Free LG Accolade for Verizon Wireless

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Free LG Accolade Want a simple phone but don’t want to lose features you have been relying on? Free LG Accolade from Verizon Wireless is a simple flip phone that focuses on call quality plus easy access to mobile web, email, and chat. The new LG Accolade VX5600 is a reliable that has all the essential features you need and without the extra stuff you will never use. Compact and light, the LG Accolade offers amazing battery life – talk time up to 7.6 and you standby time is up to 28 days. Yup, you can talk all day long with a single charge. This free LG Accolade offer is exclusive online from Verizon Wireless, get yours today.

AT&T Blackberry 50% Off Half Price

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AT&T Blackberry Half Price Are BlackBerry smartphones are expensive? Not here. Right now you can get AT&T Blackberry 50% off or more savings online. This AT&T BlackBerry Half Price Sale is not just half price, you will actually get some of the coolest Blackberry phones free out of pocket. The new Blackberry Curve 8900 is on sale for $0.00. And the Blackberry Bold Black goes for only $19.

If you think getting AT&T Blackberry 50% off is a smart move, getting them free out of door is even smarter. Tons of great features not just for emails and messaging. These phones help you manage your business and personal life as well. Bring work and entertainment with you wherever you go. Keep track of stock quotes and read the latest news with rich full HTML browsing. What are you waiting for? Start your New Year resolution with the right phone and take advantage of this AT&T Blackberry half price sale.

LG enV Envy Touch VX11000 Black for Verizon Wireless on Sale

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LG enV Envy Touch VX11000 Black for Sale what make everyone else envy you? Of course the new LG enV Touch Vx11000 from Verizon Wireless. The name tells you all. The 3 inch external screen is a touch sensitive screen with tactile feedback, which makes an even more powerful text messaging and entertainment phone.

Dual screens, 3.2 Megapixel Camera/Camcorder, even text to speech are part of the new Verizon enVy Touch phone. There are too many cool features to be listed here. LG enV Touch VX11000 Black is on sale for only $149 and free 2-day shipping via FedEx is included. That’s an incredibly low price for such cool, fully loaded QWERTY keyboard phone. If don’t want a touchscreen phone, the LG enV 3 will be another excellent choice.

Update: $49 is the best price you can find and it’s not available in stores. Hurry get yours while supplies last.

compare lg xenon vs or lg neon

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Compare xenon and neon from LG.

Free LG Rumor 2 Vibrant Blue

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Free LG Rumor 2 Vibrant Blue If you prefer a color other than the Black you can now choose a free LG Rumor 2 Vibrant Blue from Sprint. This phone has been one of the sellers since its early debut this week – you should get it now while supplies last. So, the blue Rumor 2 is all about text messaging, right? Yup, to access and start texting, simply open the QWERTY slider to automatically access Messaging Menu. The Blue LG Rumor 2 has vibrant color that makes the phone stand out from the crowd. Pull the phone out at work or in a coffee shop and will get you a lot of attention.

Both LG Rumor 2 Black Titanium and LG Rumor 2 Vibrant Blue are on sale now for $0 with a new Sprint service plan. Choose your favorite color or get both and save more money with a cheap Sprint family plan today!

Free AT&T Incite

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Free AT&T Incite We thought free LG Incite were enough to get you excited. And now we are throwing a free 4GB memory card to go with the free AT&T Incite phone. This is the best price ever offered on the new AT&T Incite and not available in local and other online AT&T stores. To take advantage of this offer, simply sign up for a new individual or AT&T family plan and get 2 free AT&T Incite phones.

We all know that touchscreen phones are the hottest sellers this summer. What’s even hotter is the price and bonus offer. Pay $0 up front and receive a free 4GB memory card along with the brand new Incite. You simply won’t find any deals that’s closer to this. The memory card alone is already worth $50. Grab the bonus offer today before it runs out of stock again.

LG Banter AX265 Black for Alltel

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LG Banter AX265 Black Good new for heavy text messaging users! The new LG Banter AX265 for Alltel is on sale on for only $19. Featuring a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the LG Banter AX265 Black makes emailing and texting a breeze. When you are not texting mood, simply use the external number keys for regular calls and keep the conversation going for up to 300 minutes. When you are not in talk mood at all then let the phone stand by for up to 12 days without just a single charge.

What’s cool is that the LG Banter also includes changeable Turqoise and silver faceplates to match your style or mood. Another cool thing I have to mention is that you can see the whole text conversation at once with threaded and chat-style text messaging. So, you will never get lost in a text conversation. Retail value at $250 at Alltel and you can get it for $19 today plus free shipping.

When is LG Xenon Release Date for AT&T

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LG Xenon AT&T Release Date When will the LG Xenon be released by AT&T? The LG Xenon release date was supposed to be sometime before Christmas 2008. However, the date was pushed to April. Now the new AT&T release date for LG Xenon phone is April 9th, 2009. What a long delay.

The new AT&T Xenon has touch-sensitive display and a full QWERTY keyboard. The screen is large with 240×480 resolution. The touch screen works similar to TouchWIZ found in Samsung Eternity. Slide-out keyboard is nice and convenient for heavy text and IM users. The phone also includes an mp3 player and you can add up to 16GB of memory via a microSD card slot.

List of specs we have learned so far -

  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • Dual-band UMTS/HSDPA (850MHz/2100MHz)
  • 950 mAh battery
  • 105.5mm x 53.5mm x 15.8mm
  • 240×480 2.8 inch LCD
  • 3 megapixel Camera
  • 100MB of memory with microSD support up to 16GB
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • USB 2.0
  • Wi-Fi

We believe LG Xenon Release Date on April 9th is pretty solid. Leave a comment and let us know what you think of new phone. We will have a more detailed review when LG Xenon is released from AT&T officially.

Update: LG Xenon is here and free out of pocket with a new service plan!

Cheap Verizon Versa LG

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Cheap Verizon Versa Verizon Versa by LG is available now for only $179, no rebate required. In store price goes for $300 with a new contract. So, buy cheap Verizon Versa and save yourself $120. The new LG Versa VX9600 for Verizon Wireless feature the first attachable QWERTY keyboard. Or if you want, you can always use the virtual keyboard with tactile feedback on screen. This new Verizon Versa touch screen phone only weighs 3.8 oz. You can customize three home pages to ensure your favorite features are at your fingertips. Simply touch the screen to access 2.0 megapixel camera/camcorder, multimedia messaging, full HTML web browsing, VZNavigator, and more.

For more mobile entertainment, you can also attach an optional gaming pad and play your favorite games on the go. Store all the music and videos you want with expandable of memory up 16GB. The Versa phone runs on the latest EVDO Rev-A wireless network, which means faster download and upload time. Get this cheap Verizon Versa deal and save even more with free shipping.

Update: The Verizon Versa is on sale for only $0.00 today! No rebates needed, hurry!

Cheap Verizon Voyager Titanium Price

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Cheap Verizon Voyager Titanium If you are looking for a cheap Verizon Voyager Titanium, look no further. Get a free free Verizon Voyager today when you sign up a new Verizon Wireless plan. This is the cheapest price on Verizon Voyager, every where else is selling for $200 or more, including

With latest 3G wireless network, the new Voyager in Titanium offers faster, and more mobile entertainment on the go. Tune in and turn on with V CAST Mobile TV and full HTML Internet browser. To enhance mobile TV reception, there is even a Retractable TV Antenna. Get this cheap Verizon Voyager Titanium phone now and save $200 over in store price.

Update: Free Bonus Offer – get a 4GB microSD memory card for free, a $50 value.

Update: $60 Bluetooth Headset is yours FREE today!

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