How to Upgrade Motorola Q9C Q9 to Windows Mobile 6.1

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Sprint users has been able upgrade their Moto Q9C to the latest Windows Mobile 6 long before Verizon users get a chance to do so. Now the wait is over. Verizon Wireless has just announced the available upgrade for the Q9c from Windows Mobile 6.0 to 6.1. Not a huge upgrade, but you can at least take advantage of the these improved features including a redesigned home screen, built-in Task Manager, threaded SMS client, browser improvements, Copy & Paste support for non-touch devices plus other small and yet significant improvement in performance and battery life. In case you don’t know, the upgrading from the following smartphones is also available – Alltel Wireless: HTC PPC6800, HTC Touch. AT&T: Samsung BlackJack II, MOTO Q 9h global, Pantech duo, AT&T Tilt by HTC. Sprint: A new Palm Treo and updates for the Mogul by HTC, Touch by HTC, MOTO Q 9c, Samsung ACE. T-Mobile International: T-Mobile MDA Ameo 16 GB, T-Mobile MDA compact IV. So head to your carrier’s download/support page now and start experiencing the new Windows Mobile 6.1.

Samsung Knack Flip Phone is coming to Verizon Wireless

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New phones just keep flooding in the soon be ended summer season. Samsung is introducing a new basic flip phone for Verizon Wireless next month called Knack. I would rather call it Snack, at least it’s more catchy – it’s a very simple and ultra-thin flip that offers dedicated 911 and ICE (in case of emergency) keys. Dual screens, one on the outside, the bigger one on the inside. There is a very noticeable red, white, and blue combo keys and port covers at the side of the phone. You might have mistaken it as a special edition. But it’s meant to be simple. This phone will set you back $39 with a 2-year contract. For such a low price, the build quality is amazing.

Best Verizon PDA Smartphone

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Looking for the best Verizon PDA phone? Verizon Wireless currently offers 8 PDA smartphones on All of them come with special online discount. The lowest-priced is the Verizon Wireless PN-820 Smartphone for $29 with no need to file any rebates. You can’t really tell it’s a PDA phone just by looking at the exterior. In fact, it pretty much looks like a larger flip phone with 2 LCD displays, one on the outer face, one inside. The specs are not too impressive. There is no touch screen, no QWERTY keyboard. It does will suffice if you want a Windows Mobile powered flip phone. Not a good choice if you are power business user. Verizon Wireless XV6800, on the other hand, combines the convenience of a touch sensitive screen and a full sliding QWERTY keyboard. Windows Mobile 6 Professional gives all the tools to connect with your office – Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF. Take advantage of Wi–Fi Connectivity, Bluetooth Wireless Technology and its 2.0 MP camera with flash and video capture. For today’s busy professional, the XV6800 is the best Verizon PDA Smartphone.

Update: There a number of new Smarphones came out after my original post. One of the Best Verizon Smartphones is the new Motorola Krave for $0.00 today with free microSD card. BlackBerry Storm is another great choice for only $149 today with no rebate required. Best of all, you will get FREE ACTIVATION on all Verizon PDA phones today!

free pink blackberry curve 8330 verizon wireless

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Get a Blackberry Curve 8330 from Verizon Wireless today.

3G Wireless Broadband Card for Laptops – AT&T, Verizon, Sprint

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Everyone wants to go wireless these day and many laptops are still limited by wi-fi availability in coffee shops and libraries. Wouldn’t it be nice to surf the web on your notebook anywhere and anytime without wi-fi but have the same speed as cable modem or DSL. You need a wireless card for your laptops. How much does it cost, it ranges from $40 to $70 depending on the carriers of your choice and the usage quota. But beware that only 3G wireless modem cards can give you the broadband like speed. And they are current available through AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. T-Mobile runs on 2.5 EDGE network, which is much slower than at&t’s HSDPA and EVDO from Sprint and Verizon.
Both AT&0038;T and Verizon Wireless are currently offering a $60.00 dataconnect plan that include 5G data transfer each month, while Sprint gives you unlimited data for $60. So, who will you choose?

Palm Treo 755p for Verizon Wireless

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After a long delay of 7 months – that’s right, Verizon was supposed to release the new Treo 755p around the same time when Sprint did in May. I guess Palm still can’t afford to lose the largest CDMA partner in the US. Here is the deal: $400 with a two year contract! Are you willing to pay $150 more than the same phone at Sprint that’s considered 7 month old? There is nothing you haven’t seen on the Sprint’s Treo 755p. And the Palm Centro is selling for $99 at Sprint with pretty much the same functionality. You can even get the Centro for free at many online stores. There are tons of free cell phones and deals during Christmas time, save your $400 for something else.

LG Venus VX8800 for Verizon Wireless

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You can view the new LG Venus VX8800 as the successor of the VX8500 and 8550 Chocolate phones, but it offers much more than a music phone. Using touch sensitive screen (looks like touch screen is the trend in the mobile world, thanks to iphone, everyone wants a piece of it). The navigation keys need little effort to get used to. It visualizes different navigation types depending on the menu you are in. Above the touch menu is the standard QVGA display with 240 x 320 pixels, which is not touch sensitive but being a slider, Venus has standard numeric keyboard for input. 2.0 megapixel camera with 2x digital zoom, support blutooth stereo headset. 4 hours of talk time is plenty for most people. There are not that many slider phones with a touch screen out there. If this is what you want, go for it.

LG Voyager for Verizon Wireless Specs

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Also called LG VX10000. It is the successor of the LG VX9900 with huge (additional) 2.81-inch external touchscreen. You can only find keys on the front, making it a clean touch screen phone. VibeTouch tactile feedback support, V CAST Mobile TV, dual integrated speakers, a two-megapixel camera, microSD expansion slot and VZ Navigator preloaded. Large QWERTY keyboard is revealed after you flip the top. Looks more a like mini LCD TV with 2 speakers on each side. All these features make it one of the best phone ever.

Verizon Offers Unlimited Text Messaging Plans

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Verizon Unlimited Texting Plan Unlimited text messaging is now included on Verizon’s Nationwide Select 450 (formally America’s Choice Select) plans. The cost is $20 more than the Nationwide Basic 450 plans. And you get unlimited in and out of networking text messaging. Is this really a good deal? Depends on how much texting you do each month. If you already have the Basic plan, you can add 250 Messages for only $5 a month. To get unlimited in networking text messaging, you can add 500 Messages for only $10, which lets you text to anyone in Verizon Wireless network for free.

June 17, 2009 Update: Nationwide Select 450 w/ Messaging is the best Verizon unlimited texting plan to start with. Even if you are just texting casually, this plan offers much flexibility – it lets you send and receive texts from any wireless network. The best unlimited texting plans need the best texting phones, right? Check out the new Verizon Envy 3 plus many other free Verizon cell phones when you sign up a new account or upgrade. Order now and get FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING too!

best verizon netbook deals

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find the best verizon netbook deals here.

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