Samsung Instinct

The new Samsung Instinct, the so-called first real “iphone killer” will finally come out in June exclusively from Sprint. So, what can you expect from this new smartphone that iphone doesn’t offers. First, and most importantly, the Samsung Instinct runs on Sprint’s latest 3G network, EVDO Rev A, at a much faster speed than EDGE – the 2.5G AT&T network the iphone is currently running on. It’s also the first Sprint phone with EV-DO Rev. A .

The Sprint Instinct has Touchscreen QWERTY Keyboard that featuring localized tactile feedback. This unique feature makes typing on the touch screen more accurately than the iphone. The new Instinct phone has three dedicated keys below the screen: Home, Back, and Phone. Menu on the screen is completely customizable to fit individual preferences. The Samsung instinct is the only non-iphone that offers full HTML web browsing experience – any web sites shown on the screen will not reformatted like other phones like Treo or Blackberry. In addition, you can tilt the phone forward and backward to scroll the page up and down, and tilt to the left and right to scroll horizontally.