Samsung Impression A877 Blue

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Samsung Impression A877 Want to show off and make a great impression? We have just the right phone for you. Samsung Impression A877 Blue is available now online for only $99 without rebates here. It’s currently selling for $250 at or in store. This is simply the best deal on Samsung Impression today. So, why not save yourself at least $150 instantly?

Let’s check out some very impressive specs from Samsung Impression A877 Blue – it has nation’s first AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) 3.2 inch touch screen that can provide the crispest and brightest viewing pleasure on a powerful multimedia cell phone. 3.0 megapixel camera is something that even some of most sophisticated smartphones don’t offer. Our take, the new Samsung Impression for AT&T is simply the perfect choice for mobile entertainment. And for $99, it’s a steal.

AT&T Buy One Get One Free

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AT&T Buy One Get One Free If you are thinking of buying a new phone this time of the year, it’s now a good time to do so. AT&T buy one get one free promo is going on now online. Here is even better news – forget about buy get one free, you can get 5 free phones from AT&T without paying a penny for the phones. All phones are brand new, absolutely no refurbished! Almost every phone is included in this “better than Buy One Get One Free AT&T” sales event.

Just to name a few hot phones, you can get 2 or more HTC Aria or LG Vu Plus (mix or match) with a AT&T family plan. There are many limited bonus offers too such as free Bluetooth headset ($50 value) with Motorola BACKFLIP and HTC Aria. Hurry and save more money today with more free phone offers, this promotion will end soon.

When is LG Xenon Release Date for AT&T

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LG Xenon AT&T Release Date When will the LG Xenon be released by AT&T? The LG Xenon release date was supposed to be sometime before Christmas 2008. However, the date was pushed to April. Now the new AT&T release date for LG Xenon phone is April 9th, 2009. What a long delay.

The new AT&T Xenon has touch-sensitive display and a full QWERTY keyboard. The screen is large with 240×480 resolution. The touch screen works similar to TouchWIZ found in Samsung Eternity. Slide-out keyboard is nice and convenient for heavy text and IM users. The phone also includes an mp3 player and you can add up to 16GB of memory via a microSD card slot.

List of specs we have learned so far -

  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • Dual-band UMTS/HSDPA (850MHz/2100MHz)
  • 950 mAh battery
  • 105.5mm x 53.5mm x 15.8mm
  • 240×480 2.8 inch LCD
  • 3 megapixel Camera
  • 100MB of memory with microSD support up to 16GB
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • USB 2.0
  • Wi-Fi

We believe LG Xenon Release Date on April 9th is pretty solid. Leave a comment and let us know what you think of new phone. We will have a more detailed review when LG Xenon is released from AT&T officially.

Update: LG Xenon is here and free out of pocket with a new service plan!

AT&T March Madness NCAA Basketball

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AT&T March Madness AT&T March Madness is here! Do you know you can watch every NCAA basketball game on Mobile TV phone? You don’t have to miss a single NCAA Basketball game anymore. Get up to the minute tournament info, scores, and more. View highlights, past tourney, previews, and interviews with the fast 3G network from AT&T. The only 2 phone that will let you do all these are LG Vu CU920 and Samsung Access. Both phones provide live NACC tournament games and many other live TV programs. The LG Vu is on sale today and offers the best value. Selling for $0 and you will also receive a free Bluetooth headset. Wow, this is really AT&T March Madness – free phones and free live TV on the go. Follow the Final Four on your new phone wherever you go!

When is New iPhone Release Date in 2009

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New iPhone Release Date 2009 When is the new iphone release date in 2009? Although there is no official words from AT&T yet, sometime in June is most likely the new iPhone release Date in 2009. Since the iPhone was first released on June 29, 2007, June has become the month Apple introduces new iPhone. Yup, iPhone 3G was announced on June 9th 2008. All these are not just a coincidence, it’s an official iPhone product cycle.

So on the new iPhone release date 2009, you can expect a the new iPhone to achieve higher speed HSDPA (7.2Mbps). A slide out QWERTY is very likely – business users will love that feature. Autofocus camera will be great. Video sharing will definitely need more bandwidth like 7.2Mbps. We are guessing that Tethering will be available if the new iPhone can run on higher speed HSDPA. Keep in mind that Palm pre release date will also be sometime in June. This is going to be a very interesting time. Let the fight begin!

Update: It’s OFFICIAL! June 19th 2009 is the new iPhone release date!

Best mobile TV Cell Phones

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Best Mobile TV Phone You just can’t call it true mobile entertainment if you can’t watch mobile TV on your cell phone. The best mobile TV phone today allows you to watch live TV program without using Wi-Fi or Analog signals. The best mobile TV cell phone runs on near-broadband speed 3G network and stream live programs into your mobile device. Whether you are looking for financial news, soap opera, music video, or hot TV series, you will be able to watch them whenever wherever you want.

