Best Text Messaging Plan for AT&T

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Best Text Messaging Plan for AT&T Just when you thought you didn’t need that 200 text messages a month and suddenly you discover that you already sent or received up 180 messages for the last 2 weeks. What is the best AT&T text message plan you should get?

There a 5 text messaging plans for AT&T. The cheapest option is pay per text, only $.15 a text. If you use no more than 20 messages month, this is good value. Well, these days, if you don’t plan to send text messages, you will likely to receive a bunch of them from friends or family members. Besides, it’s just cool to text people without interrupting them all the time. So, even if you only use 30 texts a month, get the $5 text messaging plan that give you 200 free messages. The next available AT&T text plan is the $15 one, which gives you 1500 messages, or 50 messages a day. Do you really need to send or receive that many texts a day? Sure, some people do, especially teenagers. For them, this is the minimum plan you should get for your teen family members. Don’t even think about saving $10 by choosing the $5 one, you will end up screaming at the wireless bills.

Is it best to have unlimited texting? Yes, if you are going to use more than 1500 texts a months. For $20 on individual plan, you can send and receive unlimited text messages to and from any wireless carrier. The best text messaging plan for ATT is the $30 unlimited messaging deal. If you have 2 lines, average cost is $15 for each line. If you have 5 phones, the average cost will be just $6 for each line. Don’t forget to pair it up with the best AT&T phone for texting, it’s free!

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