Best Basic Verizon Cell Phone

February 7, 2009 by  

Best Basic Verizon Cell Phone It’s hard to find the best basic Verizon cell phone these day when majority of the people are looking for fancy and sophisticated smart phones for emails, web, and text messages. Luckily, we’ve found one that has all the latest technologies without the complexity. One thing we realize that a basic Verizon Wireless phone today was considered a fancy phone just a few years ago. So, nothing is really too basic these days. However, simplicity is the goal. We want the best basic Verizon cell phone to do just what we intend to do everyday – talking, casual texting and emails.

So, what is the best basic Verizon Wireless phone out there? LG vX5500 Charcoal is the basic wireless phone we are talking about. Not only does it have all the essential function for every day’s need but also have latest Bluetooth technology and advanced voice dial without requiring any pre-phone training – What did I tell you, today’s basic can’t be too basic, right? And the best part of owning the LG VX5500 today is that you are paying $0 plus getting a free Bluetooth headset

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