Upcoming AT&T Cell Phones 2009 New

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Upcoming AT&T Phones 2009 Want to know what are the upcoming AT&T phones 2009? Motorola Hurricane W760 and Samsung A777 are important new AT&T phones that are coming later in 2009. The Hurricane W760 is perfect for music lovers – you will definitely love the Shake Control (just shake the phone to change the song) and Track ID (record a short snippet of music and the phone will tell you the artist and track). Plus, with FM stereo, MegaBass, stereo Bluetooth and a great camera/camcorder. It’s one of the most remarkable upcoming AT&T phones in 2009 that you should upgrade to when it comes out.

The Samsung A777 for AT&T is a step up from the A737, bringing GPS functionality to an already high-functioning cell phone. This new 2009 AT&T phone runs on the HSDPA 3G data network, which means checking emails and browsing Internet on phone is faster than ever. It worth an upgrade if you love slider-style phone. Stay tuned for more upcoming AT&T cell phones 2009.

We will update you with more ATT phone specs and prices in future posts. Mean while you can get the best deals on new ATT phones with our exclusive online special prices. Simply upgrade to the new phones as they come out later this year. Enjoy!

Update: LG Invision Red, Motorola Tundra, and Nokia E71x are coming soon.

Update: Motorola Tundra has been released. On Sale for only $149 today.

Update: AT&T Matrix Pro is available now for only $99.

Update: Samsung A777 Blue is available now for $0.00.

When will AT&T get the Palm Pre, Available?

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When will ATT get Palm Pre Will AT&T get the Palm Pre too? Definitely. And exactly when will the Palm Pre be available for AT&T? It will come to AT&T 3 month after Sprint releases the Palm Pre. The real question is – can you wait that long though? That’s could be 6 months or more from now. If you want to experience what is like to be on AT&T’s 3G network, you can try out a Palm Centro for ATT or even a HTC Fuze. Although the experience will not be the same as the Palm Pre, that’s the best way to try out the network before the Palm Pre becomes available at AT&T stores. Simply upgrade your phone when AT&T have the Palm Pre later this year.

Best Deal on LG Incite for AT&T – New Sale Price

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Best Deal on LG Incite for AT&T We’ve found the best deal on the new LG Incite phone from AT&T. Right now, the at&t Incite is on sale for only $149. This is by far the best sale price on LG Incite CT810. No rebates needed. You will find the very same phone selling for $300 at your local AT&T stores. With a large 240 x 400 wQVGA touch screen that auto-rotates, you can display documents and pictures in beautiful clarity. The LG Incite is one of the most advanced touchscreen phones that comes with integrated GPS for AT&T Navigator, tri-band HSDPA high-speed, and Wi-Fi capabilities to access thousands of AT&T hotspots nationwide. Edit Microsoft Office documents – Mobile Word and Excel with an on screen QWERTY keyboard. And there is so much more you can do with this new high-end smartphone. Get it today with the special price while you can.

Update: The LG Incite is free out of pocket today. No rebate required!

Best Deal on Samsung Eternity A867 Black for ATT

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ATT Eternity By Samsung More Touch Screen phones are coming during the holiday shopping season. The only complaint that I have is there are just too many choices. we’ve found the best deal on Samsung Eternity A867 Black for an incredibly low price of $19.99 while is selling it at $199? A total saving of $180, hello, buy yourself a gift with that money. The new AT&T Eternity features a beautiful slim touchscreen With TouchWiz UI and Drag-and-Drop Widgets. The 3.2 megapixel digital camera even beats those on the best Verizon smartphones in the market today. Plus you will get AT&T’s MediaFLO Live TV and Video Share Services. Expect super fast data speed from ATT’S new 3G network – get real web browsing on Samsung Eternity is faster than ever. This great deal on AT&T Eternity won’t last long, grab yours while supplies last.

Update The latest price on AT&T Eternity phone is $49 without any rebate. You will find this phone for $200 or more in your local at&t wireless stores. Buy online and save at least $150 today!

Update: It’s on sale for $0 without any rebate.

Update: Exclusive Deal – get a 4GB microSD card free today, offer ends soon!

Best Deal on ATT HTC Fuze – New Fuse Sale

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ATT Fuze by HTC Now you can get the best deal on AT&T Fuze. The on sale price is $174.99 today with a new ATT account. The new HTC Fuze for AT&T features a big, beautiful VGA Display With Outstanding Interface. ATT Fuze integrated a 3.2-MP digital camera, and supports WiFi connectivity, which makes browsing web and emails on the road more accessible. The slide-out keyboard is one of the best features we like. The keypads are nice spread out and yet easy to reach. HTC Fuse definitely belongs to the most popular touch screen phone list. Don’t miss this deal while there is $25 rebate.

Buy ATT BlackBerry Bold 9000 Sale Price Available Online

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buy att blackberry bold Be the first one to get the brand new BlackBerry Bold for AT&T toady. Buy the ATT BlackBerry Bold 9000 is available for a big sale price of $199 online with a new 2-year contract. This deal is $100 cheaper than what’s being offered now at – it’s definitely a better way to purchase the Bold at online authorized dealer than local att stores. In case you forgot how super nice the new Blackberry Bold is, let me remind you of some specs: Large Color Display with Twice the Resolution of Other BlackBerry Devices, Built-in GPS Receiver With Location-based Applications, WiFi, a 2-MP camera, and full web browser. It’s simply the most powerful and attractive Blackberry available today. Want to see all the features yourself? Buy the new ATT BlackBerry Bold 9000 at the on sale price of $199 without the long wait at local stores.

Sony Ericsson G705 Slider is Coming to AT&T

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The G705 is the most powerful sliding phone made by Sony Ericsson. What I mean powerful are the features – WiFi, aGPS with Google Maps for Mobile, 1GB included M2 memory, built-in FM radio, RSS reader, and a full HTML browser. What else do you want? How about a 3.2 mega pixel camera that let you up load video directly to YouTube without downloading to your pc first. The 2.4 inch screen is excellent for checking emails and browsing the Internet. If you have enough patience, wait for it to show up at at&t stores in Q1 2009 for US consumers. However, for those who are looking for an even more powerful slider phone – G705u, the first UMA enabled phone from Sony Ericsson. It will only be available to Orange (most part of Europe). Accessories for Sony Ericsson G705 include: Battery, Battery charger, 1GB Memory Stick Micro, USB cable, Stereo PHF, Sony Ericsson PC Suite, Media manager, and User guide.

Verizon Wireless Back To School Sale

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It’s time to go back to school again. Well, even if you are not, it’s no better time than this to get some back to school deals from Verizon Wireless. The new LG Chocolate phone, also called LG Chocolate 3, in 3 attractive colors – black, ice blue, black cherry are all on sale for the back to school rush. Deals like this only happen once a year. Right now, buy any phones at Verizon Wireless online store, all activation fees are waived. So, the more phones you buy, the more saving you will get. My personal favorite is the new Centro blue for $99 after instant discount online. It’s a perfect phone for teenage kids to keep in touch with parents via text message. While the kids can enjoy their new gadgets, why not treat yourself with a brand new Blackberry phone too. Boys and girls, listen up, be nice to your parents. Be sure to mention that these phones are free instantly. So, don’t miss this once a year event. The Verizon Wireless back to school sale will end at the end August.

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