Why should you get the iPhone 3G

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The wait is almost over, the new iphone 3G will be officially released on July 11th this Friday in all Apple and AT&T stores. Lines were already formed outside some Apple stores. But don’t worry, Apple has promised more stocks this time than when they release the first iphone. Each Apple store will have 1000 or more iphone 3G on Friday. Unless you see over thousands of people lining up outside, you should be able to get the iphone with some wait (this time you are required to activate the phone before leaving the store). So, the question is why you should get the iphone 3G even you already have the old one. Tow very basic reasons – fast connection and cheaper price. With 3G, you get at least 5 times faster data connection speed than the original iphone. The new price is half of that of the original iphone. Nothing can compare to the web browsing experience on the 3G iphone. With iphone 2.0 software update, there will be tons of applications to used on the new iphone. So why wait, get the new iphone 3G on this Friday.

Cheap 3G Apple iPhone, but Expensive Plan

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The new 3G iPhone will be available on July 11 for just $199 with 2-year contract. That’s much cheaper than the current 2.5G iphone that’s running on an unbearable slow EDGE network. Sounds like a good deal, right. Not so soon, you will no longer be able to get unlimited data plan for $20 on top the standard voice feature. Instead, like all other 3G smartphones, you will need to pay $30 for unlimited data access. Texting also costs extra. So, that’s at least $10 more expensive than the current iphone rate plan. And when you factor 24 month period, you will pay exactly $240 (assuming you don’t text). Compared to the current price of $399 for the 8GB version, you are actually paying $40 for the 3G service for 2-year period. Is that still a good deal? Absolutely, Blackjack 2costs $50 with a new 2-year plan, $150 cheaper than the iphone. But the iphone experience can not be imitated. Although both phones run on 3G, the apple iphone has faster processor and full HTML web browsing capability. If you are just surfing the web with, it’s still totally worth the money with new rate plan.

3G Wireless Broadband Card for Laptops – AT&T, Verizon, Sprint

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Everyone wants to go wireless these day and many laptops are still limited by wi-fi availability in coffee shops and libraries. Wouldn’t it be nice to surf the web on your notebook anywhere and anytime without wi-fi but have the same speed as cable modem or DSL. You need a wireless card for your laptops. How much does it cost, it ranges from $40 to $70 depending on the carriers of your choice and the usage quota. But beware that only 3G wireless modem cards can give you the broadband like speed. And they are current available through AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. T-Mobile runs on 2.5 EDGE network, which is much slower than at&t’s HSDPA and EVDO from Sprint and Verizon.
Both AT&0038;T and Verizon Wireless are currently offering a $60.00 dataconnect plan that include 5G data transfer each month, while Sprint gives you unlimited data for $60. So, who will you choose?

Why should I get a Family Cell Phone Plan

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I am not married, why should I get a family shared plan with someone. I can afford an individual plan, it only cost $39.99. Why bother pay an extra $20, the saving doesn’t seem that significant. But look deeper into each of the family plan – not only do they let you talk unlimited within the family circle, some of them even let you share data/text/web features. These extra features cost more money than you think. Even if you don’t need those fancy data or text feature now. Adding them for other family members can save you a great deal over paying them on an individual line. My best advice – simply get a cell family plan deal if you need more than one phone. Launches a New Blog

April 9, 2008 by · Leave a Comment just launched a new blog at This new blog will feature updated cell phone deals as well as editor’s picks on a daily basis. Searching for the perfect cell phone for yourself and family memebers is easy. Select a brand new phone (most of the phones are free after rebates), and then pick your rate plans from nation’s top wireless carriers. Prices at are simply unbeatable when comparing to local wireless stores. Check out the blog often to make sure you don’t miss any limited time offers.

upgrade my cell phone for free

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This article will explore how to upgrade to a new cell phone for free.

LG Shine CU720 for AT&T Price Check

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The new LG Shine CU720 is by far the thinnest and highest-end 3G phone for AT&T. It has a relatively large screen with resolution of 320×240, which is the standard for most of smartphones like the Pantech Duo these days. What you can find in this sleek smart phone is the 2 megapixel camera – good for casual picture taking, HSDPA data – must faster than EDGE, if you are getting a pda phone, HSDPA is a must for video sharing and web browsing.A generous 70 MB of internal memory can be supplemented with memory cards up to 4 GB, which, I think is sufficient. The new LG music phone comes in grey/silver or red. Regular price is $299. With a 2-year contract lowering it to $149. And after rebate it will cost you just $99 at And you might be able to find one on sale on other wireless stores online.

BlackBerry Curve 8300 for AT&T is Free

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I just came across the hottest deal for this holiday – The Blackberry Curve 8300 for AT&T is $0, wait, actually you can make $99 after mail-in rebates. WOW, that’s one of the best cell phone deals I ever found. You can’t find anywhere else. It’s currently an exclusive offer at Although there are dozen of free cell phones for sale this holiday, I personally find the Blackberry the perfect gift for adults or anyone who would like to check emails and go online anytime and anywhere. If you don’t mind receiving the phone after Christmas, order it today and it should be at your door on Dec. 26th.

Great Deal on BlackBerry 8800 for Cingular

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The Blackberry 8800 is the latest smartphone addition to Cingular. Although it retails at $499, you can get this phone at half the price – $249.99 after rebates when you sign a 2-year agreement with Cingular. So like a really good deal. The BlackBerry 8800 for Cingular has much more to offer than its predecessors. Like all BlackBerry devices, the BlackBerry 8800 provides possibly the best on-the-go email solution for mobile professionals. But this new BlackBerry includes a full QWERTY keyboard, built-in GPS locator and GPS applications, a music and video player, push-to-talk, voice dialing and Bluetooth. And, at just 0.6 inches thick, this is the thinnest, most capable full QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry device yet!

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