Buy Verizon Phones without Contract Plan

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Buy Verizon Phones without Contract Plan Lost your Verizon phone or simply want to replace your old phone with a new one. Yes, you have the option to buy Verizon cell phones without contract. But that will cost you a lot of money up front. For example, buying the new DROID Eris with no contract will cost you $440 out of pocket. And you won’t qualify for any rebates. Need to replace 2 phones in a family plan, you need to shed another $300 for a popular phone like the LG Chocolate TOUCH. Even a basic flip phone like the new LG VX5500 without Verizon contract will require you to drop $200. Imagine you need 5 lines. Ouch, paying your hard earn money for Verizon phones without Contract is just not worth it. And what good is a phone without plan? Read more

LG enV Envy Touch VX11000 Black for Verizon Wireless on Sale

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LG enV Envy Touch VX11000 Black for Sale what make everyone else envy you? Of course the new LG enV Touch Vx11000 from Verizon Wireless. The name tells you all. The 3 inch external screen is a touch sensitive screen with tactile feedback, which makes an even more powerful text messaging and entertainment phone.

Dual screens, 3.2 Megapixel Camera/Camcorder, even text to speech are part of the new Verizon enVy Touch phone. There are too many cool features to be listed here. LG enV Touch VX11000 Black is on sale for only $149 and free 2-day shipping via FedEx is included. That’s an incredibly low price for such cool, fully loaded QWERTY keyboard phone. If don’t want a touchscreen phone, the LG enV 3 will be another excellent choice.

Update: $49 is the best price you can find and it’s not available in stores. Hurry get yours while supplies last.

Free Verizon Blitz

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Free Verizon Blitz Blue If you think phones with full QWERTY keyboard are bulky, right? Well, think again after you take a look at the free Verizon Blitz, which is uniquely designed for quick and easy texting. The full-size QWERTY keyboard is housed in a deceptively tiny shell. In fact, the Verizon Blitz is so tiny compared to other phones with QWERTY keyboard that you wouldn’t even think it has a number pad, let alone the full QWERTY keyboard.

Don’t let the size fool you though, the Verizon Wireless Blitz Blue has a 1.3-Megapixel camera, support VCAST music. And if you ever need more rooms for your music collection, simply add a SD memory card. The new Verizon Blitz Blue is one of the most compact message phones on the market today. And price is unbeatable – free out of pocket after instant discount (no rebate is required ever). If you are looking for cheap Verizon phones with full QWERTY keyboard, the Blitz is something to you should definitely look at.

Verizon Wireless New Every Two Discount

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Verizon Wireless New Every Two Discount Already a Verizon Wireless customer and want to best upgrade deals with Verizon Wireless New Every Two discount? Now you get a much better deal online. Basically the Verizon new every two program lets you upgrade any new phones at steep discount when your two-year contract is almost up, typically you have to be 22 months into your current contract. But this really depends on your account history with Verizon Wireless. In other words, your account status such as payment history, rate plan, number of phones, and how long you have been with Verizon all have impact on how earlier you can get the new every 2 discount.

So will the Verizon Wireless new every two discount expire? Do I have to sign up before the contract expires? No, you don’t have to. But there are some exceptional deals that you don’t want to miss the Verizon new every two phones early specials. Some discounts come and go. If you see something you like and they are on sale, get them right away. If you contract already expired, don’t worry. You are still eligible for discount, maybe greater discount. It won’t be called new every two simply you already passed the 2 year mark, but the same or greater discount still apply! Header over to Verizon wireless and get the deals you deserve! All special prices are online ONLY and they are at least $100 cheaper than you will pay for from Verizon stores.

Verizon Wireless Free Overnight Shipping Code

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Verizon Wireless Free Overnight Shipping Code We didn’t mean to save the best for the last. But this Verizon Wireless Free Overnight Shipping promo just came out for those don’t have patience to wait another day for their new cell phones to arrive. There is no Verizon Wireless Free Overnight Shipping promo needed. Whether you are signing for a new account, upgrading to a new plan, or simply adding a line to your existing service plan, all phones are shipped to you overnight for free. I already made a list of phone I want: Motorola Krave for myself, LG Voyager for my wife, Blackberry Curve Titanium (free Bluetooth headset too) for Dad, and LG VX5500 Charcoal for Mom. And for the kids? Well, I will let them decide. So, what’s on your shopping list?

Next day shipping cost $20 alone with each order. Saving that $20 might not be a big deal for some of you, but getting your hands on a brand new phone the next mooring is just priceless. For me, every dollar counts. Again, no Verizon free shipping code required. And there is no limit on how many phones you can buy. Take advantage of great upgrade deals and other bonus offers have them arrive at your door step the next day.

Update: Verizon free overnight shipping promo has ended. But free 2-day express shipping is still available.

Update: Great news! Free overnight shipping is back. This promotion is valid for all carriers, not just Verizon Wireless! Ends on June 16, 2009.

Update: Free overnight shipping for Verizon Wireless is back. Valid from August 19 to August 20, 2009. Every carrier and every phone is qualified for this promo.

