone Plans for College Students Do college kids need a lot of talk minutes? What are the best cell phone plans for college students? Parents are trying to save every penny these days and also to keep in touch with their college kids whenever they want. They also don’t want their kids to spend too much time talking and texting on the phone. Read more

AT&T Hot Summer Sale Deals 2009

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AT&T Hot Summer Sale 2009 Summer is hot, our AT&T Hot Summer Sale is even hotter. Here is you chance to save up to $180 with at&t free activation now through August 3, 2009. This offer is not available in stores – which is way better, especially for the summer. You can sit back and relax, and shop at you convenience. There are tons of new cool phones to choose from. Whether you are switching to AT&T or upgrading to a new phone, free AT&T touch screen phones and cheap text messaging phones for AT&T are the hottest summer deals in 2009. When we say cheap, it really means they are free plus bonus offers plus free shipping. Hurry, enjoy these hot AT&T Summer deals before they cools down or run out of stock.

T-Mobile Back To School Sale Deals 2009

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T-Mobile Back to School Sale Hottest deals on the coolest phones, that’s all I can say about T-Mobile Back to School Sale. You will find the best back to school deals from T-Mobile that can save you up to $300 vs. in-store prices. Let’s look at some back to school essentials from T-Mobile.

Texting is quite important these day, therefore we recommend the best TMobile text messaging phones at

Emails are essential for staying connected with friends and family, why not make it easier and accessible wherever you go? Free T-Mobile Blackberry Curve 8900 is the perfect choice for those who want to have the most reliable email solution on the go.

For teens, the most popular choice is the Red Sidekick Slide (also available in Black color). Parents, don’t worry, it won’t break you budget at all because it’s free out of pocket.

Already have too many T-Mobile back to school specials to choose from? Don’t just take your time, these offers are very likely to run of stock before school starts. Hurry!

AT&T Back to School Sale Deals 2009

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AT&T Back to School Sale 2009 AT&T Back to School Sale is not just for kids. If you feel you should upgrade or switch to a different carrier, you can find tons of AT&T back to school deals that can save you up to $300 vs. in store price on many new cool cell phones.

For teenagers the new free LG Neon is a great phone for text messaging and IM. Built-in mp3 player will eliminate the need to carry a separate music player. With AT&T back to school sale specials, you are getting an awesome deal at $0.00 that’s not available in stores.

For those who prefer a large touchscreen and don’t want to break their budget, the free LG Xenon Black, new for 2009, is something you should be excited about. This phone has a large 2.8 inch Touch screen With Tactile feedback. The price is even more amazing. Pay nothing upfront and shipping is also free.

For those who is serious about checking emails all the time, the Blackberry curve 8900 is the best deal. Even if you don’t check emails as often as I do, this phone is still great for texting, pictures, and web browsing. For $0.00 plus free shipping, it’s simply irresistible.

There are just too many to list here. Do keep in mind that these AT&T Back to School deals are only available online for a limited time.

Best Verizon Cell Phones for Recording Videos

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Best Verizon Phone for Recording Videos You still carry a camcorder with you to record videos? That’s so 1990′s. You can now find some of the best Verizon cell phones for video recording without the extra equipments and weight. Capturing videos on a cell phone is just as easy as taking pictures. Depending on the desired quality of the video and storage capacity, you can take anywhere from 30 seconds to an hour video recording. Read more

AT&T Free Activation Promo Code Coupon

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AT&T Free Activation Promo Code Want to get a promo code for free AT&T activation? You don’t need any AT&T free activation coupon or AT&T free activation promo codes at all! Now through June 29 you can save up to $175 on 5 new AT&T phones as a bonus offer on top of many free phone, free Bluetooth Headset, and memory card offers. Whether you are upgrading or switching to AT&T, now is the best time to save some extra money on the coolest phones you always wanted.

You can totally forget about online coupons for AT&T phones, there is none needed. Not even rebates are required. All brand new phones are offered at instant discount prices that are not available in stores anywhere. And we are passing any savings we can get directly to you!

Update: Get AT&T Free Activation today and save up to $180 instantly!

Update: Need more AT&T free activation promo code? You don’t need the codes! Get free activation from August 18 to 25, 2009.

Update: This offer is back for 48 hours only from 9/12 to 9/13.

Update: Maybe 48 hours weren’t enough for you last time. The promo is back starting 9/22 and ends midnight Monday 9/28!

Update: Get Free Activation for the New Year 2010. Offer Ends Midnight Thursday 1/21.

HTC Snap Black for Sprint on Sale

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HTC Snap for Sprint On Sale! Want the latest and coolest Windows Mobile phone? Introducing the new HTC Snap Black for Sprint, on Sale for only $129 today. This Sprint Snap Smartphone by HTC has the latest Windows Mobile 6.1 and a FULL QWERTY keyboard to keep you connected with office, friends, and family. Whether you want to buy this phone for personal or professional use, the HTC Snap offers the best Windows Mobile experience.

You can work on documents like Word and Excel, and Sync Outlook just like you would do on a PC at home, except that you can carry this 4.2 device anywhere you go without adding too much weight like a laptop does. The large 2.4 inch color screen is big plus for today’s mobile professional. The Black HTC Snap smart phone has a built-in 2.0 megapixel camera so that you won’t miss any photo shoot opportunity. Other popular applications installed include GPS Navigation, Sprint TV, Sprint Music, and Instant Messenger, and more. HTC Snap Black for sale with the best price of just $129 today! Free express shipping is included if you order today

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