How Do I Upgrade My T-Mobile Phones

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How Do I Upgrade My T-Mobile Phone Many of you often ask: how do I upgrade my T-Mobile phone? If you are thinking about upgrading to new TMobile phones there are a number of requirements you need to meet before you can upgrade.

First, not all existing customers can qualify for the upgrade. You must be in the current contract for at least 22 months if you have a 2-year contract with TMobile. This is the minimum requirement. However, they also check for your account history. Basically, the longer you are with T-Mobile, the better chance you can get an upgrade even if you are 21 months or less into you current service plan.

Second, in order to upgrade to a new T-Mobile phone and plan, your new rate plan must be $39.99 or higher for a single line and $59.99 or higher for a Family Plan. This one is no brainer. New plans covers more new services such as more allowed month minutes and text messages. You should always upgrade to the latest plan.

How to upgrade t-mobile phone online? Lastly, you must extend your contract for 2 years. Select from the latest TMobile phones Whether you are upgrading to a new individual or family plan, the new contract will last for another 24 months.

One very important question many have also asked – should I upgrade my T-Mobile phone if my contract already expired? My instinct is look around first. There are so many cool phones and huge discount from other carriers that you don’t want to miss out. Switching to a different carrier today is easier than ever. Keep the same phone number and no cancellation fees. We will show you step by step how to switch in upcoming posts. Stay tuned

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