Cheap Motorola DROID Pro for Sale

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Cheap Motorola DROID Pro for Sale Want the smartest Android phone? Verizon Wireless just released the new Motorola DROID Pro for sale. Super cheap price online – only $49.99 with a new service plan. This cheap Motorola DROID PRO features an optimized QWERTY keyboard and large touch screen. You would be able to type a short emails or text message with just one hand. With one of the fastest smartphone processor (1GHZ) inside the DROID PRO, you can stream audios and videos with little interruption. Surfing the web is faster too.

There are tons of apps from Android Market for everything – games, productivity, travel, music, entertainment, business, education, and more. You name it Android Market has it. So whether you want to it for business or personal use, you won’t be disappointed! Get the cheap Motorola DROID PRO today while it’s on sale for $49.99!

Update: On sale for $0.00. Get yours now while the deal is still good.

Cheap Motorola DROID X for Sale

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Cheap Motorola DROID X for Sale Looking for the cheapest DROID X for Verizon Wireless? We have Motorola DROID X for sale for much lower price than what you will find in stores. How cheap is the price? Sorry, I am not allowed to disclose this online exclusive price here. Click DROID X for sale link to see it yourself. Droid X by Motorola is the most advanced Android smartphone for Verizon Wireless. The only comparable Google smartphone is HTC Evo 4G from Sprint, but it’s been out of stock for a while due to such overwhelming demand. So, stop thinking of getting the DROID X, order now before it runs out of stock. Chances are it will be sold out by the weekend.

So, what is so great about this Droid X sale? It’s super fast with 1GHz processor, 4.3 inch large display lets you watch high definition videos. You can download thousands of apps and widgets from Android market. High-end 8 megapixel camera, Mobile Hotspot, HTMI output, and many more advanced features only available on the Verizon DROID X. What are you waiting for, get it now!

Free Motorola BACKFLIP

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Free Motorola BACKFLIP What do you think the best deal on Motorola BACKFLIP is? FREE! Right now, when you sign up a new AT&T or extend your current contract you will be able to get a free Motorola BACKFLIP. It’s the first Android phone for AT&T and has everything you want for an advanced Google smartphone. The free Motorola BACKFLIP is not an ordinary Android phone!

Besides the MotoBlur that keeps your favorite social media updates on a single screen there is another unique feature that I absolutely love and use most often – you can control the screen by not touching the screen at all, simply use the track pad on the back of the screen to help you navigate through the phone and double tap to select. Order yours today and you will also save up to $150 more with free activation.

Best Deal on Motorola Devour for Verizon Wireless

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Best Deal on Motorola Devour for Verizon Wireless Best Motorola Devour for Verizon Wireless has arrived and it’s your chance to get the best deal on Motorola Devour for only $49 after instant discount. Yup, there is no need to submit a rebate form. You can have this new Android smartphone at the incredibly low price. The Motorola Devour is preloaded with Google’s popular Mobile Operating System – Android 1.6 plus MOTOBLUR service. What I love about the unique MOTOBLUR service is that it delivers real time updates from your email and favorite social networking sites directly to the phone screen. The latest photos, videos, and posts from Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace can be viewed directly on your Devour’s home screen without first logging into each site or application. You can share your post and pictures all in one click from the home screen.

Lots of popular apps from Google and Verizon Wireless have been preloaded into the phone. And if you need more, there are tons of free apps available for the Motorola Devour. For rich and desktop like web browsing experience, the Verizon Devour rocks. And the best Motorola Devour deal won’t last too long. So hurry and get yours today while supplies last.

Update: New Low Price – ONLY $29.99

Cheapest Verizon Droid Plan

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Cheapest Verizon Droid Plan You can get the cheapest Droid phone at the price of $149 with no rebates required. And what about the cheapest Droid plan? There are a number of Droid wireless plans to choose from Verizon Wireless. Depending on anytime minutes and features you would like to add, the basic and also the cheapest Droid plan starts at $39.99. However, Verizon Wireless requires you to add a data plan on top of the voice service. So, adding the $30 PDA/Smartphone Personal Email and Web service will bump up the monthly service to $69.99. Yup, that’s the cheapest Verizon Droid plan you can have.

