New Sony Ericsson Phones for T-Mobile

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You have seen many Sony Ericsson Phones for at&t already, and wish the very same phone can be used on T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, or Sprint. Well, it’s getting closer today. T-Mobile just launched two new phones – Sony Ericsson TM506 Amber and Sony Ericsson TM506 Emerald Green. One thing very special about these 2 new phones is that they are the first t-mobile flip phones to support 3G, that means downloading music and streaming radios via your stereo Bluetooth headset is much faster than ever. Like other new Sony Ericsson phones, they both offer 2.0 Megapixel Camera/Camcorder that let you take Long Videos And Printable Photos You Can Send Right To A Blog. Price is $0 with contract. Be the first one to get your hands on it today.

Sony Ericsson G705 Slider is Coming to AT&T

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The G705 is the most powerful sliding phone made by Sony Ericsson. What I mean powerful are the features – WiFi, aGPS with Google Maps for Mobile, 1GB included M2 memory, built-in FM radio, RSS reader, and a full HTML browser. What else do you want? How about a 3.2 mega pixel camera that let you up load video directly to YouTube without downloading to your pc first. The 2.4 inch screen is excellent for checking emails and browsing the Internet. If you have enough patience, wait for it to show up at at&t stores in Q1 2009 for US consumers. However, for those who are looking for an even more powerful slider phone – G705u, the first UMA enabled phone from Sony Ericsson. It will only be available to Orange (most part of Europe). Accessories for Sony Ericsson G705 include: Battery, Battery charger, 1GB Memory Stick Micro, USB cable, Stereo PHF, Sony Ericsson PC Suite, Media manager, and User guide.

How much is the HTC Touch Diamond going to cost at Sprint

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We are getting close to the big day for the HTC Touch Diamond launch party in the United States. And you might wonder how much the HTC Diamond Touch is going to cost at Sprint. We have an unofficial answer – The HTC Diamond Touch for Sprint is set to release on September 14th for $249.99 after $100 mail-in rebate with a service agreement. This can be the second iphone killer from Sprint, given the fact that the Samsung Instinct was selling pretty hot since its launch in early July this year. The Touch Pro is also around the corner. The Diamond surely has the advantage of both a keyboard and a touchscreen over the Instinct. However, it costs over $100 more than the Sprint Instinct. Well it’s QWERTY-versus-touchscreen time, which one would you go for?

When will the New Palm Treo Pro be Available for Sprint

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Is the Treo Pro coming to Sprint anytime soon? When it comes to all the Palm smartphone releases, Sprint is always the first one to have them, at least a few months of exclusivity before Verizon Wireless. This time, Palm released the unlocked version before they put it up for sale through the carriers. Well that’s one of the ways to get the products faster to consumers’ hands. Typically, it takes time for every carrier to customize and test the phone for their network’s use. Depending on how extensive the testing is, it can take carriers months finalize the phone even after the product is fully tested at Palm’s own lab. So, will Sprint get the Treo Pro this year? Definitely before the Christmas shopping season. Compare Treo 800w and Treo Pro before you buy.

Samsung Knack Flip Phone is coming to Verizon Wireless

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New phones just keep flooding in the soon be ended summer season. Samsung is introducing a new basic flip phone for Verizon Wireless next month called Knack. I would rather call it Snack, at least it’s more catchy – it’s a very simple and ultra-thin flip that offers dedicated 911 and ICE (in case of emergency) keys. Dual screens, one on the outside, the bigger one on the inside. There is a very noticeable red, white, and blue combo keys and port covers at the side of the phone. You might have mistaken it as a special edition. But it’s meant to be simple. This phone will set you back $39 with a 2-year contract. For such a low price, the build quality is amazing.

