How to Trade in My Old Cell Phone for a New One

December 8, 2008 by  

How to Trade in My Old Phone for a New Cell Phone If you are thinking of buying a new cell phone now chances are you don’t want use your old cell phone anymore. Instead of leave it covered with dust or giving it to someone for free, why not trade in your old cell phone for a new one. Right now, you will receive a minimum of $50 when you trade in you cell phone for a brand new BlackBerry Smartphone from T-Mobile. It doesn’t matter how old your phone is as long as it can be turned on and no major damage. So, exactly how do I trade in my old cell phone for a new phone? Simple, after you buy a new BlackBerry phone from T-Mobile, simply fill out a form online and ship the trade-in phone before January 15, 2009. Hey, what’s even better is that right now all T-Mobile BlackBerry phones are free after instant discount and rebates. The new Pearl Titanium is offering you $100 rebate. That’s will turn out to be $50 cash back. Plus the $50 from your trade-in old phone, you will make a total of $100. This is a limited time offer. Let’s go green and make more greenbacks!

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