Well, there is another way to make this cheaper with the cheapest Droid family plan. If you all your family members want a smartphone, you can sign up for $69.99 (2 lines included) and add 3 more Droid phones for just $30 more (each additional line cost $10) so that you will have 5 lines of Motorola Droid for $99.99. Wait, don’t forget that data plan is required for each line too. So, that will be $30×5=$150 more on top of $99.99 Droid voice plan. At the total of $249.99 for 5 Verizon Droid phones, you will end up paying just $49.99, that’s the cheapest Droid plan deal and you are saving $100 on wireless bill each month vs. getting an individual plan for each

Best Deal on Motorola Debut i856 for Nextel

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Best Deal on Motorola Debut i856 for Nextel Great news for those of you who have been waiting for a new push to talk phone slider phone. best deal on Motorola Debut i856 from Nextel goes for only $49 without rebates. The i856 is Motorola’s first sliding phone that integrates Nextel Direct Connect technology – it supports Group Connect, International Direct Connect, and Talk Group. In case you get tired of walkie talkie, you can send picture and video taken with 1.3 megapixel camera/camcorder to your co-workers and friends.

What makes the best Motorola Debut deal sweeter? The i856 also functions as an mp3 player. You can store all your favorite music collection onto a microSD memory and play them anytime and anywhere. We are very impressed with the numeric keypad – it’s well-spaced and with predictive text technology you can type faster and more accurately. There are tons of other features we won’t get into in this post. But the most attractive feature of all? THE PRICE! $49 is simply the best deal on Motorola Debut i856 today! Get yours now before it runs out of stock.

Free Motorola i776w Purple for Nextel

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Free Motorola i776w Purple for Nextel The Nextel i766 has been a popular push-to-talk phone and now you have more color choices. See the all new free Motorola i776w Purple for Nextel today. You will love how simple and yet powerful this phone is. The Nextel i776 Purple is loaded with all of the latest technologies – turn-by-turn driving direction with the built-in GPS; Get direct connect and group connect with one push of a button and communicate with individual or a group of people.

You can go even further with International Direct Connect calling to instantly connect from the U.S. to users in other countries. The bright 2.2 inch color display plus a quality speakerphone and camera make the Motorola i776 Purple a true workhorse with yet simple design. Get your free Motorola i776w purple today while supplies last.

Free Motorola KRZR K1m for Sprint

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Free Motorola KRZR K1m for SprintYou want a simple, solid, and elegant flip phone? The free Motorola KRZR K1m for Sprint is just what you need. The KRZR evolved from the popular Moto RAZR line and yet more beautiful than any RAZR phones. The distinctive metallic gloss finish and external touch-sensitive controls set it apart from regular flip phones.

One of the nice features we like is that the Moto KRZR K1m is capable of running the Sprint’s 3G network, which means you get faster music download or streaming. You can also stream live mobile TV from Sprint. Not that many flip phones can do that. Getting lost on the road? No problem, the Sprint KRZR K1m offers you turn-by-turn direction with Telenav. What else can you do with the Sprint KRZR? Taking pictures and videos with built-in 1.3 megapixel camera. Although you can find better camera on some smart phones. For the price and slim compact form factor, it’s sufficient enough for everyday use. The battery has amazing standby time of up to 440 hours, that’s about 18 days with a single charge. The KRZR K1m is no doubt one solid and beautiful flipphone from Motorola. Get your free Motorola KRZR K1m for Sprint now and get free shipping via 2 day FedEx express.

Nextel Motorola i580 Yellow

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Motorola i580 Yellow for Nextel The new Nextel i580 Yellow is one of the best rugged Nextel phones in the market today. Built to Military 810F spec, this Motorola i580 phone can withstand heat, dust, shock, sweat, rain, and hard drop. Basically any rough situation you can think of in a military operation. The Nextel i580 rugged phone has advanced features that you will find convenient to use. A high-quality 1.3 megapixel camera lets you take pictures in any harsh environment. For more photo and data storage, you can expand the phone memory with additional SD card.

Motorola i580 Yellow for Nextel is priced at $69 with a 2-year service plan from Nextel, it’s a bit cheaper than some Verizon Walkie Talkie Phones. Get yours today with free FedEx shipping.

Pink Motorola W490 Bubble Gum Phone – Save $

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Pink Motorola W490 Bubble Gum Phone Pink cell phones are always in no matter what season it is. But what is everyone’s favorite? The new pink Motorola W490 Bubble Gum phone is every lady’s love. It’s so easy to use and offers the most trendy style in the flip phone category. It measures 3.9 in x 1.8 in x 0.7 in and weighs only 3.8 oz, and can perfectly fit into your purse or small bag.

Compact and super light, you can carry the pink Motorola W490 anywhere you go – drinks, party, lunch, and dinner, and look even more fashionable. Add “Fave 5″ to any TMobile and you can start calling 5 numbers always free. Do you know that the Motorola W490 Pink has built-in FM radio too? In case you run of mp3 songs to play, simply turn the radio to listen to the latest music. Price for the Moto W490 BubbleGum pink is $0, with mail-in rebate, you are going to make $50. Best yet, you will also receive a brand new Bluetooth headset that’s worth $60. Order today to get the bonus headset!

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