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DROID INCREDIBLE vs. DROID ERIS DROID INCREDIBLE vs. DROID Eris and not sure which one to get? You can compare them in details in the following table. It’s obvious that HTC Incredible tops HTC Eris in every technical spec, the DROID Eris has the best deal if you are on a budget. But when it comes to upgrading to a new phones, don’t you want the latest technology? Sure you are going to pay a bit more today. Just think about the benefit of using a faster phone – quicker download, sharper pictures, better call quality, and many more. Read more

Best Deal on DROID Incredible

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Best Deal on DROID Incredible The best deal on DROID Incredible is here. This is the phone that everyone has been waiting for. How much is it? It’s too low to show. OK, fine, I will tell you – the best deal on DROID INCREDIBLE is $XXX.XX (sorry, we just got notified by an online authorized retailer that we cannot post the price here because it’s too low) after instant rebates (ONLINE EXCLUSIVE). Well, if you are lucky, you might be able to get the HTC Incredible in store for $299.99 but you need to file rebate claiming forms. Forget about local stores! Get the best DROID Incredible deal now before everyone else. No lines, no waiting. We told you about 2 weeks ago we would have DROID Incredible for sale. But supplies are very limited. Order online now and get free fast shipping.

Update: We are not allowed to post the ONLINE EXCLUSIVE price here. Click on the promo image to see it yourself!

Blackberry Curve 8530 for Sale Verizon Wireless

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Blackberry Curve 8530 for Sale Verizon Wireless has the new Blackberry Curve 8530 for Sale at $0.00 now (online only). While there are plenty of reasons to upgrade to a new phone but when it comes to mobile email and messaging solutions no one can beat Blackberry. And when it comes to the best deals, you can find the freshest ones in our blog. In fact, both Blackberry Curve 8530 Black and Purple are on sale today and you get up 5 free Blackberry Curve 8530. No kidding. This deal is not available in stores. FedEx Express shipping is free too. Of course, you can mix or match with other phones too if you like. In case you need more reason to shop for a new phone – Mother’s day is coming. I am sure your Mom will appreciate a brand new Blackberry phone.

DROID Incredible for Sale from Verizon Wireless

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DROID Incredible for Sale We will have DROID Incredible for Sale on April 29 from Verizon Wireless. What’s the price? $299? No way! You will pay much less than price found on Verizon Wireless retail stores. At this point, we can only estimate DROID Incredible sale price online to be at least $100 lower than in-store price. That’s right. Simple as that, no need to file any paper work and wait months for the rebate check to come.

One thing I can tell you now is that the HTC Incredible is one of the fastest Android phones in the market today since it has 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. And we absolutely love the new 3.7-inch WVGA (480×800) AMOLED capacitive touch display. Too many cool features to list here. I were you I would get it the first day (April 29) when DROID Incredible goes on sale.

Best Deal on Motorola Devour for Verizon Wireless

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Best Deal on Motorola Devour for Verizon Wireless Best Motorola Devour for Verizon Wireless has arrived and it’s your chance to get the best deal on Motorola Devour for only $49 after instant discount. Yup, there is no need to submit a rebate form. You can have this new Android smartphone at the incredibly low price. The Motorola Devour is preloaded with Google’s popular Mobile Operating System – Android 1.6 plus MOTOBLUR service. What I love about the unique MOTOBLUR service is that it delivers real time updates from your email and favorite social networking sites directly to the phone screen. The latest photos, videos, and posts from Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace can be viewed directly on your Devour’s home screen without first logging into each site or application. You can share your post and pictures all in one click from the home screen.

Lots of popular apps from Google and Verizon Wireless have been preloaded into the phone. And if you need more, there are tons of free apps available for the Motorola Devour. For rich and desktop like web browsing experience, the Verizon Devour rocks. And the best Motorola Devour deal won’t last too long. So hurry and get yours today while supplies last.

