Are Refurbished Phones same as used Second Hand Cell Phones?

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Are Refurbished Phones same as Used Phones? You might have heard that buying refurbished phones one of the many ways to save money. I won’t deny that. But are refurbished phones same as used second hand cell phones? Do used phones carry manufacturer warranty? Are used phones worth buying at all? You should have these questions cleared before putting your money down for a second hand phone. Read more

AT&T Unlimited Everything Plan

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AT&T Unlimited Everything Plan Want true freedom of wireless calls, try AT&T Everything Plan? You can get unlimited calling to anyone in any network. There no difference during nights and weekends. There are unlimited minutes you can use regardless when and where (in United States) you make the calls. So, how much does AT&T Everything plan cost? $99, it includes only voice features such as roaming, call forwarding, voice mail, nation wide long distance… what’s not included are data and text messaging. Depending on your choice of phones, you would need to add $30 to $50 for unlimited data and texting.

For the $30 unlimited messaging and data, you would need to select a compatible phone such as the Samsung Impression and Samsung Eternity. Basically, you need a non-smartphone, so, any Blackberry or Windows Mobile phones will not fall into this category. And the unlimited AT&T everything plan will cost $129.

If you want unlimited everything plan on a smartphone, like the Blackberry Curve 8900 Silver, you will have to add $30 for the data and $20 for unlimited messaging. That’s going to add up to $149 if you opt for the AT&T unlimited everything plan. It’s worth it? It’s all up to how much talking and data accessing you need to have every month. If you use anything close to 1300 minutes each month, the AT&T unlimited calling plan is your best bet because the next lower plan cost $79 a month with 1350 anytime minute. And each additional minute will cost $.35. For $20 more, you can talk all you want.

Update: Great news. The Price is Now Only $69.99

AT&T Father’s Day Sale Specials Deals

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AT&T Father's Day Sale Dad’s Day is only 2 weeks away and these AT&T Father’s Day Deals won’t last too long. You will find specials like the best deal on Blackberry Curve 8900 Silver – perfect for emails and mobile computing, Samsung Jack Silver is another great choice if you want to work with Windows Mobile applications. Every Dad loves new gadgets, buying any of these new smartphones as a gift will never go wrong, especially you don’t need to pay a single penny up front for the phone itself.

To really take advantage of AT&T Father’s Day Sale, you don’t want to miss out some of the newest and coolest AT&T touch screen phones that are on sale for incredibly low prices, I mean they are free out of pocket, no rebate checks to wait for ever. Personally, I found touch screen phone extremely easy to use and accessing each applications like SMS or email takes only one tap without scrolling up and down like other non-touchscreen phones.

AT&T Free Shipping Code

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AT&T Free Shipping Code Don’t want to pay for shipping on your new AT&T phone? No problem. If you have been looking for an AT&T free shipping code to use, you’ve come to the right place. And what’s even better news is that you don’t need the free AT&T shipping code at all. All phones are qualified for free overnight shipping today. But you’ve got to hurry because supplies are limited.

Time to get the best deal on Blackberry Curve 8900 and free Nokia E71x and have them arrive at your door step the next morning! I don’t know about you, the most exciting moment is to open that FedEx box and slowly reveal (if you have the patience like me) the new gadget. So, please forget about the AT&T free shipping code, because you don’t need it. Simply place an order for up to 5 phones today and you are all set!

Update: Free overnight shipping promo has ended. But 2-day free express shipping is still available.

Verizon envy 3 for Sale

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Verizon Envy 3 for Sale The new and highly anticipated LG enV3 VX9200 Slate Blue and Maroon enV3 have arrived at Verizon wireless. Verizon Envy 3 for sale $0.00 today. Now with even more advanced features such 3.0 megapixel camera. Got tons of music and pictures, the envy 3 now can hold up to 16 GB of data with a microSD CARD. Read more

compare lg xenon vs or lg neon

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Compare xenon and neon from LG.

Free AT&T Touch Screen Phones

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Free AT&T Touch Screen Phones Do you think touch screen phones are expensive? No, not at all. You can get free AT&T touch screen phones with new service plan or contract extension. Our top picks this month include free AT&T Incite and free AT&T Impression. All these AT&T touch screen phones retail at over $400 each and you can get up to 5 of them for free with a AT&T family plan. Follow the links to check out the specs you will know why they are everyone’s favorite cell phones this year.

If Free AT&T touch screen phones are not good enough for you, the LG Incite and Samsung Eternity come with a 4GB bonus memory card for storing music and photos. What we particularly like about these touchscreen phones is that it’s so easy to access all the mobile applications. There is no need to flip open or press buttons to enter and exit menu. You can customize what you want to access most often on the first screen – such as email, browser, calculator, SMS, and GPS. With only one touch, you are on your way to connect with friends and family. Hurry and make you choice of free AT&T touchscreen phones today, you will get free 2 day shipping too.

AT&T Cell Phone Upgrade Deals

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AT&T Cell Phone Upgrade Deals Updated February 2011: The best AT&T Upgrade Deals are Samsung Focus, Pantech Ease, Motorola Flipside, and Sony Ericsson Vivaz. They are all free out of pocket today!

Like AT&T and don’t want to bother to switch carriers? Why not get the best AT&T cell phone upgrade deals today and save over $200 on individual or family plan upgrades. Extend your AT&T contract and get the new Motorola EM330 for free.

Of course there are many more free phones you can choose from to upgrade like the Samsung Propel and Samsung A777. Get the lowest prices on AT&T phone upgrade specials – AT&T Impression is just $59 and LG Xenon Red is just $59 when you renew your current AT&T contract. Whatever your choices are, there are always something for you. We have to remind you that these AT&T cell phone upgrade deals are offered online only and the exclusive prices are not available in stores. If you already know what you want, grab it today. Still thinking? Supplies are limited. Hurry!

Free AT&T Impression

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Free AT&T Impression AT&T is having the End of Month Blowout Sale and new Samsung Impression is included! From now until the end of April you can not just one but two free AT&T Impression phones plus free 2 day shipping. This is unbelievable, considered this phone is retailing at $400 in some stores. Anyway, saving $400 on 1 phone or $800 on 2 phones is a BIG DEAL! You don’t want to miss a deal like this or you will regret forever. Unlike other retailers, this free AT&T Impression requires no rebate at all. So, free is free up front, no gimmicks, no tricks, all you need is to activate a new AT&T plan. How easy is that? Of course there many other cool AT&T phones to choose from and you still don’t have to pay a penny for them like the AT&T Incite, which comes with a free memory card for a limited time.

Free AT&T Incite

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Free AT&T Incite We thought free LG Incite were enough to get you excited. And now we are throwing a free 4GB memory card to go with the free AT&T Incite phone. This is the best price ever offered on the new AT&T Incite and not available in local and other online AT&T stores. To take advantage of this offer, simply sign up for a new individual or AT&T family plan and get 2 free AT&T Incite phones.

We all know that touchscreen phones are the hottest sellers this summer. What’s even hotter is the price and bonus offer. Pay $0 up front and receive a free 4GB memory card along with the brand new Incite. You simply won’t find any deals that’s closer to this. The memory card alone is already worth $50. Grab the bonus offer today before it runs out of stock again.

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