How to Switch Cell Phone Carriers?

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How to Switch Cell Phone Carriers How do I switch cell phone carriers to take advantage of all the steep discount on brand new phones? You don’t have to get stuck with the same old cellular phone and carrier forever. If you want to know how to switch cell phone carriers, you’ve come the right place. We will show you step by step on switching to new wireless carrier of your choice.

Know the major carriers in your area. No matter how great the carrier service is, if they don’t have coverage in your town and places you often travel to, forget it. Thanks to consolidation in telecom industry in recent years we only have 4 major wireless carriers. And most likely, all these service providers should have your area covered since carriers have roaming agreements to extend each other’s network coverage. So, coverage is not something you have worry too much about today.

So, exactly how to switch cell phone carriers and transfer your number to a new wireless carrier?

  1. Do NOT cancel your cell phone service with current provider. Your old account will be automatically closed after your wireless numbers have been successfully ported to your new service provider
  2. Choose a new carrier you would like to switch and select new phones and plans
  3. Place an order online and make sure you click the box that says “Yes! Switch my old cell phone number to my new phone and plan.”
  4. You will be asked about your current wireless number and account number (which should appear on your monthly bill).
  5. Your new carrier will receive these information and your existing number will be transferred to the new carrier of your choice.

This is how to switch cell phone to another carrier. Do it online, it’s simple, fast, and secure! Best of all, it’s free and save you tons of money. So you enjoy a new phone every year.

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One Response to “How to Switch Cell Phone Carriers?”

  1. shane on April 27th, 2009 4:38 am

    I just got an account with T-Mobile and would like to know how I can stay with the same company but get a phone through another company I would like to get the iphone 3g any help would be greately appreciated thanks

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