Best Sprint Touch Screen Phones

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Best Sprint Touch Screen Phones Still looking to get the best Sprint touch screen phones? We have tested all the Sprint touchscreen phones available today and the winner are Samsung Instinct Black and Samsung Instinct Pink. What make the Instinct the best touch screen phone for Sprint is style – compact body with large colorful screen, innovative touch technology – an adaptive web browser with motion panning, and most importantly, the price for the best Sprint touch screen phones are simply unbeatable. You can get both Instinct touchscreen phones for free after rebates. Want even more, you can add up to 5 touch screen phones and all of them are free after rebates.

Update: Palm Pre and Palm Pixi are now the best Sprint touch screen phones for 2010. Buy Palm Smartphones now and save $200 vs. in-store price.

When is Palm Pre Release Date – Sprint Official Launch

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When is Palm Pre Release Date The official word on when the new Palm Pre for Sprint will be released is first half of 2009. My guess is that the Palm Pre release date will be in March. Come on, this thing has been in the making since the first iPhone came out. The earlier the release date, the better chance Palm can catch up with Apple and Blackberry. Expect the launch date to be no later than March, Palm may have something even more interesting for you in the Summer of 2009. Sit back and relax. Check out our other posts, we will post the info once we get the official release date from Palm and Sprint.

Your thoughts are welcome. Leave a comment below and let Sprint and Palm hear your voice.

Update: March 15th is the rumored date. May or early June is our best bet since Sprint has to move Treo and Centro out of the way and make room for this iphone killer.

Update: Palm Pre Plans are official now. Unlimited data are included.

Update: Check out the new Palm Pre Commercial. I think we are actually getting closer to the release date.

Update: Looks like May 17th is a “solid” rumored date for the Palm Pre release. Sprint retail employees are not allowed to take vacations during that month. Anyone planning to camp outside Sprint stores? At least you don’t have to take a day off from work – 5/17 is Sunday.

Update: IT’S OFFICIAL. June 6th is the official launch date. See Sprint press release here.

Upcoming Sprint Cell Phones 2009

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Upcoming Sprint Cell Phones 2009 Looking for the coolest new Sprint cell phones for 2009 new year? Here are some upcoming 2009 Sprint phones.

  • LG LX400
  • Motorola Renegade V950
  • Samsung Z400 Blue
  • Sanyo Pro-200

The Sanyo Pro-200 for Sprint is the latest from Sanyo and the phones combines the efficient functionality of a Nextel device with the attention to style and design more common in Sprint cell phones. The Pro-200 operates on Sprint’s high-speed EV-DO network, and brings a full feature set of Push-To-Talk options – Direct Connect, Group Connect, PTT Missed Call Notification will all help you get connected quickly and easily.

The LG LX400, coming in 2009 for Sprint is a business-oriented cell phone with basic functionality plus one unique feature – QChat. The LX400 operates on Sprint’s high-speed EV-DO network, and, with QChat support, brings a full feature set of Push-To-Talk options – like Direct Connect, Group Connect, and PTT Missed Call Notification.

We will post updated prices on these phones and detailed reviews as they become available. Mean while, you can shop for the lastest deals from Sprint and make some cash back. When the new 2009 Sprint phones arrive, we will also have the best prices so that you can upgrade your phone with little or no money up front.

Update: All the phones we mentioned above are for Nextel Direct Connect and are already available at (Thanks Dee for the update). Samsung Z400 is $99, LG LX400 is $79, Motorola Renegade V950 is $99, and Sanyo Pro-200 is $39. Prices are after mail-in rebates.

Update: The most anticipated upcoming Sprint phones are the new Palm Pre and the first Google Phone for Sprint. They will be available in first half of 2009. Blackberry Curve 8900 will also make its way to Sprint later this year. Blackberry Bold will be unlikely since it’s AT&T exclusive.

