Free Alltel Cell Phones

Alltel Wireless is the largest regional mobile phone company in America, and the fifth largest mobile phone company overall. Like Verizon and Sprint, Alltel uses CDMA technology to provide cellular services to residential and business customers in all 50 states. Alltel’s own network covers 34 states, and the rest are through roaming agreement with Verizon Wireless.

Alltel has large selections of the latest phones such razr 2 and Pearl from RIM. It offers great deals of free phones for postpaid customers. In fact, it gives out even more free phones other carriers. However, Alltel has the strictest when it comes to credit approval. Generally, you need good to excellent credit to get approve for the service. For fair credit, you need to pay a deposit first before the phone can be activated. If you have bad or poor credit, forget it, just get a prepaid phone instead.

As for customer service, Alltel is great in almost every aspect. Customer rep is very knowledgeable with all devices as well plan features. I will definitely recommend you to try Alltel if their service is available in your area.