Free Samsung t349 Silver Lime

May 22, 2009 by  

Free Samsung t349 Silver Lime Want a quick text messaging phone without too much extras, then you need a free Samsung t349 Silver Lime for T-Mobile. What set the Samsung T349 apart from other text messaging phones is that it has 20 keys instead of full QWERTY or regular keypads. It sort of works like SureType keyboard on the Pearl Flip 8220.

The free Samsung T349 Silver Lime is designed for texters and those who want to be social networking with other all the time. Not only can you send SMS, you can even send video messages. Yup, the built-in 1.3 megapixel camera let you take pictures and short videos so you can share with friends wherever you go. To save more on text messaging with family members, you can upgrade to TMobile family text message plan later after you try out the phone. Affordable, compact, and stylish. If you are looking for a nice messaging phone, the Samsung T349 is all you need.

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