TMobile Family Text Message Plan – How to Save More $

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AT&T Family Plan Deals We have some tips for you to save more money if you are thinking of signing up a TMobile Family text plan. Many of you who do a lot of text messages every day will likely to opt for some types message service. The very basic text message service starts at $4.99 a month for 400 messages. If you have 5 phones and each has its own plan, you will need to pay $25 in total for 2000 message allowance. OK, what if you want unlimited texting? That will be $14.99 for each phone if you have an individual plan. Doesn’t sound like too good of a deal.

So, is there a TMobile Family Text Plan available that can save you more money? Yes, for only $20 a month, you can get unlimited text messages for the entire family. We are talking about every phone on your shared account, not just one phone. Whether you have 2 phones or 5 phones you will be only paying $20 flat fee a month. With 5 phones in your TMobile share plan, you will only be paying $4 on each line for unlimited text messages from or to any mobile phones. This is the best text messaging deal ever from any carrier. With so many cool phones to choose from T-Mobile, you will surely find something nice for each of your family members. Time to save more money, sign up for a new T-Mobile Family Texting plan today and receive up to 5 free phones with free shipping.

Best Deal on Samsung Memoir T929 for TMobile

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Best Deal on Samsung Memoir The first 8 megapixel camera phone has arrived! Get the best deal on Samsung Memoir T929 for TMobile and save $150 over the $399 listing price at local T-Mobile store. It’s time to get rid of the 1.2 mepapixel camera phone you have been holding on to for the last few years. There is no other phones in the market today can get close to 8 mega pixel and still selling at $249. The new Samsung Memoir comes with Xenon flash, auto-focus, 16x digital zoom, and various shutter modes. On screen editing tools lets you edit photos on the spot without transferring to PC or laptop first. This amazing T-Mobile Memoir T929 can store hundreds of high-resolution picture and up to 1 hour video.

For those who are tired of carrying both a mobile phone, mp3 player, and high-resolution camera at the same time, Samsung Memoir is the answer for you. With TMobile 3G speed, you can upload pictures to flickR and videos to YouTube in no time. The improved TouchWiz User Interface makes the Memoir easy to customize. Now, for a limited time, you can get the best deal on Samsung Memoir T929 for only $249. Shipping is free too.

TMobile Free Activation Now

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TMobile Free ActivationFeburay is a sweet month and we are making it sweeter – TMobile Free Activation is saving you more money today. We don’t know how long this promotion will last. Like last time, the no activation fee promo was for just a few days. So, you want to switch to TMobile or just want a brand new phone, buy it and activate today and save $35 on each line. Buying for the entire family of 5 lines can save you $175. whether you are upgrading or adding new lines to existing account, you will get free TMobile activation.

How do you take advantage of this promotion? Find more TMobile phones with cash back. TMobile Dash Black alone makes you $100 after rebates. Black TMobile Sidekick is giving you $50 back now. Then add 3 colors of Sony Ericsson TM506, each makes you $50. So, how much would you make while getting free TMobile activation? $300 cash back with no money up front. Go for them!

Update: Great news! T-Mobile Free Activation is back. Offer ONLY valid from 06/15/09 to 06/17/09!

Update: TMobile Free Activation offer is back, valid from 08/28/09 to 08/31/09, new accounts only!

Update: Free T-Mobile Activation Promo is going now. Offer Ends Midnight Thursday 11/12.

How Do I Upgrade My T-Mobile Phones

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How Do I Upgrade My T-Mobile Phone Many of you often ask: how do I upgrade my T-Mobile phone? If you are thinking about upgrading to new TMobile phones there are a number of requirements you need to meet before you can upgrade.

First, not all existing customers can qualify for the upgrade. You must be in the current contract for at least 22 months if you have a 2-year contract with TMobile. This is the minimum requirement. However, they also check for your account history. Basically, the longer you are with T-Mobile, the better chance you can get an upgrade even if you are 21 months or less into you current service plan.

Second, in order to upgrade to a new T-Mobile phone and plan, your new rate plan must be $39.99 or higher for a single line and $59.99 or higher for a Family Plan. This one is no brainer. New plans covers more new services such as more allowed month minutes and text messages. You should always upgrade to the latest plan.

How to upgrade t-mobile phone online? Lastly, you must extend your contract for 2 years. Select from the latest TMobile phones Whether you are upgrading to a new individual or family plan, the new contract will last for another 24 months.

