3G Wireless Broadband Card for Laptops – AT&T, Verizon, Sprint

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Everyone wants to go wireless these day and many laptops are still limited by wi-fi availability in coffee shops and libraries. Wouldn’t it be nice to surf the web on your notebook anywhere and anytime without wi-fi but have the same speed as cable modem or DSL. You need a wireless card for your laptops. How much does it cost, it ranges from $40 to $70 depending on the carriers of your choice and the usage quota. But beware that only 3G wireless modem cards can give you the broadband like speed. And they are current available through AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. T-Mobile runs on 2.5 EDGE network, which is much slower than at&t’s HSDPA and EVDO from Sprint and Verizon.
Both AT&0038;T and Verizon Wireless are currently offering a $60.00 dataconnect plan that include 5G data transfer each month, while Sprint gives you unlimited data for $60. So, who will you choose?

Best Deal – Free Samsung UpStage Red SPH-m620 Music Phone for Sprint

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Samsung has done a fatastic job of makine great music phones for the North American market. One of the latest deals appearing on is the Red Samsung upStage music phone — only $99 after rebates. This phone is a perfect combination of mp3 player and a wireless phone. It’s slim, stylish with touch-sensitive media controls and a stereo speaker. You’ve got to see it to believe it’s actually a phone. Buying the new Samsung upStage SPH-m620 online in either black and red from If you prefer bold color, there is another red phone made by Samsung and it’s available through AT&T.

Motorola Q9c, i335, and Blackberry Pearl 8130 on sale at Sprint

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Just in time for the holiday. Sprint is gearing up for the holiday shopping season. The new Q9c is only $149 after mail-in rebates. Forget about the Samsung Blackjack 2 from AT&T, the Moto Q9c does a fine job managing your emails and contact with Windows Mobile 6. If you are a Blackberry addict, here comes Pearl 8130 which rings up at $199 – great for emails and pictures. Want a more inexpensive option, how about Motorola i335. The Motorola i335 is a phone for modest people. It is using iDEN network featuring Walkie-Talkie. The device has a very slim design measuring only 0.5 inches in thickness, but has a very small 130×130 display and limited functionality. Good luck on picking the perfect holiday phone.

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