Best Deal on Casio Gzone Rock

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Best Deal on Casio GZone Rock for Verizon Wireless If your working environment require a rugged phone there are some great deals from Verizon Wireless. The new Casio GZone Rock is tough enough for any active life style. Casio Rock is Military spec 810F certified, which means it can resist water, extreme temperatures, dust, and shock. You can get the best deal on Casio Gzone Rock today for only $49 with a new account. Samsung Convoy and Motorola Barrage, the Casio Rock features a media player that lets you stream videos and music from Verizon V Cast. One really cool feature is that you can switch songs by shaking the phone. This new Verizon push-to-talk phone rocks!

Cheapest Verizon Droid Plan

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Cheapest Verizon Droid Plan You can get the cheapest Droid phone at the price of $149 with no rebates required. And what about the cheapest Droid plan? There are a number of Droid wireless plans to choose from Verizon Wireless. Depending on anytime minutes and features you would like to add, the basic and also the cheapest Droid plan starts at $39.99. However, Verizon Wireless requires you to add a data plan on top of the voice service. So, adding the $30 PDA/Smartphone Personal Email and Web service will bump up the monthly service to $69.99. Yup, that’s the cheapest Verizon Droid plan you can have.

Well, there is another way to make this cheaper with the cheapest Droid family plan. If you all your family members want a smartphone, you can sign up for $69.99 (2 lines included) and add 3 more Droid phones for just $30 more (each additional line cost $10) so that you will have 5 lines of Motorola Droid for $99.99. Wait, don’t forget that data plan is required for each line too. So, that will be $30×5=$150 more on top of $99.99 Droid voice plan. At the total of $249.99 for 5 Verizon Droid phones, you will end up paying just $49.99, that’s the cheapest Droid plan deal and you are saving $100 on wireless bill each month vs. getting an individual plan for each

Best Droid Eris Deal for Verizon Wireless

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Best Droid Eris Deal for Verizon Wireless More Droid for everyone for the holiday. We’ve just got the best Droid Eris deal for Verizon Wireless is here – for only $99 you can get the latest HTC Google phone with a new plan. What make this Droid Eris so special? Sleek and thin with full touch sensitive screen, with Google’s Android operating system, you can customize the menus any ways you want. Social networking is easier than ever – Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and more are just one touch away. Snap a picture or take a short video and share them with friends and family. There are thousands of more apps available for instant download.

Ok, one of the cool features that I like is the geo-tagging when you take photos with the 5.0 megapixel camera – you will never need to keep a note of where and when you take the picture. The new HTC Eris simply offers unbeatable value. And the best deal on DROID ERIS goes for an incredibly low price of $99. Consider most of other smartphones are selling for $200 or more, this is a steal. Whatever your needs are, Droid ERIS is the answer. Get this brand new Verizon Eris Google phone today and save at least $100 over in-store price.

Update: Save even more today! The price has temporarily dropped to $49. Get yours while supplies last.

Update: $0.00 plus FREE Bluetooth Headset is the best Eris deal ever. Get yours today!

Does Verizon Wireless Have more 3G Coverage than AT&T

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Does Verizon Wireless Have more 3G Coverage than AT&T Verizon Wireless claims to have 5 times the 3G coverage as AT&T. Does Verizon Wireless have more 3G Coverage than AT&T? Checking AT&T 3G coverage map on, there is actually no map for that. You can see AT&T National GSM Coverage is very close to Verizon’s 3G coverage. Keep in mind that GSM doesn’t necessarily mean its 3G. In fact, you have to select cities supporting AT&T 3G/Mobile Broadband from a popup window. Looks like AT&T has 3G coverage in all metro areas. Verizon Wireless voice and broadband (3G) almost overlap each other. Verizon 3G pretty much covers 85% of United States while its voice and messaging reach close to 95%. Read more

Best Deal on HTC Imagio VX6975 Black

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Best Deal on HTC Imagio for Verizon Wireless HTC Imagio is another great Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro smartphone added to Verizon’s lineup. The best deal on HTC Imagio VX6975 is $229 after instant discount with new Verizon Wireless service plan. The large 3.6 inch touch screen integrated with HTC’s unique TouchFlo user interface makes browsing the web and managing pictures/videos and any applications super easy. Need a break from working? Tap the V CAST TV app and start watching live TV programs. Or keep in touch with friends in any ways you want – email, text, video, Facebook. Social networking on such this cool smartphone is a breeze. You can access your favorite contacts, YouTube and Facebook with just a few touches.

