Free Palm Pixi Plus for Verizon Wireless

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Free Palm Pixi Plus for Verizon Wireless We already show you the best Palm Pixi deal for Sprint. Now you can get free Palm Pixi Plus for Verizon Wireless with new account. This offer is also good for existing customers who want to upgrade their individual or family plans. We already cover the specs in the past, just to briefly talk about some cool features – bright screen perfect for surfing the web. Something that’s first in any smartphone – you can use the Pixi Plus as a mobile hotspot for up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices. By carrying this super light smartphone from Palm, you can share Internet connections with friends and family wherever you go. How cool is that! Other cool features include compact and yet very easy to use QWERTY keyboard, tons of free apps are waiting for you to download! Get your free Palm Pixi Plus for Verizon today and save over $400 compared to retail price.

Palm Pre Commercial

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Check out the new Palm Pre Commercial from Sprint.

The Palm Pre TV Commercial mentions 4G nownetwork at the end. So, is Palm Pre going run on 4G in some markets? Or am I just dreaming?

free pink centro palm

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Free Pink Centro Phone This Valentine’s Day, get a free pink Centro phone for her! It won’t go wrong. You can even pair up the Pink Palm Centro with any other color or other smartphones for free with a Sprint family plan. You will be amazed how much you can accomplish with this super compact smartphone from Palm. It lets you sync your corporate and personal emails from anywhere with Sprint high-speed wireless network. Google Maps and media player are already built in. Take your favorite video and music to go with you or watch streaming video right on the Pink Centro. This phone was selling for $99 and now you can get a free Pink Centro after rebates.

When will AT&T get the Palm Pre, Available?

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When will ATT get Palm Pre Will AT&T get the Palm Pre too? Definitely. And exactly when will the Palm Pre be available for AT&T? It will come to AT&T 3 month after Sprint releases the Palm Pre. The real question is – can you wait that long though? That’s could be 6 months or more from now. If you want to experience what is like to be on AT&T’s 3G network, you can try out a Palm Centro for ATT or even a HTC Fuze. Although the experience will not be the same as the Palm Pre, that’s the best way to try out the network before the Palm Pre becomes available at AT&T stores. Simply upgrade your phone when AT&T have the Palm Pre later this year.

When is Palm Pre Release Date – Sprint Official Launch

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When is Palm Pre Release Date The official word on when the new Palm Pre for Sprint will be released is first half of 2009. My guess is that the Palm Pre release date will be in March. Come on, this thing has been in the making since the first iPhone came out. The earlier the release date, the better chance Palm can catch up with Apple and Blackberry. Expect the launch date to be no later than March, Palm may have something even more interesting for you in the Summer of 2009. Sit back and relax. Check out our other posts, we will post the info once we get the official release date from Palm and Sprint.

Your thoughts are welcome. Leave a comment below and let Sprint and Palm hear your voice.

Update: March 15th is the rumored date. May or early June is our best bet since Sprint has to move Treo and Centro out of the way and make room for this iphone killer.

Update: Palm Pre Plans are official now. Unlimited data are included.

Update: Check out the new Palm Pre Commercial. I think we are actually getting closer to the release date.

Update: Looks like May 17th is a “solid” rumored date for the Palm Pre release. Sprint retail employees are not allowed to take vacations during that month. Anyone planning to camp outside Sprint stores? At least you don’t have to take a day off from work – 5/17 is Sunday.

Update: IT’S OFFICIAL. June 6th is the official launch date. See Sprint press release here.

When will the New Palm Treo Pro be Available for Sprint

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Is the Treo Pro coming to Sprint anytime soon? When it comes to all the Palm smartphone releases, Sprint is always the first one to have them, at least a few months of exclusivity before Verizon Wireless. This time, Palm released the unlocked version before they put it up for sale through the carriers. Well that’s one of the ways to get the products faster to consumers’ hands. Typically, it takes time for every carrier to customize and test the phone for their network’s use. Depending on how extensive the testing is, it can take carriers months finalize the phone even after the product is fully tested at Palm’s own lab. So, will Sprint get the Treo Pro this year? Definitely before the Christmas shopping season. Compare Treo 800w and Treo Pro before you buy.

Palm Treo 755p for Verizon Wireless

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After a long delay of 7 months – that’s right, Verizon was supposed to release the new Treo 755p around the same time when Sprint did in May. I guess Palm still can’t afford to lose the largest CDMA partner in the US. Here is the deal: $400 with a two year contract! Are you willing to pay $150 more than the same phone at Sprint that’s considered 7 month old? There is nothing you haven’t seen on the Sprint’s Treo 755p. And the Palm Centro is selling for $99 at Sprint with pretty much the same functionality. You can even get the Centro for free at many online stores. There are tons of free cell phones and deals during Christmas time, save your $400 for something else.