Best Nextel Blackberry

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Best Nextel Blackberry Phone The best Nextel Blackberry is no doubt the all new Blackberry Curve 8350i.It is the first Nextel Blackberry with full QWERTY keyboard and advanced support for stereo Bluetooth headset. Combined with Blackberry’s powerful email application and Nextel’s direct connect, you can accomplish more things with less time. Streaming video is also possible now on the Nextel Blackberry thanks to stereo Bluetooth connect.

There are only a few Blackberry phones that are capable with push-to-talk feature. But what really make 8350i the best Nextel Blackberry phone ever is the new Everything Data & Direct Connect available today. With this new Nextel plan, you will get unlimited text messaging, emails, and web access for only $69 a month. Compared to similar plans from other network, this can save you as much as $30. Online special offer is for limited time only, get the best blackberry phone for Nextel today.

Cheap Motorola i686 for Sale

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Cheap Motorola i686 for Sale When it comes to select a new Walkie Talkie phone, Nextel is still the best in the market. The good news is that we have Motorola i686 for sale at a very cheap price – only $49.99 today without rebates. This new rugged Walkie Talkie phone from Nextel that meets government’s Military Specification 810F for almost everything you can imagine in a touch/extreme working environment. Whether it’s dust, shock, vibration, extreme heat/cold, rain, and snow, the Motorola i686 is ideal for anyone who enjoys outdoor activity and wants a very durable phone that keeps you connected.

Besides the rugged features, the Nextel i686 also comes with an advanced camera that lets you take nice pictures and videos. Need more storage for photos, no problem, the microSD slot is expandable up to 16 GB of additional memory. This cheap Nextel i686 for sale price won’t last long. Get yours today if you are in the market for a nice rugged phone!

Free Motorola Clutch i465 Black for Nextel

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Free Motorola Clutch i465 Black for Nextel New color for the Nextel Clutch i465 has arrived. Get a free Motorola Clutch i465 Black now and save $250 instantly with a new Nextel plan. Now there are more ways to communicate in addition to push to talk – you can use the full QWERTY keyboard to type emails and text messages more accurately.

What make the Clutch different from other walkie-talkie phones? It’s simply toughest full QWERTY keyboard phone. Yup, the Black Nextel Clutch i465 is one tough phone that meets military specs. Extreme temperature, pressure, dust, and shock will do absolutely no harm to the phone. Get your free Nextel Clutch i465 Black by Motorola today and have it shipped to you in just 2 days.

Best Deal on Motorola Debut i856 for Nextel

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Best Deal on Motorola Debut i856 for Nextel Great news for those of you who have been waiting for a new push to talk phone slider phone. best deal on Motorola Debut i856 from Nextel goes for only $49 without rebates. The i856 is Motorola’s first sliding phone that integrates Nextel Direct Connect technology – it supports Group Connect, International Direct Connect, and Talk Group. In case you get tired of walkie talkie, you can send picture and video taken with 1.3 megapixel camera/camcorder to your co-workers and friends.

What makes the best Motorola Debut deal sweeter? The i856 also functions as an mp3 player. You can store all your favorite music collection onto a microSD memory and play them anytime and anywhere. We are very impressed with the numeric keypad – it’s well-spaced and with predictive text technology you can type faster and more accurately. There are tons of other features we won’t get into in this post. But the most attractive feature of all? THE PRICE! $49 is simply the best deal on Motorola Debut i856 today! Get yours now before it runs out of stock.

Free Motorola i776w Purple for Nextel

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Free Motorola i776w Purple for Nextel The Nextel i766 has been a popular push-to-talk phone and now you have more color choices. See the all new free Motorola i776w Purple for Nextel today. You will love how simple and yet powerful this phone is. The Nextel i776 Purple is loaded with all of the latest technologies – turn-by-turn driving direction with the built-in GPS; Get direct connect and group connect with one push of a button and communicate with individual or a group of people.

You can go even further with International Direct Connect calling to instantly connect from the U.S. to users in other countries. The bright 2.2 inch color display plus a quality speakerphone and camera make the Motorola i776 Purple a true workhorse with yet simple design. Get your free Motorola i776w purple today while supplies last.

Nextel Motorola i580 Yellow

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Motorola i580 Yellow for Nextel The new Nextel i580 Yellow is one of the best rugged Nextel phones in the market today. Built to Military 810F spec, this Motorola i580 phone can withstand heat, dust, shock, sweat, rain, and hard drop. Basically any rough situation you can think of in a military operation. The Nextel i580 rugged phone has advanced features that you will find convenient to use. A high-quality 1.3 megapixel camera lets you take pictures in any harsh environment. For more photo and data storage, you can expand the phone memory with additional SD card.

Motorola i580 Yellow for Nextel is priced at $69 with a 2-year service plan from Nextel, it’s a bit cheaper than some Verizon Walkie Talkie Phones. Get yours today with free FedEx shipping.

Why Do You Still Need a Landline Home Phone

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Whether you buying or renting a place, the very first thing you do is to get your home phone service activated even before you move into the new place. Whether you are poor or rich, you still need a basic tool to communicate to the outside world while at home. Nowadays, people start wonder why they need a telephone at home since every family member already has a mobile phone. Why pay extra $30 or $50 for something that you don’t need to use? Ever since the wireless companies offer unlimited nights and weekends calling features into the cellular plans, you might have thought that people wouldn’t use their landlines at home anymore. The truth is people cut down the home phone usage, but unless the cellular network can significantly improve the voice quality, your landlines are still important for communicating with friends and family from home. First, the obvious reason, your home phone doesn’t get affected by the weather, and doesn’t even use regular electricity. As long as the phone is plugged to a phone jack outlet, you can start making phone calls. As for a cell phone, the call quality depends on the location, outdoor and any open area usually get much better receptions than inside your house or apartment. Weather is another factor that determines the quality of calls made from your mobile phone. Thunder storms can severely interrupt the cellular signals from your local wireless cell towers. One important factor is that your home phone is connecting to your local 911 center. So in any emergency by dialing 911, you can be easily located with help. So, in conclusion, do you still need a landline for your home? Yes, you do. And there are alternatives that you can pay much less than $30 you normally play. We will discuss these alternatives in the next few posts.

Best Rugged Nextel Phones with Camera and Video

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Many of you don’t work in an environment that requires a rugged or “tough” phone. But if you do, like in the construction business, a regular phone will not suffice at all. You need something rugged, something that can endure heat, hard drop, sweat, or even occasionally in rain. In another word, you need phones that will takes beating and still going. Nextel is by far the best-known for offering rugged phone with walkie-talkie features. Among the rugged phones, the best choice by many consumers is the Motorola i580, which not only made of protective material but also packed with the latest technology such as 1.3 megapixel camera for taking pictures and videos. It has Bluetooth connectivity so that you don’t have to have your phone out all the time when talking. You can also play mp3 music through a SD card. Any doubt, try it, drop it, and abuse it, the i580 is the best Rugged Nextel Phone with camera and Video.