Free Motorola KRZR K1m for Sprint

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Free Motorola KRZR K1m for SprintYou want a simple, solid, and elegant flip phone? The free Motorola KRZR K1m for Sprint is just what you need. The KRZR evolved from the popular Moto RAZR line and yet more beautiful than any RAZR phones. The distinctive metallic gloss finish and external touch-sensitive controls set it apart from regular flip phones.

One of the nice features we like is that the Moto KRZR K1m is capable of running the Sprint’s 3G network, which means you get faster music download or streaming. You can also stream live mobile TV from Sprint. Not that many flip phones can do that. Getting lost on the road? No problem, the Sprint KRZR K1m offers you turn-by-turn direction with Telenav. What else can you do with the Sprint KRZR? Taking pictures and videos with built-in 1.3 megapixel camera. Although you can find better camera on some smart phones. For the price and slim compact form factor, it’s sufficient enough for everyday use. The battery has amazing standby time of up to 440 hours, that’s about 18 days with a single charge. The KRZR K1m is no doubt one solid and beautiful flipphone from Motorola. Get your free Motorola KRZR K1m for Sprint now and get free shipping via 2 day FedEx express.

free blackberry curve 8330 inferno for sprint

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free blackberry curve 8330 inferno for sprint

Best Sprint Cell Phone Upgrade Deals

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Best Sprint Cell Phone Upgrade Deals Upgrading to a brand new Sprint phone is easier than you think. We have a list of the best Sprint upgrade deals at prices as low as $0. No kidding. Whether your currently already expired or expiring soon, you are qualified for offers like free LG Rumor 2 and Samsung Instinct s30 Copper for only $99 with a contract extension.

You don’t even need to wait for rebates, because there are none. You can only get these web only prices for a limited time. Get rid of your old phones and upgrade now to receive bonus Bluetooth headset too. Other great Sprint cell phone upgrade deals include free Sanyo Katana LX. Why does Sprint offer such incredible contract extension offers? Because you deserve them as a loyal Sprint customer.

Free LG Rumor 2 Vibrant Blue

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Free LG Rumor 2 Vibrant Blue If you prefer a color other than the Black you can now choose a free LG Rumor 2 Vibrant Blue from Sprint. This phone has been one of the sellers since its early debut this week – you should get it now while supplies last. So, the blue Rumor 2 is all about text messaging, right? Yup, to access and start texting, simply open the QWERTY slider to automatically access Messaging Menu. The Blue LG Rumor 2 has vibrant color that makes the phone stand out from the crowd. Pull the phone out at work or in a coffee shop and will get you a lot of attention.

Both LG Rumor 2 Black Titanium and LG Rumor 2 Vibrant Blue are on sale now for $0 with a new Sprint service plan. Choose your favorite color or get both and save more money with a cheap Sprint family plan today!

Palm Pre Commercial

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Check out the new Palm Pre Commercial from Sprint.

The Palm Pre TV Commercial mentions 4G nownetwork at the end. So, is Palm Pre going run on 4G in some markets? Or am I just dreaming?

How to Upgrade Sprint Phones – Upgrading Tips

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How to Upgrade Sprint Phones Upgrading Sprint phones is much easier than you think. You don’t need to go to a Sprint store. You don’t need to call customer service. All you need is your Sprint phone number, account number, and password (might not required). Of course, to upgrade Sprint phone, you need to know is what phones you like the most.

If you want the best sprint phone for text messaging then the new free Sanyo Incognito is perfect for you (upgrade now you will receive a bonus Bluetooth headset too.) If you want the best Sprint touch screen phone, getting a Palm Pre or Palm Pix will never go wrong. If you already have a Sprint family plan, you can simply add more lines to your account for $9.99 per line. Want the lastest BlackBerry Smartphones, check out the new Curve 8530 in Black or Purple.

You can do search on new Sprint phones, review features, and upgrade Sprint phones online. It’s fast and secure. Best of all, you are getting a much better deal than calling Sprint customer service or going to a Sprint store.

Cheapest Sprint Family Plan

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Cheap Sprint Family Plan Everyone is trying to buy more for less during the economic down turn. We are here to help you find the cheapest Sprint family plan and save more money on your wireless bills. If you have more than one individual account with Sprint, it’s time to look for some cheap Sprint family plans so you can consolidate all the phones under one bill. Not only is it easier to manage, you can save $ on calling, texting, emailing, and web surfing.

How much is the cheapest Sprint family plan? $69 a month. This is generally the starting price for any shared plan. However, Night minutes start at 7pm compared to 9pm by other carriers. So, you are actually gain 2 extra free hours everyday. If you have a little bit more to spend and want to get more any time minutes unlimited text and video messages, try the new Sprint family stimulus plan, which saves you $240 year compared to a similar share plan from AT&T or Verizon.

Cheap Sprint Instinct Price

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Cheap Sprint Instinct Don’t want to pay too much for your next Sprint phone? You can get a cheap Sprint Instinct today. $0 after mail-in rebates. This is the cheapest price you can find online. Compared to in-store price, you are saving up to $200. In fact, some stores already ran out of stock. You can only get a brand new free Sprint Instinct online plus free shipping today. Get cheap Sprint Instinct in pink or black, or get both, one for him and one for her with a family plan. It’s the number one selling phone for Sprint this year.

Not only is the price for the Instinct is cheap, the plan that comes with the phone offers you even greater values – you will get unlimited Email & Web Browsing plus Unlimited text, IM, picture and video messages to anyone on any network. Need any more reasons to get it? You deserve the best Sprint touch screen phone!

Best Sprint Cell Phone for Texting & Messaging

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Best Sprint Texting Phone Texting is in for 2009. And the best Sprint phone for texting has arrived. Samsung Rant M540 is by far the best Sprint cell phone for texting. Why, because it's designed for heavy text messaging. Compact and slim, you can barely notice this phone has a hidden slider out keyboard. It functions like a simple phone for talking, but once you reveal the full QWERTY keyboard, it just makes texts and emails super easy.

What else makes the Samsung Rant the best text messaging phone for Sprint? It includes many popular Instant Messengers – Yahoo, AOL, and MSN. It works with various email clients and support POP3 and wireless sync. And the best texting phone for sprint has the best offer too. In addition to the $0 price tag, You are going to make $50 cash back and get a free Bluetooth headset. Unbelievable, isn't it? Get yours today and start sending unlimited messages to friends, families, and whoever you care or don't care.

Update: For 2010, SANYO Incognito is the best Sprint phone for texting.

free pink centro palm

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Free Pink Centro Phone This Valentine’s Day, get a free pink Centro phone for her! It won’t go wrong. You can even pair up the Pink Palm Centro with any other color or other smartphones for free with a Sprint family plan. You will be amazed how much you can accomplish with this super compact smartphone from Palm. It lets you sync your corporate and personal emails from anywhere with Sprint high-speed wireless network. Google Maps and media player are already built in. Take your favorite video and music to go with you or watch streaming video right on the Pink Centro. This phone was selling for $99 and now you can get a free Pink Centro after rebates.

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