This is not the typical Windows Mobile phones you used to see. Get the best deal on HTC Imagio VX6975 Black now and you are saving up to $400 over the $650 retail price. You might say yeah $650 can buy me a laptop. It’s true, HTC Imagio is more like a mini laptop without the weight. And it’s a fully loaded smartphone and can be used anywhere in the world.

Why You Should Get a Free Cell Phone

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Major wireless carriers are giving out free cell phones these days.Sometimes, a $600 brand new phone will cost you nothing upfront. How are they able to do that? What’s the catch? Like cable and satellite TV companies who would love you to commit a long term service contract, cell phones such as Verizon Wireless phones are often subsidized by carriers so that you can pay substantially less than the actual cost. What the wireless companies are hoping is that you will spend more money on the voice and data services during the next 24 months.

Should you get a free cell phone and lock yourself up with the same carrier for 24 months? Let’s give you a little example. BlackBerry Storm from Verizon Wireless costs $600 without 2-year commitment. You can buy this phone today for $600 at any retail store. But what good is a phone without service? The Storm is designed to take advantage of today’s fast wireless network so that you can check emails, download music, and browse the web faster. Read more

Verizon Full Keyboard Phones

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Verizon Full Keyboard Phones Can’t do fast texting and emails without a full keyboard on your phone, right? There are some cool Verizon full keyboard phones that are very affordable. How affordable are these Verizon Wireless full keyboard phones? Look at the Tour deal – it’s on sale for only $29. Want even more affordable Verizon full keyboard phones? How about a free Motorola Rival for you or the entire family when you sign up a new service plan?

If you are with Verizon already but don’t yet own a Verizon Wireless full keyboard phone, consider upgrade to Samsung Alias 2. This phone likes like a regular flip phone but the numeric keypad will change to a QWERTY keyboard. Wait, there is more, Verizon Env 3 on sale today for $0.00 plus you will get a free microSD memory card to keep all your favorite music and pictures wherever you go.

Free Verizon Wireless AD3700 Global USB Modem

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Free Verizon Wireless AD3700 Global USB Modem Why limit your wireless Internet and email access in the United States only? Go global with the new free Verizon Wireless AD3700 Global USB Modem and enjoy true high-speed wireless access without borders. Connect your laptop via 3G network anywhere you travel in America and abroad. This a dream come true for those frequently travel abroad and have to connect to the main office via VPN.

Verizon Wireless AD3700 Global USB Modem comes with super easy VZAccess Manager Application. So whether you want to surf the Internet, check email, access corporate Networks, you can do all these without clicking and signing on each time. After you plug in the AD3700 into your laptop, the VZAccess Manager will auto-connects and makes managing your connection easy, 100% hassle free! You can check the LED for service status. What’s amazing is the data speed – you can get download speeds to 1400 Kbps and upload speeds to 800 Kpbs! There is no other global laptop card that can meet increasing demand of global travelers. Pre-orders have made this laptop card out of stock since the first day of official release. Get your free AD3700 Global Modem now while it’s still available.

Verizon Wireless coupon codes September 2009

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Verizon wireless coupon codes September 2009 We’ve got some new Verizon Wireless promo codes for you. And the good news is that we are making it much easier and better, all Verizon wireless coupon codes September 2009 you are not required to print anything out or copy and paste coupon codes online.

From now through September 3, 2009 you will get free Verizon Wireless activation on all new accounts and upgrades. Plus there are bonus offers like Bluetooth Headset and microSD card when you sign up a new plan. What are hot selling in September. Check out Moto Krave, LG Dare, LG Env 3, Motorola Rival, and many more… Hurry, offers are only available online for a limited time.

Best Verizon Cell Phones for Recording Videos

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Best Verizon Phone for Recording Videos You still carry a camcorder with you to record videos? That’s so 1990′s. You can now find some of the best Verizon cell phones for video recording without the extra equipments and weight. Capturing videos on a cell phone is just as easy as taking pictures. Depending on the desired quality of the video and storage capacity, you can take anywhere from 30 seconds to an hour video recording. Read more

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