Cheap Motorola DROID X for Sale

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Cheap Motorola DROID X for Sale Looking for the cheapest DROID X for Verizon Wireless? We have Motorola DROID X for sale for much lower price than what you will find in stores. How cheap is the price? Sorry, I am not allowed to disclose this online exclusive price here. Click DROID X for sale link to see it yourself. Droid X by Motorola is the most advanced Android smartphone for Verizon Wireless. The only comparable Google smartphone is HTC Evo 4G from Sprint, but it’s been out of stock for a while due to such overwhelming demand. So, stop thinking of getting the DROID X, order now before it runs out of stock. Chances are it will be sold out by the weekend.

So, what is so great about this Droid X sale? It’s super fast with 1GHz processor, 4.3 inch large display lets you watch high definition videos. You can download thousands of apps and widgets from Android market. High-end 8 megapixel camera, Mobile Hotspot, HTMI output, and many more advanced features only available on the Verizon DROID X. What are you waiting for, get it now!

Best Place to Buy Cell Phones Without Contract

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Best Place to Buy Cell Phones Without Contract With Early Termination Fee as high as $325 for advanced devices I can understand why people are looking for the best place to buy cell phones without contract. In most cases you will find yourself shelling out a good amount of money if you do decide to cancel the service plan before it expires. If you do lose your phone or simply want a new one, the most expensive way is to get a new one is through retail stores. Keep in mind that new phones are not discounted at all without a new contract. So, you are looking to pay $500 or more on smartphones and $200 or more on regular flip phones.

We already explain some pros and cons of buying AT&T cell phones without contract. What is the best place to buy cell phones without contract? The best place is online through authorized dealers. Why, first you can check if you are eligible for an upgrade and chances to get free phones without rebates. Second, if you don’t qualify for upgrade you can switch carriers – the discount you are getting is enough to cover any early termination fee. Lastly, you have the option to buy a new cell phone without plan through authorized dealers. Although you are paying more compared those with contract, you are still getting cheapers prices vs. any in-store deal.

Upcoming Verizon Phones June 2010

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Upcoming Verizon Phones June 2010 New months means more new Verizon Wireless phones coming soon in June 2010. Some of the cool devices in our upcoming Verizon phones June 2010 list include LG Ally and LG Fathom. Both of them happen to be smartphones but running on different OS. The LG Ally will have the latest Android 2.1 while Fathom will support Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional.

The prices are not yet set. But we can assure you that they will have much lower prices than what you will find in local stores. And shipping is always free. Just to give you an example, KIN TWO is on sale for $79.99 here while Verizon stores list it at $200. We will be posting the price info as they are released later in June.

Cheapest Family Plan for 2 Phones

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Cheapest Family Plan for 2 Phones The cheapest family plan for 2 phones cost $59.99 from AT&T. All other carriers’ 2 phone plans cost $69.99. Obviously AT&T 2 phone family plan is the cheapest. However, this plan doesn’t include text messaging, emails, and web. If you don’t need those fancy features, the $59.99 plan is a great deal. What if you need web, email, and GPS? What is the cheapest family plan for two phones? Sprint Any Mobile Anytime! It costs $69.99 and includes unlmited email, web, text messaging, and GPS. Yup, only $10 more than the cheapest AT&T family plan for 2 phones and you get so many more features. No other family plan can beat this incredible deal! For a limited time, you can get both phones free plus free activation. Order today and save.


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DROID INCREDIBLE vs. DROID ERIS DROID INCREDIBLE vs. DROID Eris and not sure which one to get? You can compare them in details in the following table. It’s obvious that HTC Incredible tops HTC Eris in every technical spec, the DROID Eris has the best deal if you are on a budget. But when it comes to upgrading to a new phones, don’t you want the latest technology? Sure you are going to pay a bit more today. Just think about the benefit of using a faster phone – quicker download, sharper pictures, better call quality, and many more. Read more

Best Deal on DROID Incredible

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Best Deal on DROID Incredible The best deal on DROID Incredible is here. This is the phone that everyone has been waiting for. How much is it? It’s too low to show. OK, fine, I will tell you – the best deal on DROID INCREDIBLE is $XXX.XX (sorry, we just got notified by an online authorized retailer that we cannot post the price here because it’s too low) after instant rebates (ONLINE EXCLUSIVE). Well, if you are lucky, you might be able to get the HTC Incredible in store for $299.99 but you need to file rebate claiming forms. Forget about local stores! Get the best DROID Incredible deal now before everyone else. No lines, no waiting. We told you about 2 weeks ago we would have DROID Incredible for sale. But supplies are very limited. Order online now and get free fast shipping.

Update: We are not allowed to post the ONLINE EXCLUSIVE price here. Click on the promo image to see it yourself!

Blackberry Curve 8530 for Sale Verizon Wireless

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Blackberry Curve 8530 for Sale Verizon Wireless has the new Blackberry Curve 8530 for Sale at $0.00 now (online only). While there are plenty of reasons to upgrade to a new phone but when it comes to mobile email and messaging solutions no one can beat Blackberry. And when it comes to the best deals, you can find the freshest ones in our blog. In fact, both Blackberry Curve 8530 Black and Purple are on sale today and you get up 5 free Blackberry Curve 8530. No kidding. This deal is not available in stores. FedEx Express shipping is free too. Of course, you can mix or match with other phones too if you like. In case you need more reason to shop for a new phone – Mother’s day is coming. I am sure your Mom will appreciate a brand new Blackberry phone.

DROID Incredible for Sale from Verizon Wireless

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DROID Incredible for Sale We will have DROID Incredible for Sale on April 29 from Verizon Wireless. What’s the price? $299? No way! You will pay much less than price found on Verizon Wireless retail stores. At this point, we can only estimate DROID Incredible sale price online to be at least $100 lower than in-store price. That’s right. Simple as that, no need to file any paper work and wait months for the rebate check to come.

One thing I can tell you now is that the HTC Incredible is one of the fastest Android phones in the market today since it has 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. And we absolutely love the new 3.7-inch WVGA (480×800) AMOLED capacitive touch display. Too many cool features to list here. I were you I would get it the first day (April 29) when DROID Incredible goes on sale.

Trade in Old BlackBerry for New

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Trade in Old BlackBerry for NewNow you can trade in old BlackBerry phones for new ones and receive at least $75 cash. You will get minimum of $75 when you trade in an old smartphone (Windows Mobile, Palm OS) for a new BlackBerry smartphone. This is the best BlackBerry trade in program ever offered by T-Mobile, it’s bigger than the trade in old cell phone promotion before. With so many Blackberry phones already on sale and many of them are free out of pocket like the Blackberry Curve 8520. If you have hard time picking one, we think the Curve 8520 is best Blackberry for T-Mobile when it comes to design, technology, and price. So, what are you waiting for? Now is the best time to trade in your old BlackBerry phone (or any other old smartphone) for a brand new Blackberry! This offer will end soon!

Free Motorola BACKFLIP

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Free Motorola BACKFLIP What do you think the best deal on Motorola BACKFLIP is? FREE! Right now, when you sign up a new AT&T or extend your current contract you will be able to get a free Motorola BACKFLIP. It’s the first Android phone for AT&T and has everything you want for an advanced Google smartphone. The free Motorola BACKFLIP is not an ordinary Android phone!

Besides the MotoBlur that keeps your favorite social media updates on a single screen there is another unique feature that I absolutely love and use most often – you can control the screen by not touching the screen at all, simply use the track pad on the back of the screen to help you navigate through the phone and double tap to select. Order yours today and you will also save up to $150 more with free activation.

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