HTC HD2 for Sale T-Mobile

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HTC HD2 for Sale T-Mobile Tired of the tiny cell phone screen? T-Mobile has the new HTC HD2 for sale at $149. The super high resolution touchscreen is amazing for viewing videos, pictures, and web browsing. So, how big is the screen? 4.3 inch with 800 x 480 Pixel resolution WVGA Touch Screen Color Display is simply the largest and the best in the market today. Want fast processor speed too? The HTC HD2 uses 1GHz Snapdragon Processor and it’s the fastest smartphone yet.

Loaded with Windows Mobile 6.5, the new HTC HD 2 lets you access Microsoft Office apps just like using your laptop. For entertainment, this phone is preloaded with 2 full-length movies (Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) and some cool apps. Of course, you can download many more in the Windows Mobile marketplace. HTC HD2 comes with advanced 5 megapixel camera and dual flash that makes pictures and videos taking easy and fun. The HTC HD 2 is build for maximum mobile productivity and entertainment. Don’t just take my word for it. Experience it yourself. And please don’t bother to find HTC HD2 for sale in local T-Mobile stores. You will save yourself a bunch with online exclusive sale price.

Compare – Samsung Gravity 2 vs. Samsung Comeback

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Samsung Gravity 2 vs. Samsung Comeback Samsung Gravity 2 vs. Samsung Comeback and you are not sure whether to get Samsung Gravity 2 or Samsung Comeback? What’s better for you? Both text messaging phones run on T-Mobile’s latest 3G network. Speaking of styles, Gravity II has more rounded corners than the Comeback. The physical keyboard can be revealed by sliding out on the Samsung Gravity. On the other hand, you need to flip open to reveal the keyboard on Samsung Comeback. Samsung Gravity 2 is cheaper – $0.00 out of pocket and Samsung comeback costs $9.99 today. Compare styles, features, and prices – Samsung Gravity 2 is the winner. Read more

Free T-Mobile Tap Touch Screen Phones

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Free T-Mobile Tap You want simple touch phones without all the complicated functions and features that you will never use? Or you don’t want the extra add-on required by the so-called smartphone plans. I am sure the free T-Mobile Tap will it the bill just right. The new Blue T-Mobile Tap and T-Mobile Tap in Berry color include a large 2.8 inch touch screen that can be easily customized to include instant access to all the apps and features you use most.

Oh, this free TMobile Tap phone runs on the latest 3G network and offers you fast data download and upload speed. Your web browsing on a cell phone will never be the same with this full-featured touchscreen phone at such affordable price of $0. You heard me, when we say affordable, we really mean it’s free out of pocket with no rebates required. Now you can stay connected with your favorite friends and family members via mobile emails, texts, and social networking sites by just tapping on the screen on the new T-Mobile Tap. Order now you will also get all activation fees waived.

Best Deal on T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide

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Best Deal on T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide We told you a while back that we would have myTouch 3G Slide for sale soon, and we now have the best deal on T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide in all 3 colors – Red, Black, and White for only $99.99. The myTouch Slide 3G by HTC is one of the best Android phones for TMobile today.

What makes this phone better than the previous generation? The touchscreen size is now larger and includes a slide-out full QWERTY keyboard for those who prefer typing on a physical keyboard. Of course for those who would like to continue to use the on-screen keyboard, it’s still available. If you are looking for the the latest version of Android, look no further, this T-Mobile myTouch Slide 3G is running Android 2.1 right out of box. Hurry and get the best deal on TMobile myTouch 3G Slide now online and have it delivered to your doorstep in just 2 days.

T-Mobile Back To School Sale Deals 2009

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T-Mobile Back to School Sale Hottest deals on the coolest phones, that’s all I can say about T-Mobile Back to School Sale. You will find the best back to school deals from T-Mobile that can save you up to $300 vs. in-store prices. Let’s look at some back to school essentials from T-Mobile.

Texting is quite important these day, therefore we recommend the best TMobile text messaging phones at

Emails are essential for staying connected with friends and family, why not make it easier and accessible wherever you go? Free T-Mobile Blackberry Curve 8900 is the perfect choice for those who want to have the most reliable email solution on the go.

For teens, the most popular choice is the Red Sidekick Slide (also available in Black color). Parents, don’t worry, it won’t break you budget at all because it’s free out of pocket.

