How to Avoid Early Termination Fees

September 1, 2010 by  

How to Avoid Early Termination Fees Feel like to get brand new phone but still months always from contract expiration? How to avoid early termination fees? Carriers typically charge you $175 to $250 so called early cancellation fee if you want to get out the contract early. It’s a legitimate way to recoup some of the subsidies carriers put on when you got your $500 smartphone at $0. Still, comparing to paying $500 upfront, the $175 is small price to pay. But if you still want to get out of contract without paying early termination fees, there are several ways to do so:

Use “materially adverse change” clause – if your carrier add new charge to your current plan like upping the text messaging fee. The carrier is supposed to give an official notice and you will have at least 14 days to bail out without paying an ETF. However, not every change is considered “material” and it also depend on your plan features. Bumping up 10 cents on each text message will not be “material” if you already have unlimited text messaging service, right?

Another way to waive early termination fee is to cancel the plan within 30 days of service. All major wireless carriers now offer 30 test drive period to let customers try out their networks. You should be able to find out whether the voice and data coverage are good in your area, right?

These are the 2 best ways to avoid early termination fee, stay tuned for more related posts.

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