free blackberry curve 8330 inferno for sprint

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free blackberry curve 8330 inferno for sprint

compare lg xenon vs or lg neon

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Compare xenon and neon from LG.

Free Blackberry Pearl Flip 8230 for Alltel

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Free Blackberry Pearl Flip 8230 for Alltel Folks, the wait is over. I know many of you always want a Blackberry flip phone from Alltel Wireless ever since Pearl Flip was released on T-Mobile. Now you can get a free Blackberry Pearl Flip 8230 for Alltel with no rebates needed. That’s right. Forget about rebates these days. How many of you want to spend that much time cutting bar codes and copying receipts and filling the endless rebate forms. The most annoying part is that you will have to wait at least 6 months to get the rebate. And for some stupid reasons, like the postmark date is late, or incomplete information, you could be disqualified for the rebate check.

OK, enough complaints here. Let’s get back to the new and free Blackberry Pearl Flip 8230 for Alltel Wireless. It’s a smartphone made simple. Less keys to deals with, but SureType lets you type faster and more accurate than all other regular flip phones. Other great features you will find include 2 megapixel camera for video and photo, built-in mp3 player, stereo Bluetooth, and GPS support. Everything you can expect from a smartphone in a smaller and more versatile form factor. Get your today and have it delivered to your door with 2 day free shipping from FedEx

Free Samsung Alias 2 for Verizon Wireless

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Free Samsung Alias 2 for Verizon Wireless We loved the original Alias and now love the new free Samsung Alias 2 even better. No, it’s not a typo. The Verizon Alias 2 will be free out of pocket with a new service plan. Coming soon to stores near you and online. What impress us the most on the Alias 2 is the dynamic keys – it reveals numbers when it’s flipped open in portrait mode, or QWERTY letters if opened in landscape mode. This makes calling and texting more intuitive.

With 240 x 320 pixels of screen resolution and weight of only 4.3 oz, the Verizon Alias 2 is light and versatile. The bright external screen lets you view who is calling or what song is currently playing. The Samsung Alias 2 supports Verizon VCast, which means you can watch mobile TV, download or listen to streaming music anytime and anywhere. Did I mention that there is a pair of built in stereo speakers, it’s like having a mini TV in your pocket. The phone runs on the latest EVDO network. Whether you are browsing the web or downloading stuff. The Alias II can handle them with near-broadband speed. You don’t need to wait too long, the free Samsung Alias 2 for Verizon Wireless will be available online soon.

Update: Alias 2 is on available for FREE today. In-store sprice goes for $150. You are saving $150 today.

Free AT&T Impression

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Free AT&T Impression AT&T is having the End of Month Blowout Sale and new Samsung Impression is included! From now until the end of April you can not just one but two free AT&T Impression phones plus free 2 day shipping. This is unbelievable, considered this phone is retailing at $400 in some stores. Anyway, saving $400 on 1 phone or $800 on 2 phones is a BIG DEAL! You don’t want to miss a deal like this or you will regret forever. Unlike other retailers, this free AT&T Impression requires no rebate at all. So, free is free up front, no gimmicks, no tricks, all you need is to activate a new AT&T plan. How easy is that? Of course there many other cool AT&T phones to choose from and you still don’t have to pay a penny for them like the AT&T Incite, which comes with a free memory card for a limited time.

Free LG Rumor 2 Vibrant Blue

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Free LG Rumor 2 Vibrant Blue If you prefer a color other than the Black you can now choose a free LG Rumor 2 Vibrant Blue from Sprint. This phone has been one of the sellers since its early debut this week – you should get it now while supplies last. So, the blue Rumor 2 is all about text messaging, right? Yup, to access and start texting, simply open the QWERTY slider to automatically access Messaging Menu. The Blue LG Rumor 2 has vibrant color that makes the phone stand out from the crowd. Pull the phone out at work or in a coffee shop and will get you a lot of attention.

Both LG Rumor 2 Black Titanium and LG Rumor 2 Vibrant Blue are on sale now for $0 with a new Sprint service plan. Choose your favorite color or get both and save more money with a cheap Sprint family plan today!

Free AT&T Incite

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Free AT&T Incite We thought free LG Incite were enough to get you excited. And now we are throwing a free 4GB memory card to go with the free AT&T Incite phone. This is the best price ever offered on the new AT&T Incite and not available in local and other online AT&T stores. To take advantage of this offer, simply sign up for a new individual or AT&T family plan and get 2 free AT&T Incite phones.

We all know that touchscreen phones are the hottest sellers this summer. What’s even hotter is the price and bonus offer. Pay $0 up front and receive a free 4GB memory card along with the brand new Incite. You simply won’t find any deals that’s closer to this. The memory card alone is already worth $50. Grab the bonus offer today before it runs out of stock again.

LG Banter AX265 Black for Alltel

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LG Banter AX265 Black Good new for heavy text messaging users! The new LG Banter AX265 for Alltel is on sale on for only $19. Featuring a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the LG Banter AX265 Black makes emailing and texting a breeze. When you are not texting mood, simply use the external number keys for regular calls and keep the conversation going for up to 300 minutes. When you are not in talk mood at all then let the phone stand by for up to 12 days without just a single charge.

What’s cool is that the LG Banter also includes changeable Turqoise and silver faceplates to match your style or mood. Another cool thing I have to mention is that you can see the whole text conversation at once with threaded and chat-style text messaging. So, you will never get lost in a text conversation. Retail value at $250 at Alltel and you can get it for $19 today plus free shipping.

Samsung Impression A877 Blue

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Samsung Impression A877 Want to show off and make a great impression? We have just the right phone for you. Samsung Impression A877 Blue is available now online for only $99 without rebates here. It’s currently selling for $250 at or in store. This is simply the best deal on Samsung Impression today. So, why not save yourself at least $150 instantly?

Let’s check out some very impressive specs from Samsung Impression A877 Blue – it has nation’s first AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) 3.2 inch touch screen that can provide the crispest and brightest viewing pleasure on a powerful multimedia cell phone. 3.0 megapixel camera is something that even some of most sophisticated smartphones don’t offer. Our take, the new Samsung Impression for AT&T is simply the perfect choice for mobile entertainment. And for $99, it’s a steal.

Palm Pre Commercial

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Check out the new Palm Pre Commercial from Sprint.

The Palm Pre TV Commercial mentions 4G nownetwork at the end. So, is Palm Pre going run on 4G in some markets? Or am I just dreaming?

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