Update: New Low Price – ONLY $29.99

Free LG Accolade for Verizon Wireless

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Free LG Accolade Want a simple phone but don’t want to lose features you have been relying on? Free LG Accolade from Verizon Wireless is a simple flip phone that focuses on call quality plus easy access to mobile web, email, and chat. The new LG Accolade VX5600 is a reliable that has all the essential features you need and without the extra stuff you will never use. Compact and light, the LG Accolade offers amazing battery life – talk time up to 7.6 and you standby time is up to 28 days. Yup, you can talk all day long with a single charge. This free LG Accolade offer is exclusive online from Verizon Wireless, get yours today.

Free Palm Pixi Plus for Verizon Wireless

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Free Palm Pixi Plus for Verizon Wireless We already show you the best Palm Pixi deal for Sprint. Now you can get free Palm Pixi Plus for Verizon Wireless with new account. This offer is also good for existing customers who want to upgrade their individual or family plans. We already cover the specs in the past, just to briefly talk about some cool features – bright screen perfect for surfing the web. Something that’s first in any smartphone – you can use the Pixi Plus as a mobile hotspot for up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices. By carrying this super light smartphone from Palm, you can share Internet connections with friends and family wherever you go. How cool is that! Other cool features include compact and yet very easy to use QWERTY keyboard, tons of free apps are waiting for you to download! Get your free Palm Pixi Plus for Verizon today and save over $400 compared to retail price.

What is the Cheapest Data Plan for Verizon Wireless

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Cheapest Data Plan for Verizon Wireless It looks like everyone access emails and Internet on their phones at least once a while. So, what is the cheapest data plan for Verizon. $9.99 it is for 25MB of data usage that includes mobile email. Not bad at all if what you do is to check emails, weather, and news. This is the cheapest Verizon data plan and it’s actually required for 3G Multimedia phones – including LG Chocolate Touch, LG enV3, LG enV Touch, LG VX8360, Motorola Entice, Motorola Rival, Samsung Rogue, and Samsung Alias2.

Some of us use the web on your 3G phones intensively throughout the day you should opt for the $29.99 unlimited data plan. For those who want to purchase a smartphone like the DROID ERIS, sorry, you have no choice but to pay $29.99 for the data usage. Luckily, getting the phone free online already save you $200 upfront vs. in-store price. And for casual mobile email and Internet users, you should always try to get the cheapest Verizon Wireless data plan possible and save extra $20 a month.

Verizon Wireless Buy One Get One Free Deal

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Verizon Wireless Buy One Get One Free Deal Why only get one phone if you can get two for free? Verizon Wireless Buy One Get One Free is offered on almost every phones – BlackBerry, Touchscreen phones, Text Messaging phones, flip phones. Whatever your preferences are, you can find them at Verizon at prices not available in stores. This Verizon buy 1 get 1 free deal is not limited to new accounts. Existing customers can also take advantage of this offer and upgrade to a new family plan.

How much can you save? Just to give you an example. The enV3 messaging phone retails at $300. Getting 2 at the same time will save you $600 – we have 2 colors to choose from, Blue for him and Red for her. For those who are still thinking to buy Verizon phones without contract, you will find this buy 1 get 1 free Verizon offer simply irresistible.

Best Deal HTC Touch Pro 2 for Verizon Wireless

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Best Deal HTC Touch Pro 2 for Verizon Wireless If you want a Windows Mobile phone from Verizon Wireless, the HTC Imagio is nice. But if you want something with a physical keyboard, you can get the best deal HTC Touch Pro 2 for Verizon Wireless now for only $169. Nothing beats the 3.6 inch touch screen that lets you adjust the tilt for optimal viewing angle. It’s a business phone that make today’s professional more productive on the road with Windows Mobile Pro 6.1.

OK, put the business aside, you have instant access to Facebook, YouTube, and other social networking apps to stay connected people outside the office. Connect the Touch Pro II with 3G or WiFi you can check email, surf the web, stream video, or IM chat in a fast network. Get the best deal on HTC Touch Pro2 for Verizon Wireless now and save on activation fee too today

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