Best Deal on Samsung Memoir T929 for TMobile

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Best Deal on Samsung Memoir The first 8 megapixel camera phone has arrived! Get the best deal on Samsung Memoir T929 for TMobile and save $150 over the $399 listing price at local T-Mobile store. It’s time to get rid of the 1.2 mepapixel camera phone you have been holding on to for the last few years. There is no other phones in the market today can get close to 8 mega pixel and still selling at $249. The new Samsung Memoir comes with Xenon flash, auto-focus, 16x digital zoom, and various shutter modes. On screen editing tools lets you edit photos on the spot without transferring to PC or laptop first. This amazing T-Mobile Memoir T929 can store hundreds of high-resolution picture and up to 1 hour video.

For those who are tired of carrying both a mobile phone, mp3 player, and high-resolution camera at the same time, Samsung Memoir is the answer for you. With TMobile 3G speed, you can upload pictures to flickR and videos to YouTube in no time. The improved TouchWiz User Interface makes the Memoir easy to customize. Now, for a limited time, you can get the best deal on Samsung Memoir T929 for only $249. Shipping is free too.

Best Verizon Wireless World Phone for Travel

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Best Verizon Wireless World Phone What is the best Verizon wireless world phone I can use oversea while on vacation or business trip. There are a number of Verizon world phones you can choose from to make your traveling more convenient and hassle-free. Your existing phone may already have the capability to roam in a different country, however, it maybe only limit to voice only. When you look for the best Verizon world phone, keep in mind that what countries you travel the most often and make sure both voice and data will work.

Today, any verizon wireless world phone can be used in over 200 countries. We highly recommend the best Verizon Wireless world phone – Blackberry Storm. It was just released in November 2008 and since has become one of the most popular travel phones for Verizon Wireless. The Storm built-in GPS, you can download mobile maps like Google Map and Blackberry Map and use it as a travel guide. And there are tons of free applications such as currency conversion, dictionaries and translation tools for hundreds of languages. You will find the BB Storm worth every single penny you are paying. Get it today for a special introductory price of only $199.

Best AT&T Cell Phone for International and Oversea Use

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Best AT&T Cell Phone for International Use Do you travel to different countries often? Occasionally? If you do, you may want to get the best AT&T cell phone for international use. While you are oversea, it will be great to stay connected with families and friends without purchasing or renting a different phone from locals. Imagine you travel to several countries during the trip, it will be such a hassle to keep switching phones. Luckily, all the AT&T phones run on GSM network, which is also popular in Europe, Asian, and rest of world. Majority of the AT&T phones will work in other countries after you switch to a SIM card purchased locally. The disadvantage of this is that the phone number will not be the same as the phone number you have in the United States. What if I don’t want to change the phone number temporarily?

So what is the best AT&T cell phone for international use? AT&T offers a number of international plans that enable both voice and data usage in oversea. And the best AT&T global phone would be the new Blackberry Bold which features Tri-band network that lets you use in over 200 countries world wide. It’s a true global smartphone without limits. Whether you use it mainly for voice or data, you will be connected via 3G GSM network wherever available. What really makes it the best AT&T cell phone for oversea use is that you don’t have to switch to a different SIM card. It works just like the way it does at home.

Best AT&T Phone for Texting

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Best AT&T Phone for Texting Tired of texting on that tiny flip phone using number pad? Get the best AT&T phone for texting today and save more money. There are few texting phones from ATT this year to make it to our recommendation list. Samsung Propel is by far the purest and the best at&t cell phone for texting. Choosing from several of colors, the Propel only has a simple set of external key and if you need to do heavy texting, simply slide out the hidden full QWERTY keyboard.

Update: Want more best texting phone from att? Check out the new Samsung Magnet Orange that’s released on May 13th.

Best Sprint Cell Phone for Texting & Messaging

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Best Sprint Texting Phone Texting is in for 2009. And the best Sprint phone for texting has arrived. Samsung Rant M540 is by far the best Sprint cell phone for texting. Why, because it's designed for heavy text messaging. Compact and slim, you can barely notice this phone has a hidden slider out keyboard. It functions like a simple phone for talking, but once you reveal the full QWERTY keyboard, it just makes texts and emails super easy.