Already have too many T-Mobile back to school specials to choose from? Don’t just take your time, these offers are very likely to run of stock before school starts. Hurry!

Best Cell Phone Gifts for Graduates

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Best Cell Phone Gifts for Graduates Hey it’s the Month for graduation again. We are here to help you find the best cell phone gifts for graduates. With so many cool phone came out recently, there is no better way to celebrate graduation than giving a new cell phone as gift this. And searching and buying new cell phones for graduates is much easier online. You can browse the latest selections, compare features, sign up for a plan and let them test drive the phones they have been wanting. Whichever carrier you decide to go with, they have 30 day return and exchange without paying early termination fee. Read more

Free Samsung t349 Silver Lime

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Free Samsung t349 Silver Lime Want a quick text messaging phone without too much extras, then you need a free Samsung t349 Silver Lime for T-Mobile. What set the Samsung T349 apart from other text messaging phones is that it has 20 keys instead of full QWERTY or regular keypads. It sort of works like SureType keyboard on the Pearl Flip 8220.

The free Samsung T349 Silver Lime is designed for texters and those who want to be social networking with other all the time. Not only can you send SMS, you can even send video messages. Yup, the built-in 1.3 megapixel camera let you take pictures and short videos so you can share with friends wherever you go. To save more on text messaging with family members, you can upgrade to TMobile family text message plan later after you try out the phone. Affordable, compact, and stylish. If you are looking for a nice messaging phone, the Samsung T349 is all you need.

T-Mobile WebConnect Laptop Card

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T-Mobile Webconnect Laptop Card Finally, T-Mobile has entered the game of wireless laptop connect. Can the new T-Mobile WebConnect Laptop Card now competes with free AT&T laptop connect cards and Verizon Internet card? I don’t think so. All carriers charge the same monthly fee of $59 for 5GB of wireless data access. While the price is inline with competing services from Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T, the new T-Mobile 3G service is only available in 130 cities. How many cities can you use your Sprint laptop cards? Over 18,600 cities so far. T-Mobile wireless laptop card uses tri-band 3G connectivity. So, even 3G is not available, you can still connect through GPRS/EDGE. Another great thing about the TMobile wireless card is that you will still be able to use it outside of Unites States.

How much does the new T-Mobile Web Connect Laptop card cost? $50 with a 2-year contract and $100 with only 1-year service. If you don’t’ want to lock yourself up with a plan, try it for $250.

Update: T-Mobile Web Connect Card is $99 with a new service plan. No rebates required.

Pink Motorola W490 Bubble Gum Phone – Save $

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Pink Motorola W490 Bubble Gum Phone Pink cell phones are always in no matter what season it is. But what is everyone’s favorite? The new pink Motorola W490 Bubble Gum phone is every lady’s love. It’s so easy to use and offers the most trendy style in the flip phone category. It measures 3.9 in x 1.8 in x 0.7 in and weighs only 3.8 oz, and can perfectly fit into your purse or small bag.

Compact and super light, you can carry the pink Motorola W490 anywhere you go – drinks, party, lunch, and dinner, and look even more fashionable. Add “Fave 5″ to any TMobile and you can start calling 5 numbers always free. Do you know that the Motorola W490 Pink has built-in FM radio too? In case you run of mp3 songs to play, simply turn the radio to listen to the latest music. Price for the Moto W490 BubbleGum pink is $0, with mail-in rebate, you are going to make $50. Best yet, you will also receive a brand new Bluetooth headset that’s worth $60. Order today to get the bonus headset!

Free TMobile Blackberry Curve 8900 Titanium

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Free TMobile Blackberry Curve 8900 Titanium This is just too good, but it’s true. The new TMobile Blackberry 8900 was selling for $199 and we thought it was cheap. Now you can get a free T-Mobile Blackberry Curve 8900 Titanium and make $100 cash back. If that’s not enough for you to switch to TMobile or upgrade your T-Mobile phone, how about a free Bluetooth headset! I have never seen a Blackberry phone with such huge discount. 2-year service contract is required. Save even more – you can get $200 cash back in total with a family plan.

Update: Free Bluetooth headset is already gone. Hurry.

Update: Price went back to $99, still the best deal online though!

Update: Get an even better deal today – FREE up front, no rebate needed!

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