How to Upgrade Sprint Phones – Upgrading Tips

March 18, 2009 by  

How to Upgrade Sprint Phones Upgrading Sprint phones is much easier than you think. You don’t need to go to a Sprint store. You don’t need to call customer service. All you need is your Sprint phone number, account number, and password (might not required). Of course, to upgrade Sprint phone, you need to know is what phones you like the most.

If you want the best sprint phone for text messaging then the new free Sanyo Incognito is perfect for you (upgrade now you will receive a bonus Bluetooth headset too.) If you want the best Sprint touch screen phone, getting a Palm Pre or Palm Pix will never go wrong. If you already have a Sprint family plan, you can simply add more lines to your account for $9.99 per line. Want the lastest BlackBerry Smartphones, check out the new Curve 8530 in Black or Purple.

You can do search on new Sprint phones, review features, and upgrade Sprint phones online. It’s fast and secure. Best of all, you are getting a much better deal than calling Sprint customer service or going to a Sprint store.

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