Best Verizon Cell Phone Upgrade Deals

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Verizon Cell Phone Upgrade Deals Want to stay with America’s most reliable network and want the latest and coolest phone? It’s time to get the best Verizon cell phone upgrade deals. With a new 2 year contract extension from Verizon Wireless, you will can the some of the most popular phones like the LG VX5500 for free plus bonus Bluetooth headset.

If you don’t want a flip phone, try free Motorola Q – the lightest Windows Mobile smartphone ever made my Motorola. What makes these Verizon Wireless upgrade deals worth renewing your contract? Simply the best coverage and the most reliable and fast 3G network. If you are new to Verizon Wireless, do consider switching over, because you can get even better deals like LG Dare and Motorola Crave free out of pocket with no rebates required.

Free Samsung Alias 2 for Verizon Wireless

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Free Samsung Alias 2 for Verizon Wireless We loved the original Alias and now love the new free Samsung Alias 2 even better. No, it’s not a typo. The Verizon Alias 2 will be free out of pocket with a new service plan. Coming soon to stores near you and online. What impress us the most on the Alias 2 is the dynamic keys – it reveals numbers when it’s flipped open in portrait mode, or QWERTY letters if opened in landscape mode. This makes calling and texting more intuitive.

With 240 x 320 pixels of screen resolution and weight of only 4.3 oz, the Verizon Alias 2 is light and versatile. The bright external screen lets you view who is calling or what song is currently playing. The Samsung Alias 2 supports Verizon VCast, which means you can watch mobile TV, download or listen to streaming music anytime and anywhere. Did I mention that there is a pair of built in stereo speakers, it’s like having a mini TV in your pocket. The phone runs on the latest EVDO network. Whether you are browsing the web or downloading stuff. The Alias II can handle them with near-broadband speed. You don’t need to wait too long, the free Samsung Alias 2 for Verizon Wireless will be available online soon.

Update: Alias 2 is on available for FREE today. In-store sprice goes for $150. You are saving $150 today.

Texting Plans for Verizon Wireless

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Texting Plans for Verizon Wireless There are number texting plans for Verizon Wireless you can choose from. For starters who just want casual text messaging service, you can get the $5 one which gives you 250 messages a month. Averaged less than 10 texts a day, good enough for you right. Yeah, that’s what I thought when I first signed up Verizon Wireless texting plans. I was only thinking about how many messages I was going to send, didn’t consider how many I would receive each day. At the end of the month, there were more than 300 texts. I immediately upgrade to the next level – 500 messages PLUS Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Messaging. This Verizon texting plan only charges $10 a month. The biggest advantage is that you can get Unlimited Text, Picture, and Video Messages to any other Verizon Wireless customer. Yup, 500 are for additional messaging to people with a different carrier. This $10 plan works out perfectly for me. In fact 50% of my friends and family members use Verizon. And those happen to be on my texting favorites use Verizon Wireless. So, by the end of the month, I only use a little over 100 text messages out of the 500 allowance.

500 are still not enough and want better texting plans for Verizon Wireless? There are two more Verizon texting plans you can choose. 1500 messages for $15 a month and 5000 for $20 a month. Both of them offer unlimited text messages with Verizon Wireless mobile phone users. And what good is a texting plan without the free LG Voyager to go with it? Get yours today and receive 4GB microSD memory card too.

Verizon Wireless Phones with Qwerty Keyboard

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Verizon Wireless Phones with QWERTY Keyboard Want fast emailing and text messaging? Then you need some Verizon Wireless Phones with QWERTY keyboard. You can type at least 10 times as fast as using the regular keypad, not to mention that you will make much less errors when typing. Here are some Verizon phones with full QWERTY keyboard that can make your everyday communication more enjoyable. Verizon Versa is selling for only $179 today with a new contract, it’s the latest touch screen phone offer from LG. Verizon Voyager, also a touchscreen phone with full QWERTY keyboard, offers an ever better deal today – free plus 4GB memory card to store all your favorite pictures, videos, and music collections.

LG Env2 is one phone you don’t want to miss if you also like to listen to music and watch mobile TV on the go. Simply flip open the phone to review the full QWERTY keyboard. And there is a pair of speakers right next to the screen. What kind you deal can you get? Free plus 4GB memory card too for a limited time.

How can you not mention Blackberry when it comes to Verizon Phones with Qwerty Keyboard? All Blackberry Curve phones feature superior keyboard designs that are loved by many business users and consumers alike. And you certainly don’t want to miss Blackberry buy one get one free promotion that’s going on now.

Free Verizon Touch Screen Phones

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Free Verizon Touch Screen Phones Everyone loves touch screen phones. Whether you are looking to upgrade or switch to Verizon Wireless, we have a list of free Verizon Touch Screen phones just for you. Verizon Voyager offers the best value today with free 4GB microSD memory card included on top of the free phone offer. It’s the first Verizon phone with Tactile Touch control and a full QWERTY keyboard!

The Motorola Krave is another hot selling Verizon Wireless touch screen phone – offering you free Bluetooth headset and the phone itself is $0.00 out of pocket. Streaming music and live TV, Turn-by-Turn GPS, and capture short videos – You can do with them than any other flip phones or so-called smart phones. Mix or match these two free Verizon touch screen phones and save even more with a family plan.

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