Enough benefits of watching TV on cell phones. The best mobile TV phone belongs the new LG vu red wine, featuring an amazing touch screen. The LG Vu is also available in Black. Another great phone for mobile TV is Samsung Access. It’s one of the only two phones that support MediaFLO live TV from AT&T. In addition to live TV programs, you can also listen to streaming Music or Download music directly into your phone. Ok, we are actually saving the best for the last. Both phones are free out of pocket today and activation fees are waived. The LG VU even gives you a free Bluetooth headset if you order today. Incredible mobile TV entertainment for incredibly low price!

free activation att no fee

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Free Activation on AT&T Cell Phones Wow, for the first time ever AT&T is offering free activation on AT&T cell phones! This free AT&T activation event is NOT available in any at&t store near you. In fact this promotion will be only valid for a few days. We are very proud to find you this online exclusive offer and save you tons of money. So, if you want to pay no activation fee on AT&T phones. it’s time to do so now. Better yet, save $180 when you activate 5 phones with a ATT family plan. There is no better time to save more money than now. Savings are so big that we expect some of the most popular phones to be out of stock anytime soon.

To take advantage of this limited time promotion – free activation on AT&T cell phones, select your favorite new phones and sign up now. To make this deal even sweeter, 2-day FedEx shipping is free on every order placed today!

Update: Free AT&T activation promo ended on midnight March 22nd.

Update: AT&T is waiving activation fee again. Online ONLY. Hurry, this promotion ends on June 1st.

Update: This ONLINE ONLY promotion is back and valid from June 24 to June 29, 2009.

Update: free AT&T Activation is back and will expire on August 3, 2009.

Update: AT&T free activation is back and valid only from August 18 to August 25, 2009. Hurry and get the best summer deals!

Update: It’s back for only 48 Hours from September 12 to September 13, 2009. Hurry, some bonus offers will end on 9/12.

Update: We know 48 hours might be enough for you to search for the perfect phone. The promo is back starting September 22, 2009 and ends midnight Monday 9/28.

Update: Promo is back for January 2010. Ends midnight Thursday 1/21.

Best Text Messaging Plan for AT&T

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Best Text Messaging Plan for AT&T Just when you thought you didn’t need that 200 text messages a month and suddenly you discover that you already sent or received up 180 messages for the last 2 weeks. What is the best AT&T text message plan you should get?

There a 5 text messaging plans for AT&T. The cheapest option is pay per text, only $.15 a text. If you use no more than 20 messages month, this is good value. Well, these days, if you don’t plan to send text messages, you will likely to receive a bunch of them from friends or family members. Besides, it’s just cool to text people without interrupting them all the time. So, even if you only use 30 texts a month, get the $5 text messaging plan that give you 200 free messages. The next available AT&T text plan is the $15 one, which gives you 1500 messages, or 50 messages a day. Do you really need to send or receive that many texts a day? Sure, some people do, especially teenagers. For them, this is the minimum plan you should get for your teen family members. Don’t even think about saving $10 by choosing the $5 one, you will end up screaming at the wireless bills.

Is it best to have unlimited texting? Yes, if you are going to use more than 1500 texts a months. For $20 on individual plan, you can send and receive unlimited text messages to and from any wireless carrier. The best text messaging plan for ATT is the $30 unlimited messaging deal. If you have 2 lines, average cost is $15 for each line. If you have 5 phones, the average cost will be just $6 for each line. Don’t forget to pair it up with the best AT&T phone for texting, it’s free!

AT&T Family Plan Deals

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AT&T Family Plan Deals AT&T Family plan have so much to offers. With AT&T family plan deals like unlimited mobile to mobile calling give you more bangs for the buck. Take the AT&T Nation FamilyTalk 550 w/ Rollover for example, you can enjoy calls to and from any other AT&T customer anywhere in the United States without using any of you plan minutes. Wherever you have plan coverage your mobile to mobile calling is always free regardless of when you make the calls. Best of all, any unused minutes will be automatically rolled over to the next month. In case you need to talk more next month, there is always a cushion to fall on. For only $9.99 each line, you can add up to 5 phones in total to any family plan.

One of the great benefits of these AT&T family plan deals is that calling among these lines is always free and unlimited nights/weekends are included on all lines. Texing can also be added to one line or the entire family account. Some plan deals even offer you unlimited text messaging, emails, and web access. Check out some of the best family plan deals now and save.

Best AT&T Cell Phone for International and Oversea Use

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Best AT&T Cell Phone for International Use Do you travel to different countries often? Occasionally? If you do, you may want to get the best AT&T cell phone for international use. While you are oversea, it will be great to stay connected with families and friends without purchasing or renting a different phone from locals. Imagine you travel to several countries during the trip, it will be such a hassle to keep switching phones. Luckily, all the AT&T phones run on GSM network, which is also popular in Europe, Asian, and rest of world. Majority of the AT&T phones will work in other countries after you switch to a SIM card purchased locally. The disadvantage of this is that the phone number will not be the same as the phone number you have in the United States. What if I don’t want to change the phone number temporarily?

So what is the best AT&T cell phone for international use? AT&T offers a number of international plans that enable both voice and data usage in oversea. And the best AT&T global phone would be the new Blackberry Bold which features Tri-band network that lets you use in over 200 countries world wide. It’s a true global smartphone without limits. Whether you use it mainly for voice or data, you will be connected via 3G GSM network wherever available. What really makes it the best AT&T cell phone for oversea use is that you don’t have to switch to a different SIM card. It works just like the way it does at home.

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