Franklin Wireless 3G/4G U301 USB Modem for Sprint

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Franklin Wireless 3G/4G U301 USB Modem for Sprint You always want the fastest connection When it comes to using wireless modems on your laptop – the new Franklin Wireless 3G/4G U301 USB Modem for Sprint is the perfect solution. You can now enjoy the fastest 4G wireless modem has to offer – up to 10 Mbps downloads and 4 Mbps uploads. That’s almost 4 times as fast as the current 3G speed. Wherever the high-speed EVDO Rev A 3G network is available, you can still get data downloads of up to 3.1 Mbps and upload speeds of 1.8 Mbps. That’s pretty amazing, right?

With that kind of wireless broadband 3G/4G connection, you can even say goodbye to cable modem at home. The Franklin 4G wireless modem also has built-in GPS for location-based services so that you can use it as a Navigation device. The Franklin 4G USB Modem for Sprint is on sale today for only $49.99. Free shipping is included. Get yours today. The freedom of surfing the Internet, checking emails or accessing Corporate Network anytime and anywhere is just priceless.

Free BlackBerry Curve 8530 Black for Sprint

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Free BlackBerry Curve 8530 Black for Sprint Shouldn’t you get a new phone for the New Year? That’s right, get a free BlackBerry Curve 8530 Black for Sprint – it’s the thinnest and fastest Sprint BlackBerry phone! This lightweight BlackBerry features the latest technology upgrade including faster processor, 3G, large memory card support – now up to 32GB of storage for all your music, pictures, and videos.

The new trackpad navigation is a huge plus for those who prefer a much smoother way of jump from menus to applications. Speaking of apps, do you know that there tons of free apps you can download from BlackBerry App World? Yup, connect your new free Blackberry Curve 8530 Black via Wi-Fi, and download all these cool apps in just seconds. There are just some much you can do with this new Sprint BlackBerry 8530, get yours while it’s on sale!

Free SANYO Incognito Black for Sprint

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Free BlackBerry Bold 2 9700 For those who don’t really want to “show off” their new phones, the free Sanyo Incognito for Sprint is a great choice. The Sprint Incognito Black features a unique external display that glows and reveals the dial pad when in use. This is one of the best text messaging and entertainment phones from Sprint and just in time for the holiday gift season.

Flip open the SANYO Incognito you will see a large 2.6 inch screen – perfect for surfing the web and watching Mobile TV, and accessing your favorite social networks like Facebook and MySpace. The Sprint Incognito also has integrated GPS that supports turn-by-turn navigation. Whether you are a new or existing Sprint customer, you get up to 5 free Sanyo Incognito phones (or mix with other phone offers) from Sprint today.

Update: Limited Time Offer – Get a Free Bluetooth Headset!

Free Sanyo SCP-3810 for Sprint

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Free Sanyo SCP-3810 for Sprint The new free Sanyo SCP-3810 for Sprint might look like an ordinary flip phone, but packs with tons of features that you need to stay connected. It has a large screen that makes reading menu and text easy to read. The keypad is spacious super easy to use too. Compact and thin, the Sanyo SCP3810 is no ordinary phone at all. With goodies like 1.3 megapixel camera, mobile email, GPS navigation, Bluetooth v2.0, and more, you can 100% count on this new flip phone for everyday communication.

This phone comes with 2 color flavors – Black and Red. For this holiday or any upcoming occasions, the Sanyo SCP-3810 Black is perfect for him and Sanyo SCP-3810 Red is perfect for her. How much does the Sprint SCP3810 cost? It’s FREE! No rebates required. Discount is taken instantly so that you don’t have to worry about when you will be getting the rebate check. Get you brand new free Sanyo SCP-3810 now and save.

Best Deal on Samsung Moment Google Phone for Sprint

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Best Deal on Samsung Moment Google Phone for Sprint Now is the best time to get the best deal on Samsung Moment Google phone. The much anticipated Samsung Moment for Sprint is coming to you for an incredible low price of only $149 after instant discount. No need to wait for any rebate checks to come in. This is a powerful Android smartphone that features all your favorite Google apps like GTalk, GMail, Google Map, and many more. It also includes Microsoft Exchange Push Email and Outlook.

Being the first Google phone for Sprint, there is such a high demand for this phone. And people already preorder it from Sprint. Luckily you have found a better deal here. The Samsung Moment will officially goes on sale on November 2, 2009. However, you can get the best Samsung Moment deal today for only $149. This is by far the best deal you can find on any Android phones – Sprint’s everything plan includes unlimited emails, text messages, GPS, and Mobile TV.

