Buy Used Blackberry Curve

September 26, 2009 by  

Buy Used Blackberry Curve Is your Blackberry Curve broken already and want to buy used Blackberry Curve to replace it? Why not get a brand new one for free. If you are already 22 month into your current contract you can upgrade to a new Blackberry for as little as $20. And if you decide to upgrade your used Blackberry (even if it’s not broken), you can pretty switch to any carrier and get it for free. I don’t see any good reason to buy a used Blackberry Curve at all.

First, it’s used, there scratches on the screen, you don’t if the battery life will last as the new one. Second, what if the used Blackberry phone breaks after the few days? You don’t have the original warranty and repair cost can be greater than you think. Third, why pay for a use Blackberry Curve while you can have it for free when you upgrade or switch to another carrier.

Just to give you an example, Blackberry Curve 8330 Red is free out of pocket plus you will get a bonus Bluetooth Headset. Here the best part – sprint’s unlimited Blackberry plan gives you unlimited emails, data, and text/picture/video messages while other carrier only offer you email/data usage for the same price. Excellent deal! Forget about buying used Blackberry Curve, upgrade or switch carriers to get the best deal on a brand new Blackberry Curve with full manufacturer warranty.

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