Free Verizon Cell Phones

Want to save money with Verizon Wireless? Get up to 5 free Verizon phones today when you sign up a new 2-year contract. Many of the best selling Verizon cell phones are now free and come with bonus accessories – Pantech Breakout, LG Enlighten, and DROID 4. If want the latest and greatest – Samsung Galaxy S III is definitely the best selling Smartphone this summer. Although some of you might opt for the iPhone 4S, we highly recommend you go for the Galaxy S3 or wait for the next release of iPhone in September.

If you want a new cool messaging phone, check out Samsung Intensity III – free out the door now. Although smartphones are very popular these days, not everybody needs one. A simple flip phone without the extra features is sufficient enough for people for like to talk a lot and send test messages occasionally. LG Revere is a nice phone for $0.00 with a new contract. These web only special prices are available for cell phone upgrades too. With every Verizon Wireless contract extension, you will save at least $200 off retail prices. Many of these Verizon cell phone deals are exclusively online and not available in stores.

Verizon Wireless the second largest wireless carrier in the United States and the first big cellular company to offer unlimited minutes talk plans. Although Verizon is trailing behind AT&T in number of voice and data customers, Verizon Wireless owns and operates the nation’s most reliable wireless network, serving 80 million customers. The greatest asset for Verizon is its network – the highest quality products and services among all national carriers.

It’s true that the number one reason that many people are switching to Verizon is not only for the phone offers but for the faster 4G LTE network. Although 4G LTE are just being rolled out in major metro areas, Verizon Wireless already has the biggest 4G coverage in the nation. In case there isn’t 4G LTE available, your phone can fall back to 3G and still runs smoothly and stay connected. Perhaps what earns Verizon the highest mark is the reliability on its wireless network. You will get the least dropped calls in any place in the United States. Perhaps you can find the same phone like Samsung Galaxy S III at other carriers, but making it run on the fastest cellular network makes all the difference.

Verizon recently introduced the new Share Everything Plan – simply select the right data share option ranging from $40 to $150 a month, depending on the amount of data to be shared. You can choose as little as 1GB to as much as 20GB of data. Talk and text are unlimited too. You can then add a basic phone for $30 a month or a Smartphone for $40 a month to the plan. You can even add a tablet like the new iPad for just $10 a month. Although not necessarily the cheapest plan, this pricing is more straight-forward than the previous family or add-on plans. If you worry about going over the data limit – Verizon will send you a message when you near the limit that month.