Best Deal on T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide

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Best Deal on T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide We told you a while back that we would have myTouch 3G Slide for sale soon, and we now have the best deal on T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide in all 3 colors – Red, Black, and White for only $99.99. The myTouch Slide 3G by HTC is one of the best Android phones for TMobile today.

What makes this phone better than the previous generation? The touchscreen size is now larger and includes a slide-out full QWERTY keyboard for those who prefer typing on a physical keyboard. Of course for those who would like to continue to use the on-screen keyboard, it’s still available. If you are looking for the the latest version of Android, look no further, this T-Mobile myTouch Slide 3G is running Android 2.1 right out of box. Hurry and get the best deal on TMobile myTouch 3G Slide now online and have it delivered to your doorstep in just 2 days.

HTC Snap Black for Sprint on Sale

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HTC Snap for Sprint On Sale! Want the latest and coolest Windows Mobile phone? Introducing the new HTC Snap Black for Sprint, on Sale for only $129 today. This Sprint Snap Smartphone by HTC has the latest Windows Mobile 6.1 and a FULL QWERTY keyboard to keep you connected with office, friends, and family. Whether you want to buy this phone for personal or professional use, the HTC Snap offers the best Windows Mobile experience.

You can work on documents like Word and Excel, and Sync Outlook just like you would do on a PC at home, except that you can carry this 4.2 device anywhere you go without adding too much weight like a laptop does. The large 2.4 inch color screen is big plus for today’s mobile professional. The Black HTC Snap smart phone has a built-in 2.0 megapixel camera so that you won’t miss any photo shoot opportunity. Other popular applications installed include GPS Navigation, Sprint TV, Sprint Music, and Instant Messenger, and more. HTC Snap Black for sale with the best price of just $129 today! Free express shipping is included if you order today

Free T-Mobile Dash Black

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Free T-Mobile Dash Black Get a free T-Mobile Dash Black today with a new 2 year plan. The popular TMobile Dash is now available in classic black. It’s the thinnest and lightest T-Mobile smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard ever. Forget about you laptop, take the new Black T-Mobile Dash with you and you can be as productive as in your office or home. Sync your email calendar wirelessly. Download music and video to black T-Mobile Dash phone and take all your entertainment on the go. Don’t miss deals like this. You can get 2 free T-Mobile Dash black and make $100 cash back while supplies last. Now, that’s smart!

Upcoming Verizon Wireless Phones 2009 New Cell Phones

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Upcoming Verizon Cell Phones 2009 We have some cool upcoming Verizon phones 2009.

The HTC Touch Diamond is one of the most anticipated Verizon phones in 2009. This exciting new touchscreen phone is a truly beautiful device loaded with high-end features such as Windows Mobile 6.1, large VGA display, 3-MP auto-focus camera, WiFi, and high-speed EVDO data. If you can’t wait, it’s available now through Sprint for only $199.

HTC Touch Pro, also called HTC Fuze when it was released for AT&T in November last year. It combines the power of Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro with the convenience of a slide–out QWERTY keyboard and a 5–way navigation key. Take advantage of WiFi, Stereo Bluetooth and the Touch Pro’s 3.2 MP camera w/flash and video capture. The Touch Pro is the ultimate no–nonsense mobile productivity tool for the busy professional.

Looking for these new upcoming Verizon Wireless cell phones in 2009, they will be available soon online and at incredibly low prices that you won’t find in Verizon Wireless stores. Or you can shop for the best Verizon Wireless deals now and simply upgrade to the new phones later.

Update: LG VX8500, Nokia 2236, and Nokia Mirage 2605 are coming soon.

Update: HTC Touch Pro has been released. We are still waiting for HTC Touch Diamond, LG 9600 Versa, Nokia 7205 Intrigue, and Blackberry Pearl Flip to come out sometime in March.

Update: Nokia Mirage has been released. Slim and light weight flip phone. On Sale today – Free out of pocket, no rebate required!

Update: LG Versa is coming soon for $199. Not much better than Verizon Voyager, especially you can get it for free!

Update: LG Versa is on sale now for only $179.

Update: Nokia 7250 Instrigue Silver is available now for only $49.

Touch Screen Phones with Qwerty Keyboard Keypad

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Samsung Cobra for Sprint We have discussed many popular touchscreen phones before, but if you are looking for a touch screen phone with qwerty keyboard then there a number of choices you should look at. HTC Touch Pro Black for Sprint is a beautiful touch screen phone with a slide-out QWERTY keypad that makes typing, texting, and emailing effortless. Another one is AT&T Fuze by HTC, basically the same exactly phone but it’s for AT&T. The Touch Pro is currently on sale for $249 after instant discount and rebate while the HTC Fuze is selling for only $174.99. Same phone but $75 difference. For Verizon Wireless, you should check out the Palm Centro Blue that’s currently on sale for $0.00 – one of the best touch screen phones with QWERTY keyboard for the best price.

How much is the HTC Touch Diamond going to cost at Sprint

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We are getting close to the big day for the HTC Touch Diamond launch party in the United States. And you might wonder how much the HTC Diamond Touch is going to cost at Sprint. We have an unofficial answer – The HTC Diamond Touch for Sprint is set to release on September 14th for $249.99 after $100 mail-in rebate with a service agreement. This can be the second iphone killer from Sprint, given the fact that the Samsung Instinct was selling pretty hot since its launch in early July this year. The Touch Pro is also around the corner. The Diamond surely has the advantage of both a keyboard and a touchscreen over the Instinct. However, it costs over $100 more than the Sprint Instinct. Well it’s QWERTY-versus-touchscreen time, which one would you go for?

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