Blackberry KickStart

Great news, the popular Blackberry is finally making a flip phones for the consumer market. Blackberry KickStart features 2 screens – internal LCD is 240×320 and external 160×128 pixel. Interestingly, the new KickStart will not have 3G, it will support Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE. If you are using it for emails, you won’t notice too much difference in speed between 3G and EDGE. However, it has Wi-Fi b/g, that’s a big plus – there are very few flip phones in the market equipped with Wi-Fi. Browsing full HTML web will be  faster and easier on a flip phone. The phone’s OS will be the newest 4.6, which will also be in the new 3G Blackberry Bold 9000 that will be released later this year.

The question now is – where can you get the Blackberry KickStart from? Although RIM hasn’t officially announced the availability date and who will be carrying in the North America market, we are guessing T-Mobile and AT&T will have their first hand on it since the KickStart will be only running on GSM network. Sorry, Verizon and Sprint users, switch over or wait for the Blackberry 9000.