New Nokia Music Express 5610 for T-Mobile

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Nokia Music Express For Limited Time, get Nokia Music Express 5610 red and Nokia 5610 XpressMusic White for FREE. The Nokia Music Express is probably the most anticipated music phone from Nokia this year. Riding the success of music xpress 5310, this new music phone has even more advanced features, including both an MP3 Music Player and FM Stereo Radio. The latest Bluetooth Wireless Technology let you enjoy streaming Stereo via compatible Bluetooth headset. If the 1GB Memory Card that comes with phone doesn’t offer enough storage for your music collection, you can always expand it to up to 8GB. With all these new feature packed into a slider phone, it only weights 3.6 oz and the size is only 3.6 in x 1.9 in x 0.8 in. There is currently a $50 rebate from T-Mobile if you sign up a service plan. And it’s going to bring down the final cost to $0. That’s music to ears! Check out more free T-Mobile phones with cash back and bonus headets!

Update: For a limited time, get $80 cash back today from T-Mobile!

Update: Free out of pocket today. No rebates required!

Motorola VE20 Silver for Sprint

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Sprint doesn’t carry too many Motorola phones besides the RAZR. Those of you who are looking for new moto phones, you are in luck. Sprint just introduce the new Motorola VE20 Silver that provides the ultimate multimedia experience ever for Sprint. You can listen to streaming music or watch on-demand Sprint TV with EVDO data download speed – Up to 700 Kbps. You will be amazed how thin this phone is – just half-inch thick with aircraft-grade aluminum shell. Accessories included in the box: AC Phone Charger, 256MB MicroSD Card (the phone support up to 8GB of SD memory, which is more than enough for storing music and photos), and battery. The VE 20 is exclusively available through Sprint for $99 with a 2-year sevice contract.

Why should you get the iPhone 3G

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The wait is almost over, the new iphone 3G will be officially released on July 11th this Friday in all Apple and AT&T stores. Lines were already formed outside some Apple stores. But don’t worry, Apple has promised more stocks this time than when they release the first iphone. Each Apple store will have 1000 or more iphone 3G on Friday. Unless you see over thousands of people lining up outside, you should be able to get the iphone with some wait (this time you are required to activate the phone before leaving the store). So, the question is why you should get the iphone 3G even you already have the old one. Tow very basic reasons – fast connection and cheaper price. With 3G, you get at least 5 times faster data connection speed than the original iphone. The new price is half of that of the original iphone. Nothing can compare to the web browsing experience on the 3G iphone. With iphone 2.0 software update, there will be tons of applications to used on the new iphone. So why wait, get the new iphone 3G on this Friday.

Cheap 3G Apple iPhone, but Expensive Plan

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The new 3G iPhone will be available on July 11 for just $199 with 2-year contract. That’s much cheaper than the current 2.5G iphone that’s running on an unbearable slow EDGE network. Sounds like a good deal, right. Not so soon, you will no longer be able to get unlimited data plan for $20 on top the standard voice feature. Instead, like all other 3G smartphones, you will need to pay $30 for unlimited data access. Texting also costs extra. So, that’s at least $10 more expensive than the current iphone rate plan. And when you factor 24 month period, you will pay exactly $240 (assuming you don’t text). Compared to the current price of $399 for the 8GB version, you are actually paying $40 for the 3G service for 2-year period. Is that still a good deal? Absolutely, Blackjack 2costs $50 with a new 2-year plan, $150 cheaper than the iphone. But the iphone experience can not be imitated. Although both phones run on 3G, the apple iphone has faster processor and full HTML web browsing capability. If you are just surfing the web with, it’s still totally worth the money with new rate plan.

Hot Nokia Deal for T-Mobile – Nokia 3555

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Nokia 3555Nokia is one of most popular mobile phone brand in North America. The Nokia 3555 for T-Mobile can help you stay connected with family and friends without breaking the bank. Lose the wires and listen to your favorite music with stereo bluetooth headset or connect Nokia 3555 to your computer without any wires. Powerful 4X digital zoom lets you get close-up pictures without getting too close. Here is the goodie: The Nokia 35550 has attractive design and satisfying voice call quality. All instant messengers are included in the phone: Yahoo! AOL, and MSN. And this phone is compatible with T-Mobile myFaves services too, which means calling your favorite 5 people is always free. Price as of today is $29.99 at If you search harder on the Internet, there are a quite few good deals that offer the phone free out of pocket plus $80 rebate.

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