One very important question many have also asked – should I upgrade my T-Mobile phone if my contract already expired? My instinct is look around first. There are so many cool phones and huge discount from other carriers that you don’t want to miss out. Switching to a different carrier today is easier than ever. Keep the same phone number and no cancellation fees. We will show you step by step how to switch in upcoming posts. Stay tuned

Free T-Mobile Dash Black

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Free T-Mobile Dash Black Get a free T-Mobile Dash Black today with a new 2 year plan. The popular TMobile Dash is now available in classic black. It’s the thinnest and lightest T-Mobile smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard ever. Forget about you laptop, take the new Black T-Mobile Dash with you and you can be as productive as in your office or home. Sync your email calendar wirelessly. Download music and video to black T-Mobile Dash phone and take all your entertainment on the go. Don’t miss deals like this. You can get 2 free T-Mobile Dash black and make $100 cash back while supplies last. Now, that’s smart!

Free BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Titanium for T-Mobile

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Free Blackberry Pearl 8120 Titanium Go green, get a free BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Titanium for T-Mobile today and get $50 cash back. Better yet, trade in your old phone and get at least $50 more back. Upgrade to the latest Blackberry Pearl 8120 and enjoy the built-in wifi support – surfing webs and downloading emails are now faster than ever. The Blackberry Pearl 8120 provides the best email solution in such compact size. An excellent camera, built-in music player, Bluetooth, all the advanced technology is packed into an amazing compact and cool phone. There is no better time to shop for your next Blackberry Pearl phone than now – hurry up, the free Blackberry Pearl 8120 Titanium promotion will end soon.

free activation t-mobile no fee

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Free Activation from T-Mobile There are more good news while you are shopping for T-Mobile After Christmas Deals, all activation fees will be waived by T-Mobile. This free activation from T-Mobile is good for any new or existing customer. The one-time activation fee of $35 on each line will be credited back your TMobile account – the amount of credit will be listed on your first bill. So the more lines you add the more money you will save. This promotion will run through the end of December and you don’t need any TMobile online coupon codes at all. Hot phones plus no activation fee T-Mobile, what a great way to start a new year with great savings!

Update: Hurry, this offer ends on January 4, 2009. With a family plan of 5 lines, you can save $175 today.

Update: Great news! T-Mobile Free Activation is back. This promotion will end on Monday, May 11th 2009.

Update: Free T-Mobile Activation is back and will end on Wednesday, June 17 2009. Hurry and save additional $175 today!

Update: Hot Summer Deal! Get free T-Mobile activation from August 28 to August 31, 2009.

Update: Promo is good from 11/09/09 to 11/12/09 Midnight!

T-Mobile Holiday Christmas Sales – Online Specials & Deals

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Would you like to save more money when shopping for gifts this holiday season? Don’t miss this year’s T-Mobile Holiday Sales Specials. For this Chritsmas, you are going to find incredible deals like the new Samsung Gravity for T-Mobile for $0.00 and make $50 cash back on Motorola W490 Mandarin. How about making another $50 on T-Mobile Blast by Samsung. You can save, or I should say, make some extra cash with these TMobile Christmas Specials. Wait, there are more T-Mobile Holiday deals – Nokia Music Express phone is on sale for $0.00 and you are making $80 after mail-in rebate. Don’t wait for the last minute to do your holiday shopping, T-Mobile Christmas Sale won’t last long. Get the cool new phones you always wanted and enjoy free shipping too.

How to Trade in My Old Cell Phone for a New One

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How to Trade in My Old Phone for a New Cell Phone If you are thinking of buying a new cell phone now chances are you don’t want use your old cell phone anymore. Instead of leave it covered with dust or giving it to someone for free, why not trade in your old cell phone for a new one. Right now, you will receive a minimum of $50 when you trade in you cell phone for a brand new BlackBerry Smartphone from T-Mobile. It doesn’t matter how old your phone is as long as it can be turned on and no major damage. So, exactly how do I trade in my old cell phone for a new phone? Simple, after you buy a new BlackBerry phone from T-Mobile, simply fill out a form online and ship the trade-in phone before January 15, 2009. Hey, what’s even better is that right now all T-Mobile BlackBerry phones are free after instant discount and rebates. The new Pearl Titanium is offering you $100 rebate. That’s will turn out to be $50 cash back. Plus the $50 from your trade-in old phone, you will make a total of $100. This is a limited time offer. Let’s go green and make more greenbacks!

New Sony Ericsson Phones for T-Mobile

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You have seen many Sony Ericsson Phones for at&t already, and wish the very same phone can be used on T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, or Sprint. Well, it’s getting closer today. T-Mobile just launched two new phones – Sony Ericsson TM506 Amber and Sony Ericsson TM506 Emerald Green. One thing very special about these 2 new phones is that they are the first t-mobile flip phones to support 3G, that means downloading music and streaming radios via your stereo Bluetooth headset is much faster than ever. Like other new Sony Ericsson phones, they both offer 2.0 Megapixel Camera/Camcorder that let you take Long Videos And Printable Photos You Can Send Right To A Blog. Price is $0 with contract. Be the first one to get your hands on it today.

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