Touch Screen Phones with Qwerty Keyboard Keypad

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Samsung Cobra for Sprint We have discussed many popular touchscreen phones before, but if you are looking for a touch screen phone with qwerty keyboard then there a number of choices you should look at. HTC Touch Pro Black for Sprint is a beautiful touch screen phone with a slide-out QWERTY keypad that makes typing, texting, and emailing effortless. Another one is AT&T Fuze by HTC, basically the same exactly phone but it’s for AT&T. The Touch Pro is currently on sale for $249 after instant discount and rebate while the HTC Fuze is selling for only $174.99. Same phone but $75 difference. For Verizon Wireless, you should check out the Palm Centro Blue that’s currently on sale for $0.00 – one of the best touch screen phones with QWERTY keyboard for the best price. Holiday Specials

November 9, 2008 by · Leave a Comment Holiday Specials It’s never too early to shop for the best deals for this holiday. offers some of most incredible deals that you can only find during the holiday season. What you will find is the LG Lotus for Sprint for only $79.99 and free Red Samsung Rant for Sprint with the Holiday Special offers. With the new Sprint Simply Everything Plan, you are getting unlimited everything, including mobile tv, gps, texting, web, email, and push-to-talk for a much lower price. The is currently offering deals like free LG Rumor Black and free LG Rumor Blue plus many more.

Update: The Sprint Holiday Offers just got better: You are making $50 cash back on a brand new Samsung Rant today. $50 cash is not good enough for you? How about a free Bluetooth headset on top of the $50? Buy Samsung UpStage or Motorola RAZR V3m Stone to get these limited time bonus offers!

Update: Get these top Sprint Holiday Offers today and SHIPPING is FREE too:

Most Popular Touch Screen Phones

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Looking for the most popular touch screen phones? You are in luck this year. There are number of touch screen cell phones that are coming out before the holiday season. Already out of the gate is the HTC Touch Diamond for Sprint PCS. Find out how much HTC Diamond is here. The the most anticipated phone has to be the VerizonWireless Storm by Blackberry. No official price has been release yet. But the most popular Blackberry phone ever built. Another popular choise the LG Vu cu920 that runs on the latest AT&T 3G network so that you can take advantage of the near broadband speed for web browsing the instant online chat with your friends and family.

How much is the HTC Touch Diamond going to cost at Sprint

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We are getting close to the big day for the HTC Touch Diamond launch party in the United States. And you might wonder how much the HTC Diamond Touch is going to cost at Sprint. We have an unofficial answer – The HTC Diamond Touch for Sprint is set to release on September 14th for $249.99 after $100 mail-in rebate with a service agreement. This can be the second iphone killer from Sprint, given the fact that the Samsung Instinct was selling pretty hot since its launch in early July this year. The Touch Pro is also around the corner. The Diamond surely has the advantage of both a keyboard and a touchscreen over the Instinct. However, it costs over $100 more than the Sprint Instinct. Well it’s QWERTY-versus-touchscreen time, which one would you go for?

When will the New Palm Treo Pro be Available for Sprint

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Is the Treo Pro coming to Sprint anytime soon? When it comes to all the Palm smartphone releases, Sprint is always the first one to have them, at least a few months of exclusivity before Verizon Wireless. This time, Palm released the unlocked version before they put it up for sale through the carriers. Well that’s one of the ways to get the products faster to consumers’ hands. Typically, it takes time for every carrier to customize and test the phone for their network’s use. Depending on how extensive the testing is, it can take carriers months finalize the phone even after the product is fully tested at Palm’s own lab. So, will Sprint get the Treo Pro this year? Definitely before the Christmas shopping season. Compare Treo 800w and Treo Pro before you buy.

Motorola VE20 Silver for Sprint

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Sprint doesn’t carry too many Motorola phones besides the RAZR. Those of you who are looking for new moto phones, you are in luck. Sprint just introduce the new Motorola VE20 Silver that provides the ultimate multimedia experience ever for Sprint. You can listen to streaming music or watch on-demand Sprint TV with EVDO data download speed – Up to 700 Kbps. You will be amazed how thin this phone is – just half-inch thick with aircraft-grade aluminum shell. Accessories included in the box: AC Phone Charger, 256MB MicroSD Card (the phone support up to 8GB of SD memory, which is more than enough for storing music and photos), and battery. The VE 20 is exclusively available through Sprint for $99 with a 2-year sevice contract.

Samsung M520 the New Sprint Slider

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Sprint just launched a new slider phone by Samsung. The M520 is new phone for those budget-minded consumers looking for more than just a funtional phone. Actually it’s very hard to find a basic funtional phone these days. Features like music players, video recording, bluetooth, and web browsing are pretty much standard for new cell phone models. What make the difference the wireless carrrier that you choose. Sprint offers high-speed data access through so-called Sprint Power Vision, also called EVDO, allowing smartphones like Ace to take advantage of true mobile computing. Now, almost every phone sold my Sprint is 3G ready. So, what else this sliding phone can do? GPS ready and Sprint TV enabled. And the price is only $49.99 after instant discounts and mail-in rebates.

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