What else makes the Samsung Rant the best text messaging phone for Sprint? It includes many popular Instant Messengers – Yahoo, AOL, and MSN. It works with various email clients and support POP3 and wireless sync. And the best texting phone for sprint has the best offer too. In addition to the $0 price tag, You are going to make $50 cash back and get a free Bluetooth headset. Unbelievable, isn't it? Get yours today and start sending unlimited messages to friends, families, and whoever you care or don't care.

Update: For 2010, SANYO Incognito is the best Sprint phone for texting.

Best Basic Verizon Cell Phone

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Best Basic Verizon Cell Phone It’s hard to find the best basic Verizon cell phone these day when majority of the people are looking for fancy and sophisticated smart phones for emails, web, and text messages. Luckily, we’ve found one that has all the latest technologies without the complexity. One thing we realize that a basic Verizon Wireless phone today was considered a fancy phone just a few years ago. So, nothing is really too basic these days. However, simplicity is the goal. We want the best basic Verizon cell phone to do just what we intend to do everyday – talking, casual texting and emails.

So, what is the best basic Verizon Wireless phone out there? LG vX5500 Charcoal is the basic wireless phone we are talking about. Not only does it have all the essential function for every day’s need but also have latest Bluetooth technology and advanced voice dial without requiring any pre-phone training – What did I tell you, today’s basic can’t be too basic, right? And the best part of owning the LG VX5500 today is that you are paying $0 plus getting a free Bluetooth headset

Best Basic AT&T Cell Phone

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Best Basic AT&T Cell Phone Just want a very basic AT&T cell phone for everyday calling? We have done the research for you and the best basic AT&T cell phone is LG CE110. Small and light weight, it’s a basic flip phone with all the necessary technology and functions you need everyday. Nice VGA color screen, Bluetooth Wireless Technology, digital camera, instant messengers built-in, and speaker phone – these were once in a smartphone now become essential for a everyday phone. Weighted just 2.9 ounces, this small phone lets you talk up to 190 Minutes without needing to charge. What’s the price for the best basic AT&T cell phone? Free plus bonus Bluetooth headset today. Open and new AT&T account and add it to an existing family plan, you going to pay $0 and 2 day shipping is included.

Update: Looks like AT&T no longer offers the LG CE110. The new best basic AT&T cell phone is the free Motorola EM330.

Free Motorola krave

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Free Motorola Krave this is the phone many crave for from Verizon Wireless. You can now get a free Motorola Krave plus free Bluetooth headset. This phone was selling for $99 just a week ago and it’s on sale today for $0 without any rebate. Not only are you getting the free Motorola Krave, you are going to get it on the nation’s most reliable network. Listen to streaming music and watch VCast TV programming via Verizon broadband like 3G network. The Motorola Krave is taking the touchscreen technology to the next level. Get one or more free Motorola Krave phones from Verizon Wireless now. Today is the last day to get free shipping on all phones and accessories!

free pink centro palm

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Free Pink Centro Phone This Valentine’s Day, get a free pink Centro phone for her! It won’t go wrong. You can even pair up the Pink Palm Centro with any other color or other smartphones for free with a Sprint family plan. You will be amazed how much you can accomplish with this super compact smartphone from Palm. It lets you sync your corporate and personal emails from anywhere with Sprint high-speed wireless network. Google Maps and media player are already built in. Take your favorite video and music to go with you or watch streaming video right on the Pink Centro. This phone was selling for $99 and now you can get a free Pink Centro after rebates.

Free LG Invision CB630 Black Best Deal for AT&T

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Free LG Invision for AT&T Get the best deal on LG Invision for AT&T today. For a limited time, you will get 2 free LG Invision Black phones with any AT&T family plan. The new AT&T Invision phone is the latest entry in the popular touch-screen phone category. You will be impressed how robust the LG Invision is when it comes to delivering multimedia entertainment. The Invision CB630 black supports AT&T’s MEdiaFLO Live TV service and let you watch your favorite TV programs anywhere you go with thanks to ATT’s 3rd generation network. 2.0 Megapixel Camera/Camcorder lets you take dazzling photos and videos. Browse full HTML web sites in near broadband speed. Get up to 2 free AT&T Invision online – that’s the best deal on LG Invision today and you can save up to $300 off in-store price.

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