Free T-Mobile Phones

The end of summer is also the best opportunity to grab the best deals from T-Mobile. Here are the top free T-Mobile phones we would like to recommend for everyone who wants to save money when shopping for a brand new phone or simply want the best T-Mobile Upgrade deals – Get the new Galaxy S 4G II is on sale for only $149 after online discount and mail-in rebates. You might want to ask – why not get the Galaxy S3? If you want Samsung Galaxy S III is no doubt the best smartphone in the current T-Mobile lineup. Both are great phones. However, given the high demand, there is little discount so you will be looking to spend up to $300 for the S3. That’s double the price of the Galaxy S2, which was released 10 months ago. The major difference is the screen size and the OS. The S3 run on Android 4.0 while S2 runs on Android 2.3. If you want a better deal on the Galaxy S3 you should wait a little longer. The price will drop significantly during the last week of November. Or if you don’t want to wait to upgrade to a new phone there are still plenty of choices out there for as little as $0. T-Mobile just released myTouch and myTouch Q in August 2012. Both phones command just $49 after online $250 discount and $50 mail-in rebate.

One of the best-selling Android phones this month is Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G – you can have it for $0 out of pocket today. Want something for quick text messaging? Samsung Gravity TXT is great for everyday use – slide out the full QWERTY keyboard and type a short email or message fast.

Although T-Mobile is the fourth largest carrier in the United States, it carries some of the coolest and unique cell phone for the North American market. In fact, it has more 4G phones than any other carriers. Many phones like the myTouch and myTouch Q are exclusive offers from TMobile. Take advantage of these online exclusive deals. Sign up new plans or upgrade T-Mobile phones now with a contract extension.

T-Mobile has the cheapest rate plans. Classic Unlimited Talk + Text is just $59.99. You can add unlimited data for just $20 more. Family plans represent even greater deals. $99.99 unlimited text and talk include 2 lines. Adding an extra line will cost just $5. These plans are more affordable than those from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless. One thing to keep in mind is that the data speed will be reduced after you reached the data cap of the plan you choose.

T-Mobile is also best known for its excellent customer service. In fact, T-Mobile’s commitment to customer satisfaction and quality has earned “highest ranking” status in multiple awards this year by J.D. Power and Associates, the established expert in objective third-party reviews of products and services. I have called T-Mobile before and each time that I contacted the customer service it had been an excellent experience. The customer representatives were very knowledgeable about the phone and plan that I had and was able to help me with any issues on my phone bill.