Buy Used Blackberry Curve

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Buy Used Blackberry Curve Is your Blackberry Curve broken already and want to buy used Blackberry Curve to replace it? Why not get a brand new one for free. If you are already 22 month into your current contract you can upgrade to a new Blackberry for as little as $20. And if you decide to upgrade your used Blackberry (even if it’s not broken), you can pretty switch to any carrier and get it for free. I don’t see any good reason to buy a used Blackberry Curve at all.

First, it’s used, there scratches on the screen, you don’t if the battery life will last as the new one. Second, what if the used Blackberry phone breaks after the few days? You don’t have the original warranty and repair cost can be greater than you think. Third, why pay for a use Blackberry Curve while you can have it for free when you upgrade or switch to another carrier.

Just to give you an example, Blackberry Curve 8330 Red is free out of pocket plus you will get a bonus Bluetooth Headset. Here the best part – sprint’s unlimited Blackberry plan gives you unlimited emails, data, and text/picture/video messages while other carrier only offer you email/data usage for the same price. Excellent deal! Forget about buying used Blackberry Curve, upgrade or switch carriers to get the best deal on a brand new Blackberry Curve with full manufacturer warranty.

Free Samsung Reclaim Green for Sprint

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Free Samsung Reclaim Green for Sprint Go green and do your parts to protect the environment. Yes, you can help by getting the free Samsung Reclaim Green phone from Sprint. The new green Sprint Reclaim by Samsung is the first eco-friendly messaging phone that’s designed for environmentally conscious consumers. You don’t have to sacrifice on having the latest technology by going “green”. The most amazing part of the free Samsung Reclaim phone is that it’s made up of 80% recyclable materials. It is built using Bio-Plastic materials extracted from corn.

Sprint Reclaim is cool phone that everyone loves. You can instantly connect and share your important or funny moments with friends on some of the most popular social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, AND YouTube. Take pictures, videos and you can add up to 32GB microSD memory Card for all your data needs. Get a free Samsung Reclaim and Sprint will donate $2 The Nature Conservancy’s Adopt an Acre program. Both the green blue Samsung Reclaim are instock today and you can get up to 5 free Sprint Reclaim phones – Sprint will donate $10. Good deal and good deed! Get free express shipping too when you shop online.

HTC Snap Black for Sprint on Sale

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HTC Snap for Sprint On Sale! Want the latest and coolest Windows Mobile phone? Introducing the new HTC Snap Black for Sprint, on Sale for only $129 today. This Sprint Snap Smartphone by HTC has the latest Windows Mobile 6.1 and a FULL QWERTY keyboard to keep you connected with office, friends, and family. Whether you want to buy this phone for personal or professional use, the HTC Snap offers the best Windows Mobile experience.

You can work on documents like Word and Excel, and Sync Outlook just like you would do on a PC at home, except that you can carry this 4.2 device anywhere you go without adding too much weight like a laptop does. The large 2.4 inch color screen is big plus for today’s mobile professional. The Black HTC Snap smart phone has a built-in 2.0 megapixel camera so that you won’t miss any photo shoot opportunity. Other popular applications installed include GPS Navigation, Sprint TV, Sprint Music, and Instant Messenger, and more. HTC Snap Black for sale with the best price of just $129 today! Free express shipping is included if you order today

Buy Sprint Phones without Contract Plan

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Buy Sprint Phones without Contract Want to buy Sprint phones without contract, why not get the best Sprint upgrade deals and save more money. For example the retail value for Blackberry Curve 8330 goes as high has $500 with no contract. And you can get free Blackberry Curve 8330 for Sprint plus free Bluetooth headset with a plan. Or you can simply upgrade for only $49 and receive the bonus headset too plus free shipping. That alone saves you over $400 when compare to buying Sprint phones with no contract. Not 100% satisfied with 30 days, exchange or return the phone without pay early termination fee. Read more

Free Blackberry Curve 8330 Titanium for Sprint

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Free Blackberry Curve 8330 Titanium for Sprint You have always wanted a Blackberry smartphone, haven’t you? Now get a free blackberry curve 8330 Titanium for Sprint and save some serious money. Not every Blackberry plan is created equal. With Sprint, you can select best Blackberry phone plan and yourself at least $240 a year compared to similar plan offered by other carriers. What does this free Blackberry Curve 8330 Titanium can do for you? It’s capable of running on Sprint’s latest 3G network so forget about bringing your laptop with you. This Blackberry phone provides the best mobile email and computing solution at just 4.2 oz.

This Sprint Blackberry Curve has a temporarily price drop from $69 to $0. No, it’s not a typo. The Sprint Blackberry Curve 8330 is free out of pocket today plus you will get it the next business via free overnight shipping. Oh, one more bonus, you will also get a free skin to cover the Blackberry 8330 for free!

Update: Free out of pocket plus Bonus Bluetooth Headset today! Hurry before this offer expires!

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