Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

March 8, 2011 by  

Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans It’s not hard to find a right prepaid wireless phone at a great price? The most important part is how to select the best prepaid cell phone plans available today. The basic rate plan from Net10 costs only 10 cents a minute. If you are only use a go phone as emergency phone this basic plan makes sense. However, as the minutes go up so does the total cost. $40 only buys you 400 minutes. That’s quite expensive compared to a $40 postpaid plan that offers unlimited nights and weekends. AT&T pre-paid plan also offer something similar. However, if you purchase more minutes at once you will get some discount – this general rule applies to most of the Go Phone carriers. You will find cheap Metro PCS cell phone plan that starts at just $40 that offers you unlimited local and nationwide calling days and nights. This is the best prepaid plan you can get for a flat fee. No matter which MetroPCS plan you are choosing you rest assured that all fees are already covered by the plan price, including tax and Federal communication fees. I had doubts on whether you should switch to Metro PCS before. But now that they offer more phone selection I can’t help but thinking to take advantage of the great plan price they current offer.

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